Online Leadership Keynote

Sam is a Online Leadership keynote and presenter who engages and fascinates audiences with insightful business and digital information.

Online Leadership KeynoteOnline Leadership Keynote

Presentation Summaries and topics cover:

  • Professional Online Profiles.
  • Your Personal Productive Online System.
  • Essential online sites and tools for your business.
  • How business has changed.
  • Internet disruption and how it’s changing your industry.
  • Company Digital Programs – how to successfully establish company-wide employee online programs – promoting talent online, teaching social media, enhancing profiles
  • The Changed Consulting Profession.
  • Social Media + Organisation Development = Social Business.
  • How Social Media has changed Change Management.

Sam has presented on topical trends since 2006 when she started traveling to, seeking out, and learning from businesses and individuals who are using online exceptionally. She combines this leading-edge international experience, Runway Digital’s research and her strategic business foresight to develop relevant presentations. (Here’s some examples.)

As an experienced speaker, she has a knack of entertaining, gauging what is required on the day, and is a thoughtful guide for audiences of all industries, seniority and experience.

Her presentations include examples of a variety of businesses and individuals using online well and practical ‘how tos’ so that audiences are inspired to learn more.


Download Sam’s bio and learn how she has presented on social media since 2006, inspiring hundreds of businesspeople.


Download a high-res image of Samantha Bell for use in promotional speaking material in print or online.


Click the link and learn what David Hieatt had to say about Sam’s perspective on Social Media, “Money Ball for Social Media”.

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What people say:

“Your style of presenting is really refreshing and calming – I go to a lot of seminars and find many people talk ‘at’ the attendees rather than engaging them.” Kim Abbate

“Your workshop was inspiring, fascinating and I hung off every word. I can’t believe how much is going on out there and I left the workshop eager to become a part of it.  I have been on Facebook for years but I didn’t know just how powerful a tool Twitter is. It has made me realise that I had only dipped my toe in the pool of social media and if I don’t want to appear a luddite and have my son know more about the world of internet communication by the time he is five I need to dive in the deep end…and soon!” Maureen Gearon

“A day spent clicking around with Sam and the others in the workshop really de-mystified social media for me.  I’d say I’ve moved from a tentative user to a robust user.” Fiona Reddaway