In the last lesson we covered two key elements to build your digital style. 

Now we’ll get to know who matters to you online and how you wish to present yourself to them.

Let’s get into it…

Who do you want to reach? 

Here are 4 simple steps to tease out the answer.

Perhaps do them over lunch…

1. Who would you like to read your online profile?

(your LinkedIn or Twitter or other sites)

It could be: future employers or recruiters, customers, clients, industry journalists and peers, conference organisers seeking speakers, colleagues, potential business partners, previous colleagues,…

List your favourites and what comes to mind. If you feel blocked, move to the next question.

Knowing who you are trying to reach and how they will find you is what drives what you have online.

2. How would they find you?

LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter or Google search?

What words would they use to search for you?

… via their assistant doing a search? What search words would their assistant use?

Your company website?

Word of mouth then email?

What comes to mind?

3. Where do they hang out online?

Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook?
What forums (e.g. Reddit, LinkedIn groups, Whirlpool)?

List their favourite hang outs.

Bonus activity: Take some time to get to know your audience by researching more. Find where they hang out using your notes above.

Do the searches you came up with and look at who else appears in the search results and how they are presenting themselves. What do you like, how would you be different?

4. Where do you already belong?

(online & physical groups)
Facebook or LinkedIn Groups?
Regularly replying to a person’s tweets or commenting on an Instagrammer’s posts?
Forums (e.g. Reddit, Whirlpool)?
Physical groups of people – Community groups, regularly visiting a particular place, local gym, car club, sports club,…
List your favourite hang outs.

Think about your usual activities and begin to see how you’re already in many groups. Use these to reflect on how you could reach others like you through your groups’ influencers or online sites.

Next up: Creating your online style.


Your style online is about YOU.

It’s an opportunity to own your story and present it how you wish – who you are, what you’ve experienced, what you’re interested in and sharing your wisdom.

Naturally and professionally showcase YOU in the way you wish to be perceived by those you wish to reach.

The way you represent yourself online through photos, images, video, words, style and colours is also about self expression and showcasing what’s unique about you.

I’m a BIG advocate for showing your uniqueness online as it is a great long-term plan. There’s less you have to modify later on. Plus… You’re awesome. And unique. And your story is powerful.

So let’s work out…

1. How do you want to be perceived when someone sees you online? What do you want your online audience to feel when they find you online?

Intrigued and keen to read more?
Impressed? That you are professional, progressive, credible & trustworthy?

What comes to mind?

People buy into great stories. Impressive people have clever stories. So do great businesses. Let’s get your story WOWing others…

2. What aspects of your life and professional story are important to them?

What experiences have you had that have shaped your thinking?
What unique ideas, values and drives can you share?
What can you describe that has people ‘get’ who you are quickly?

What comes to mind?

3. What do you want them to see when they find you online?

Your ideas? Recent research on the topic they’re interested in?
Your services / products? Pricing?
Your network / influence?
Your values and style of working?
That you are a market / industry Leader? Your uniqueness in the industry?
What photos and imagery would work?

What comes to mind?

4. What do you want your online audience to do?

Read more? Read specific information? Go to your company’s site?
Contact you? Share your information?
Take action?
Think of you when they’re next doing a relevant project?

What comes to mind?

Hold onto these notes. They’re about to come in handy.

It saves so much time getting into your audiences’ minds and knowing more about their online habits. Add to that, knowing how you’re wanting to be perceived online and you’ve got a winning combination.

Remember to add some mystery.

That is, hold some information back that people will receive when they contact you …or create mystery in your words so that you have people wanting to get in contact with you (if that’s your aim) for more information or looking forward to what’s coming next.


Be inspired by these…

Want to be inspired? These people and companies impress me with their online personal style. 

Great work. WELL DONE for all your thinking.

Keep up the clever and hold onto these notes for the next lesson.


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