In the past two lessons we’ve covered:

  • Creating a digital mindset to empower yourself.
  • Using the Digital Style System to feel a sense of progress and achievement.
  • Knowing your online audience, owning your story, presenting your unique style and adding a bit of mystery!

May you already be feeling a sense of wonder and achievement. Keep pondering and wondering – it’ll deliver the magic and presence online that is useful to your audience.

If you haven’t seen the first two lessons, I recommend going back to check them out.


Everything I’m teaching you builds on the next….

Remember in the previous lesson you worked out where your online audience hangs out. This is key to working out where you want to be online. Hopefully, you’ve worked out the site or sites (such as LinkedIn, Instagram, a website, YouTube, Snapchat…) where they are and the sites that you enjoy (or you think you might enjoy with more understanding of them).

Working out which sites you’ll use is a balance of your audience’s preference and what you tend to.

Over the longer-term, many people lean toward frequenting the site that they find the easiest and most engaging as it’s easier to keep going on it.

Creating your website.

This lesson gives you a sense of accomplishment in the form of quickly creating your own website! 

Here’s how:

1. Click on and create an account.

Follow the prompts – use these spacey examples to inspire your creativity or these examples or mine as guides to help. 

Hopefully close at hand is a photo of you or an image that reflects you or the work you do. In the spacey examples above Elon Musk, who works in energy, space & transport, has a site with an image of a rocket taking off. 

If you don’t have an image, there are lots of free images here and here or make yourself a note to update later.

2. Add your Linkedin profile link to your new site. Here’s how.

If you’re unsure how to find your Linkedin profile link do a google search – e.g. “How do I find the link to my Linkedin”. 

If you don’t yet have a Linkedin account (we’ve a few tips coming), make a note to update your site with your Linkedin link later.

3. Once you’re delighted with your new website, do a big fist pump in the air and say loudly… 


It’s important to celebrate…

Optional: add your link to your LinkedIn profile, your email signature and any other professional Social Media sites such as Twitter.

Send us the link to your new site – we’ll be delighted!


Creating your LinkedIn profile

If you’ve not yet started a LinkedIn account, use this link or do a Google search: setup linkedin account.

Follow the instructions, add your simple career history and add your photo.

Here are tips about photos on LinkedIn:

Let’s get our LinkedIn Style ON!


When polishing your LinkedIn profile keep in mind who you wish to attract to your online profile and how you’d like them to perceive you.

Let go of your LinkedIn needing to be perfect straight away – get in and have a go.

Use these simple LinkedIn tips we’ve collated.

Check off the basic and advanced steps that appeal to you.


Grab a copy of The LinkedIn Style book to improve your LinkedIn quickly.

It includes many successful professionals’ LinkedIn profiles to inspire your profile and Summary.


Have your photo and your profile look and sound like you as much as you can. Project your physical style and values online. Remember it can be distracting (after seeing someone on LinkedIn) to meet a person who looks quite different. Make things easy for others!


Creating your unique, online look and feel.

Your online sites can be styled as you like – colours, images, words, videos, links to funny sites… is free and incredibly powerful for creating images of all shapes and sizes, using their free photos and graphic design tools and it’s very easy to use. If you’ve not used it before have a go and get onto Google or YouTube and search for easy tutorials that help you to learn.

Keep encouraging yourself. 

I appreciate what you’re doing! Get excited about your learning. Look for things that delight and interest you. Try them out!

Share what you find or what you’re creating with friends and colleagues. See how they appreciate it and the effects of your learning.

Feel empowered! And feel supported by us. 


Wishing you pride in your digital style, 

Sam 😊🙌


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