Top 3 tips to STANDOUT on Linkedin

Happy day to you from Melbourne, Australia! Here are our 3 top tips to  STANDOUT on Linkedin:

1. Look engaging!

From a warm, engaging photo to your tagline (that’s the words to the right of your photo) to your summary and beyond, use words that’ll have readers stay and be curious to read more. Especially the first few sentences! Be bold, be interesting! GO!

2. Get into your readers’ shoes!

What are people looking for when they search for someone with your skills?Update your tagline and Summary so it includes words they’d search for in Linkedin and throughout your profile. Write to them directly.

3. Look sharp so you can  STANDOUT on Linkedin!

There are small tweaks you can make to your Linkedin so you look progressive and highly polished. From making sure you have a unique Linkedin URL, to including your presentations or marketing brochures for relevant products or services, …use Linkedin to showcase who you are right now.


Go beyond your current discomfort with your Linkedin presence and feel comfortable with your Linkedin profile and promotion:

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