In the last lesson we covered the first two key elements to build your digital style: having a digitally savvy mindset and your Digital Style System to know where you’re going.

Now let’s define who you want to connect with online and how you wish to present yourself. 

#1: Know your audience.

Here are 4 simple steps to work out who you want to reach.

Perhaps do them over lunch…

1. Who would you like to read your online profile?

(your LinkedIn or Twitter or other sites)

It could be: future employers or recruiters, customers, clients, industry journalists and peers, conference organisers seeking speakers, colleagues, potential business partners, previous colleagues,…

List your favourites and what comes to mind. If you feel blocked, move to the next question.

Knowing who you are trying to reach and how they will find you is what drives what you have online.

2. How will they find you?

LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter or Google search?

What words would they use to search for you?

… via their assistant doing a search? What search words would their assistant use?

Your company website?

Word of mouth then email?

What comes to mind?


#2: Own your story.

Your style online is an opportunity to own your story and present it how you wish – who you are, what you’ve experienced, what you’re interested in and sharing your wisdom.

Naturally and professionally showcase YOU in the way you wish to be perceived by those you wish to reach.

I’m a BIG advocate for showing your uniqueness online as it is a great long-term plan. There’s less you have to modify later on. Plus… You’re awesome. And unique. And your story is powerful.

So let’s work out…

How do you want to be perceived when someone sees you online?

Intrigued and keen to read more?
Impressed? That you are professional, progressive, credible & trustworthy?

What comes to mind?

People buy into great stories. Impressive people have clever stories. So do great businesses.

What about your story could WOW the people you wish to reach?

Need inspiration?

Check out photos (many are free) and see what colours and styles of photo you like.

Be inspired by these people and companies that impress me with their digital style (click the image to see them on Pinterest):


Great work. WELL DONE for all your thinking. Keep up the clever and hold onto these notes for the next lesson. 

I highly highly highly recommend posting your personal style ideas, plans and questions in the Creating Digital Style Group.

Extend your thinking and feel supported.