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Evolution, Byron Bay and Six Tech Waves 🎡 🏖 🖥 #65

Byron Beauty These are my recent, favourite Byron Bay eateries and lookouts The random pins on the maps list are either roadside honey / ginger / vegetables /avocado stalls (oh, so, creamy!) or lookouts. Here's a local website with a homepage image that *popped* out...

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Trust, Business Growth & Optimising Sales 😍 😎 💪 #58

Trust, growth and optimising sales In Dan Pink's "To Sell is Human" book he mentioned we're now all in sales. In the past few weeks I've been optimising a system to connect clients with large volumes of relevant potential customers. It could be called sales. In...

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Where is your website (and where is it going)?

By Runway Digital Capt'n, Sam Bell Image credit. We've been working with a BCorp*, webhosting company called Serversaurus. We became their customer 5 years ago, attracted by their values, quality, results-orientated culture and customer care...

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Something thrilling. #50

When you've written 50 emails, one per fortnight,there may be nothing more to be said.There again... The Relationship between Humans and the Creative Mystery. In this TED talk there's mention of a poet running from the field to the house to get a pencil and paper to...

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The Agility Divide, Freedom & Toronto Beats 💪 👌 😊 #49

Roll and Jump!The "digital divide" (the divide between those who understand online platforms/sites/language and those who don't) now has an "agility divide" layer on top. Humans continue to optimise processes and tech (AI, VR, energy production) and 'new' / tailored...

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Thankyou! Happy 2018 🙏 ⭐ #44

Happy 2018! Have a marvellous year. What do you have planned? Happy Touring. The images above are of a sweeeet little Pizzeria in Lorne - 2 hours drive from Melbourne. As the year starts, perhaps you'll be out and about in Melbourne or Victoria or planning a trip...

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Tips from Elon 👽 ✨ 💐 #39

Ways to feel happy about your future. Elon Musk says his massive visions are all about not wanting to feel sad about the future. He suggests people need things in our future to feel excited about (such as the real possibility of a civilisation on Mars). Such simple...

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