Now that you are developing your online style and have one or two sites (LinkedIn and personal website), let’s strengthen you even more with the other areas of the Digital Style System.

#6: Quality connections & involvement.

Your online sites (such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) provide you the opportunity to receive valuable information. To do so requires building relationships with the people you wish to reach through:

  • Having highly relevant words and style for your online audience – examples include your LinkedIn Summary, Twitter bio, LinkedIn articles. Include hashtags on relevant sites so people can reach you when they are searching for someone like you!
  • Sharing highly relevant information that will engage / delight / interest your online audience – examples include tweeting, LinkedIn posts or articles, Facebook posts, replies on Twitter, comments on LinkedIn posts of relevant people.

Say “Hi!” on Twitter!

#7: Audience growth & promotion.

Once you’re happy with your online sites start connecting with relevant people so they see and connect with you. This can be previous and current colleagues, customers and clients, industry peers and influencers, future employers, journalists, and advocates.

Large audiences.

If you’re seeking to connect with large numbers of people, focus on connecting with ‘000’s through your activities rather than 1 or 2 people at a time. This usually means thinking up clever plans. Ask questions such as:

  • which sites are you going to focus on to grow your audience? and how much time, people, expertise and budget do you have to do so.
  • is there a group, organisation, magazine or podcast you could contact to reach large numbers of relevant people? This could be through emailing them with a compelling reason or a quick direct message on a social media site with a useful link. Perhaps you could form a longer term partnership that is useful to all.
  • is there an influencer who could mention you or your recent article or website?

If you’re keen to grow your personal or your business’ online audience there are many online options and it’s great to work with a savvy business marketer who has experience across traditional marketing and digital marketing. Be prepared and empowered as they will refer to:

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)

This Wikipedia link includes useful explanations to influencer marketing and social media advertising. 

#8: Automation, systems & resourcing.

Work out how much time you have for your Digital Style and use it wisely. An hour a month may not be enough to maintain a website and blog so a LinkedIn profile and 1 article every few months can work well. Setup clever systems that save you time, use integrated / automated tools such as having your Instagram feeding into your personal blog.

Save time & know your time limits.

#9: Tailored information & relevant trends.

Find valuable information that you revel in – such as industry and market trends from the best in your business and industry. It may make you highly productive and give you useful links to send onto others at work. 

Use the blog, our emailed newsletter and videos for more:

#10: Productivity.

We constantly receive information so let’s make it count through having a clever online information system. From unsubscribing from emails to using clever tech and apps, create an online system that works so well for you!

Keep your system simple so it’s not weighing you down.

Join the Digital Style Program to get the latest tips to improve your personal online information system and have you feeling calm and relieved fast. It’s exciting!

#11: Screen-time & health.

Save your attention. Reduce your alerts and preserve your wellbeing (and sanity).

Keep an eye on your screen-time and whether you wish to change.

Well done! You’re nearly there…

This Mini Course is about giving you a structure so you can feel a sense of achievement with your digital skills and give you the Digital Style System as a map to guide your ongoing learning.

Want more support? Add your questions to the Creating Digital Style group. Remember to include links to your sites.

I’m so impressed by what you’re creating online. Keep learning, you’re starting to fly!

Sam ⭐️

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