Let’s take a moment to recap and celebrate.

So far you’ve covered the first three Digital Style System areas: Digital YOU, Digital Relationship and Digital Wisdom.


  • created your digital mindset,
  • you’re starting to write with your audience in mind and have gotten clearer on where your audience hangs out and how you wish to look online,
  • made a personal website (about.me) and upgraded your LinkedIn,
  • started thinking about who you wish to connect with online, and
  • begun thinking about your online information system and what needs to be culled.

That’s a lot in a little time.

You’ve learnt a lot about developing your digital style and hopefully this has taught you two things – firstly, the value of knowing who your audience and who you’re writing to, and secondly how to create an online profile that showcases YOU – as closely as you can to who you are in day to day life.


Keep researching places where your audience could be and getting to know their habits online. It’s worth it.


Let’s check in: do you feel like tweaking anything on your LinkedIn or your about.me website? Go do it!

Send us links to your sites. We’re excited to see your progress.

Next up, we’re developing Digital Speed and Strength. The reason for this is that business is speeding up and there are clever tricks for keeping up to date and building your online strength.

Let’s do this! ⭐️⭐️


Being open to and aware of rapid change.

As we receive purchased goods and services even faster than in years gone by, our personal online systems and our way of being as a professional can be fast and agile.

Being confident around your agility and speed is key.

What do you need to do to become more agile?

How can you make decisions quickly?

Developing intuition: an important skill in the future.

I’m a big believer in developing intuition – whether through meditation, mindfulness practices, experience in trusting your gut,… do what works and feel confident that you’re getting faster and more relevant. Believe!

If this is a block for you, get in contact. Let’s smooth the way for you to fly.

Another way to increase speed is through developing trust.

I’ve been really successful in this through creating valued businesses, fun experiences, being open to connect with people and through being online for a while. This means people know what to expect from me through regularly seeing my perspective online and I have LinkedIn testimonials and other comments online to backup the kind of person I am and work I do.

This saves time when I’m creating partnerships or starting out a new business relationship. I value this highly as I enjoy working fast and finding time to…

…classic, hey!


Encourage others!

Always remember to encourage others online. Especially when you’re commenting.

Lead with empathy and openness to another’s point of view.

It may save you in the long-term.

Develop your ‘experimentation’ mindset.

Another way to increase digital speed is through collaborating and innovating with others and testing your ideas online as they develop.

Look into collaborative business communication tools such as Yammer and Google Documents/Drive; co-creating with customers and suppliers; crowdsourcing; and create quick partnerships with relevant influencers and players – LinkedIn works well.

🙌 🙌🙌 🙌🙌 🙌🙌 🙌🙌 🙌

Gain Digital Strength in areas that interest you.

Now that you’ve learnt so much about digital, keep it up!

Carve out some time each week or month to find experts to teach you about the latest sites and tools – keep up your awareness of what’s coming and what’s useful to you.

Educate yourself on new sites and tools. Learn their inherent languages via YouTube videos or blogs – find quick ways to learn. Many professionals can theoretically talk about social media sites thought they haven’t yet gotten the nuances from actual use.

Get into it!

Privacy and Personal Data is important.

In all of this activity, you may wish to keep across how your data is being used and read up on latest privacy aspects of your favourite sites. Through this I became interested in Blockchain technology. You may too!

Similarly, be aware of copyright & IP and if you’re sharing a photo or something that someone else has created, credit them.
Acknowledging your great work!

And finally, plan how often you wish to review your whole ‘digital footprint’ – your sites, your words, …how you’re looking overall online. I suggest an annual review and include a Google search to see how you’re looking to others.

Culling your todo list.

Let’s check in! If your todo list from this mini course is really long and overwhelming, cull it until you feel it’s do-able. If you can’t reduce it, email it to us and we’ll do a quick check (and cull) to help you along. If you’re emailing us, include the links to your about.me site, your LinkedIn and other relevant sites.

If you’re unsure about any aspect of your online profile, contact us with questions or book a session to address specific questions or to define your online style and direction.



You’ve just completed the mini course!

With these lessons you’ve started to build your Digital Style and starting to feel a great sense of satisfaction. 

Well done for all you’ve achieved! 👏 




Keep open to learning more.

BELIEVE you’ll understand eventually (or even quicker than you expect).

Be keen to find answers.

Allocate time to become digitally stylish and empowered.

Use the Digital Style System to feel a sense of accomplishment & next topics to learn.

Create an online style that works for YOU.

Feel supported.



YOU can do it!


Let’s keep up the clever and getting to know each other. Send us your sites – we’re part of your support crew! 

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We had to hold ourselves back from including too many great tips so that this mini course could still be considered… mini!

There are many more tips in our Digital Style System Book and check out our blog for the latest tips. 

YAY! Keep learning!


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