Online Coaching Package Offer

Hi there second prize winner! We’ve put together an Online Coaching package offer for you. You inspired us with your wishes to..

  • start a business
  • revamp services
  • stand-out from the crowd
  • provide more details online on what you do
  • lead change
  • attract more opportunities
  • stop your online profile holding you back

Online Coaching Package Offer

We want to see your online presence sparkling so we’ve put together a hugely discounted offer.

It’s the same as the prize of our competition.

What the Package includes:

  • Clever and focused sessions with your digital high flier so you standout
  • An Online Pilot review of your profile so you gain an objective view on how to get more online profile
  • 2 x 1 hour sessions learning how to exude your presence online.
  • In between sessions support via email and Messenger so that you gain ideas and tips that come up over time of knowing you and your profile
  • Sessions are conducted via Skype or Google Hangout at times that suit you
  • Your own Online Pilot who’s cheering you on as you learn to fly high online!
  • (If you’re comfortable) Promoting your new profile to our network.

Online Coaching Package Offer

All for AU$550 (approx US$400) if you purchase before 15/6/16. Normal price is $1500.

What you’ll gain from Online Coaching:

  • Online presence!
  • The Mindset to always have your online profiles looking sharp so you stand out in your industry – locally and globally
  • A revamped online profile that impresses potential employers, recruiters, industry peers, media contacts and stakeholders with your experience, style and professionalism! This includes tweeks to already established accounts such as Linkedin, social media and website or newly established accounts that you establish (you’re in charge!)
  • Attract more interested and relevant people automatically on Linkedin
  • Fast implementation without reading lots of books or blogs
  • Satisfaction your online profile is complete & working for you while you’re doing other things
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This Online Coaching Package Offer (AUD $550) is delivered by Samantha Bell or a Runway Digital pilot.

Private Strategy Mentoring Session

Prefer one session?

All of these activities can be done faster together.

You can see available times for your 45min virtual fast-start session here…

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Who’s Delivering the Coaching?

Coaching is delivered by Samantha Bell or Runway Digital pilots.

Online Coaching Package OfferSamantha Bell is a digital researcher and business strategist and the founder of Runway Digital, started in 2006. She has researched hundreds of professionals’ websites and thousands Linkedin profiles, has worked with over 200 businesses, coached 800+ people, collaborated on over 50 social media plans and 70 business plans (and reviewed hundreds), across 35 countries. Prior to Runway Digital she worked as a international strategy consultant at Deloitte, KPMG, Telstra, and Finance and Retail corporations, shaping hundreds of new ideas to commercially sound concepts, and working out ways for people in large organisations to enjoy their work. She recently authored “The Standout Professional’s Linkedin” guide which was an instant success. Read more about Sam here.

Winners are Grinners! Thanks for entering the competition 🙂