Thought Leadership Content Coaching

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Quickly upgrade your online content with clever and focused Coaching with an Online high flier. We’ll create a personal content strategy for sites relevant to your audience.

Our usual Online Coaching package is two, 45-minute, virtual sessions and homework / reflection in between.This works well to combine how you see yourself, the opportunities we can see for you and establishing an easeful system. This also covers us editing your posts and other aspects so you shine + standout + all of the good things!

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The Thought Leadership Content Strategy Package is for when you are:

  • Starting a business.
  • Wanting to stand out as a thought-leader.
  • Seeking investors.
  • Keen to provide a clear impression online on what you do.
  • Leading change.
  • Wanting to attract more opportunities & clients.
  • Wishing to attract and learn from people around the world who are interested in your experience.

What Happens in Content Strategy Coaching?

Prior to your first session, you’ll provide background information so your Online Pilot comes to your session ready to fly!

In the first session, you and your Online Pilot review how you wish to stand out online and for whom (“Who is your targeted reader(s)?”), whether you’ve already written articles, your preferred sites, brainstorm your preferred topics and in conclusion, you’ll develop a focused action list. Oftentimes in the first session, we design your LinkedIn grid of blog posts (say, the first 6 posts), so that the photos and headlines will stand out for your industry so you extend the display of your expertise on LinkedIn.

At the end of the first session, you’ll be clear on what to do prior to the second session. It may be writing and even publishing your first blog post or two, it may be setting up sites such as Medium or LinkedIn ready for posting, it may be sending through a rough post for your Online Pilot to review.

In the second session, we review any updates you’ve made since the first session and we move onto the next stage for you which may include designing or reviewing your social media strategy (how you’ll use Twitter for example) or your personal or company website. Whatever is a priority.

At the end of the second session, you’ll have an uplifting list of potential areas to research and focused list of optional extra updates you may choose to do in the future.

The Thought Leadership Content Strategy Package includes:

  • Enjoy two, 45-minute sessions with an Online Pilot over a fortnight.
  • Sessions are conducted via Skype or Google Hangout or your webinar program.
  • In between sessions: support, tips, and ideas are provided via email and Messenger.
  • An Online Pilot cheering you as you fly high!

What you’ll gain from the Thought Leadership Content Package:

  • The Mindset to always have your thought leadership presented in a way that reaches the needs of your readers – locally and globally.
  • 2-10 blog posts (depending on how inspired you are!) that impress your target audience – such as potential employers, recruiters, industry peers, media contacts, and stakeholders.
  • An Online Pilot to review and provide ideas and feedback on your blog posts – we factor in time to review 2 long blog posts.
  • A Content Strategy and Plan for you to follow in the future as your content flies!
  • Attract more interested and relevant people automatically on LinkedIn.
  • Fast implementation without reading lots of books or blogs.
  • Satisfaction your online content is complete & working for you while you’re doing other things.

Remember! Bring along your important questions so we can value-pack your Online Coaching.

Here is the Example Content You May Prepare and quick results we often provide:

  • Where you have worked, where you work and what it looks like
  • How you like to work with teams / collaborate(autonomous, small teams, large teams,..) examples of teams you’ve best worked with, where you like to work (from home or overlooking the waves for strategy work, office, client site, cafes,…) – this is so that potential clients can qualify you in or out of their working environment and team style
  • Personal insight – favourite books, hobbies, topics you tend to read about / research / do, life and family insights (as much as possible)
  • Thought leadership topics specific to your work, your perspective, and your aspirations
  • The uniqueness of and the vision for your company and why you enjoy working there.
  • Example documents you’ve prepared
  • Testimonials for all of the above too – showing the style of person you are (e.g. focused researcher or collaborative, team player) 
  • How to increase contact with potential clients on LinkedIn from our experience of gaining clients.
  • Planning your strategy for sharing your thought leadership online – from blogposts to eBooks to online courses or podcasts or apps and beyond.

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Samantha Bell is a digital researcher and business strategist and the founder of Runway Digital, started in 2006. She has researched hundreds of professionals’ websites and thousands LinkedIn profiles, has worked with over 200 businesses, coached 800+ people, collaborated on over 50 social media plans and 70 business plans (and reviewed hundreds), across 35 countries. Prior to Runway Digital she worked as an international strategy consultant at Deloitte, KPMG, Telstra, and Finance and Retail corporations, shaping hundreds of new ideas to commercially sound concepts, and working out ways for people in large organisations to enjoy their work. Read more about Sam here.


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