Digital Leadership Model Poster

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Create agile workplaces through having object such as the Digital Leadership Model on the wall to encourage mindset shifts.

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You can use the Digital Leadership Model poster in a number of ways…

  • Use this display for planning sessions where you integrate digital leadership aspects with your digital transformation program.
  • Show your executive team that digital leadership is bigger than Social Media, links in with leadership programs that include: Human-Centred / Experience / Service Design, Agile and Emotional Intelligence and is important for the future success of the organisation.
  • Motivate your team on new ways to think about digital leadership.
  • Celebrate your progress in the digital arenas!
  • Study the landscape as you plan your next leadership development area.

What is the Digital Leadership Model?

Developed in 2016 by Samantha Bell of Runway Digital, The Digital Leadership Model is a visual map of the leadership qualities required for a changing work landscape.

It was developed from Sam’s 20 years experience in coaching executives, thought leaders and entrepreneurs and is part of an ongoing study in digital leadership that tracks important qualities and organises them by how they’re required in everyday work life.

The Digital Leadership Model Poster includes:

A PDF download in A4 and A3 format.

Get in touch via emailing us at if you’d like to include your brand on your Poster with “Created for”. We’ll need a logo file and there’s a small additional charge.


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