LinkedIn Style Book

Get the best LinkedIn styling. 

Use example profiles to enhance your LinkedIn photo, layout and styling.

Easy, quick tips to find the right words for your Summary and roles.


This is the third, 2020 updated edition since it’s first edition in 2016.

It’s even better than the first two editions!



The book that gives you the best LinkedIn presence

👋 Hi, I’m Sam from Runway Digital.

LinkedIn can be simple to start. If you wish to go beyond that to have your personal style and professionalism presented well online, be guided by people who look great on LinkedIn.

Use the 20+ examples and tips to save you time.

Get flying with the LinkedIn Style Book. Rid yourself of the pondering of what to do and the nagging feeling of needing to do something with your LinkedIn.

Let’s fly!


It’s an expression of you

Whether you’re wondering what photo to use, or how best to present your experience, one thing’s for sure:

The secret to an amazing LinkedIn profile is creating presence so your reader feels curious and fascinated and wanting to know more. 

Learn from experience what’s important

During my Digital Coaching years there has been one principle that always works. The principle is, always enhance the person’s natural style, interests & experience.

You are unique and special. Your features, your style, your interests, your aspirations, your skills, your experience, and who you wish to reach and connect with on LinkedIn.

Starting with your uniqueness means we’re using the best asset you have.


When we work with your unique qualities, you gain online presence.

When we add a little mystery, LinkedIn readers become curious and take action.

Creating a useful LinkedIn will give you the freedom to be confident in work experiences and even make you more productive.

It needn’t take much time.

How to use the book

How to create your LinkedIn profile using the LinkedIn Book

1. Do the first set of tips in less than 30 minutes.

2. Decide if you’re done or choose to continue on to have a more complete profile. You’ll be taken through many more tips such as:

* how to decide who you want to reach or connect with on LinkedIn.

* be inspired by the 22 example LinkedIn profiles, work out what you wish to update.

* review your Summary and other words to ensure you’ve created mystery and hooks that spark interest and have people wanting to find out more.

3. Leave it for a day or week then review and update.

4. Include your LinkedIn profile in your email signature or other places online that naturally promotes your experience.

5. Become curious – reflect from time to time on who else you may wish to reach and tweak your LinkedIn to attract.

After payment, please check your inbox for your download details. Download or save the workbook on your phone, tablet or computer or print it and keep a copy for easy reference.

Thousands of people use this ebook regularly to become digitally empowered, gain confidence, save time and add impact to their LinkedIn and online style.

Fly high online!



👋 Hi, I'm Sam Bell

I’m a international business advisor, digital strategist, stylist and coach. I specialise in strategically educating people and teams so they look stylish online and are digitally-empowered in their life and work. Through my signature ‘Digital Style’ Program, the 'Digital Style System' and 'LinkedIn Style' books, free Mini-Course and my newsletter, I’m here to calmly provide you digital understanding.

When I’m not advising or coaching people, I'm researching new trends, experimenting with digital tools, designing my next adventure, skiing or surfing.

Here's to your Digital Style,

Sam 😁

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