Heyyyyy digital styler,

I’m thrilled you’re here. If we were in person you’d see my massive grin 😁

I’m about to share with you a few things that could give you a great sense of satisfaction and enrich your life…

…starting with your online style – which is a big thing, right?! 😉 

Keen to get started?
Join the private Digital Style Group.

Click this link to get access to the private group – see people creating digital style, learn from their questions and ask your own. As you do this Course, post your questions and draft updates and gain answers and suggestions from other digital stylers:

If you’re here, you probably want to do something like…

  • improve your online style on sites such as LinkedIn or a personal website
  • feel an ease with technology
  • discover useful tech & feel a sense of satisfaction that everything is working well
  • know where to go when you need help

In this Mini Course you’ll receive practical tips on these areas.


We love experimenting online and spend hours testing and simplifying to save people time. 

Everything in this course has been tested on me (Sam Bell), our Runway Digital crew and the many people we’ve coached – from senior leaders in large organisations, to people working on a production line in Thailand, to successful entrepreneurs, creative directors, consulting partners, small business owners, ‘solopreneurs’ and more. 

These tips work. 

These are the tips that make sense quickly, have people looking stylish online fast and having confidence that their digital / online knowledge is enough. Plus, we’ve designed them so anyone can learn and save the expense of one-on-one coaching.

All the tips will work if you put in the effort to test them and see how they work out for you. No matter what you technical ability now, have the courage to give them a go. Don’t worry if you think they’re too simple or won’t work for you. Give them a proper go. They’ll work because they’re tried and tested to get you looking great online fast and feeling confident. 

Congratulate yourself along the way too. 

Go you!


In this Mini Course you’ll learn to tell your story and create an online profile that suits you – from LinkedIn to a personal website and beyond. You’ll feel more comfortable with your tech and systems. You’ll create a map on where to become more educated with digital. 

If you’re wondering why you’re listening to me, that’s understandable! If we’ve not yet met in person, let me tell you my story so you can get where I’m coming from. The tips to come won’t take much time, so let me take a moment to explain why I provide this course.

👋👋 Hi, I’m Sam Bell, an international Digital Stylist, Business Coach and Designer.

I work with people in Australia and around the world, empowering them and smoothing the way for them to fly (hence the ‘Runway’ part of Runway Digital) with their life dreams and business goals. I know people can feel digitally empowered within a few hours – which is not much time at all.

Before starting Runway Digital in 2006, I was a business consultant for some of the best companies in the world. They were fascinating times that ignited my interest in digital, social media and creating the very best experiences for people.

In my business and digital coaching sessions, the questions range from how to look great on LinkedIn, Instagram or other social media sites, how to best use these sites for their work, useful phone apps, how to get things done quicker, how to use collaborative documents (such as Google Documents / Google Drive), latest trends and how they are relevant, and even “should my 10 year old should have an Instagram account?”.

With the many things we can do online, it’s our role to have you realise that while the ‘learning to-do list’ may feel endless, it doesn’t have to be. We’ll show you how to use the Digital Style System to narrow down what’s important so that you can get on with exploring, learning and implementing what works. 

Know we’re here (email us or message) as you chart your own course and prepare to fly. 


To get the most out of this short training series I recommend the following:

  • Open up to learning more about online – that means ‘digital’, the internet, tech / technology, new terms such as “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) and more.
  • Believe you’ll eventually understand. Lose the fear and do it anyway!
  • Have a keenness to find answers. If you don’t get it, keep searching or reach out to us for support.
  • Allocate time to become digitally stylish and empowered. Set aside time for yourself on your calendar. You’ll need about 10 minutes for the lessons + 10 minutes to an hour to practice.

YOU CAN DO IT. You’re awesome. 

Trust me on this, you’ll thank me later. 👏🤸🏻‍♀️ 

Let’s get ready.

Step 1: Join the private Digital Style Group.

Click this link to get access to the Group where you can post your questions and draft updates and gain answers and suggestions from other digital stylers:

Step 2: Check your flight plan.

Come up with a couple of short goals for doing the course.

Get out your post-it note and write them down.

Enjoy & remember the private group to share your questions, concerns, ideas and tips. Yay!

Step 3: Create a Digital Style Mind.

Digital, online, tech… feeling empowered about these words often comes down to:


confidence and a belief you’ll understand,

an openness to explore and find answers,

and support.

We’re here with the last item on that list, the first two are up to YOU.

So let’s check in, are you ready to feel digitally empowered? 

Truly ready?

Just in case, here’s your very own pep talk…. 

You already use technology, from your phone to your computer at work. If you’ve already learnt how to use your phone, your computer or other technology, you can grow this clever into other areas. This course is about growing this experience of yours into other areas. Believe! 

Believe in you. Believe you can do it.

Believe in all of the amazing tools and tips out there. There are SO many – find the teacher, the writing, the videos, the classes, the Google or YouTube search… find what works for you. Get into our private group and feel supported.

Ask colleagues at work, friends and family, find time at home, ask others when you’re on holidays what works for them… grab those moments to empower yourself.

🙌 🙌🙌 🙌🙌 🙌🙌 🙌🙌 🙌

Step 4: Use your Digital Style System 

Through coaching hundreds of people we noticed a similarity:

  • People always felt better when they looked stylish online and often didn’t know how.
  • The same questions were asked – useful wonderings that needed answers.
  • Some topics people needed to know for their work and weren’t yet obvious to them.
  • People feel more confident online when they understand what they needed to learn (the map) and their progress – even when there were still things to learn and do. 

From this the Digital Style System was created – and here you are, about to use it!

We’re all made of stardust.

See the ⭐️ stars? They’re for you to fill in when you feel a good level of understanding of each of the boxes. The more stars, the more understanding of the full range of digital topics, the more you feel digitally empowered. Simple!

Have a go now – see how many stars you’d give yourself.

If you can’t yet fill them in, get ready – we’ll take you through each of the topics in this mini course.

Create your personal Digital Style System

The Digital Style System was created as a guide for you to work through the topics at your own pace. Look through the topics and circle the ones that really interests you.

We’ll guide you through each area in this Mini-Course and at the close we’ll check in to update your Digital Style System with areas you’ve learnt and those you want to keep developing.

🙌⭐️ 🙌🙌⭐️ 🙌🙌⭐️🙌🙌⭐️🙌🙌⭐️🙌


Well done! Make any notes to remember the things that worked for you.

Remember to share your questions and concerns in the Group. You’ll be sure to receive encouraging high fives, tips and be inspired by others developing their Digital Style.

Excited to get into the learning? There’s much more to come.