The LinkedIn Style Book

$25.00 USD

Quickly improve your LinkedIn Style with strategic tips and examples from stylish LinkedIn professionals, including:

+ How to create a profile that is stylish, impactful, unique and engaging.
+ Impress potential employers, partners, suppliers, employees, employers, journalists, advocates and more
+ How to combine your life and work into the one “you” on LinkedIn
+ Quick, easy, thorough & professional explanations. See immediate change to your profile.
+ Keep on track – sign up to the free Mini-Course while you’re doing this and use the private group to ask questions as you go. We’re here to see you fly!

Give your career a boost. Learn from the LinkedIn Style Book that has helped executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals from around the world create professional & stylish LinkedIn profiles.

What you will get out of this LinkedIn Style Book

  • The mindset to always have your online profiles looking impressive locally and globally in your industry.
  • Automatically attract relevant customers, employers, recruiters, industry peers, media contacts and stakeholders with your experience, style and professionalism.
  • Get started quickly without reading lots of books or blogs.
  • Satisfaction your LinkedIn profile is complete & working for you while you’re doing other things.

What’s Inside?

  • How to re-word your tagline, imagery and essential words to attract relevant people are who are searching for someone with your skills and experience.
  • How to use Summary & Experience elements with precision to show professional prowess.
  • Case Studies - 22 professionals' LinkedIn examples will inspire your own.
  • How to create (or update) a LinkedIn profile that suits your personality and expertise so you impress colleagues, industry peers, media, potential employers and others. Be delighted with how impressive you look!
  • How setting up LinkedIn well can save you hours of time through connecting with relevant people – partners, team members and clients – and through expanding your knowledge.
  • How to gain impressive recommendations and endorsements from others so that relevant opportunities come to you, any time of the day or night.
  • How to update the urgent & important sections of your LinkedIn account so you know your profile stands out
  • Encouragement (it’s important!) and more.

Professionals Profiled Include:

  • Peter Thiel – PayPal founder
  • Ryan Trainor – Successful, large-scale entrepreneur
  • Gary Vaynerchuk – Social Media expert who attracts large-scale audiences
  • David Armano – PR & Branding expert
  • Jason Bender – Consulting Partner
  • Ross Hill & Sarah Moran – Digital business leaders & entrepreneurs
  • Andy Hedges – Retail executive
  • Michelle O’Brien – CFO
  • Yvonne Feehan – Recruitment Consultant
  • Philippe Guichard – Designer
  • Josh Capelin – Marketing, Branding & Design Agency Founder
  • Charlie Simson – HR, Head of Staff Flourishing
  • Frankie Ratford – Graphic Designer & Entrepreneur
  • Tim Ferriss – Author & Successful Entrepreneur
  • Jacqui Hocking – Filmmaker
  • + 7 more…

What's Involved?

  • You will receive 3 links to download the book in a form relevant to your tablet, computer or smartphone/cell.
  • Reading & implementing the Guide will take 30 minutes – 3 hours (you choose).

The Book includes:

  • 40 page book in PDF, ePub & mobi formats. Download the table of contents here.
  • 50+ LinkedIn Tips.
  • 20+ examples of professionals who stand out on LinkedIn.
  • 13 chapters with quick to implement tips and imagery to inspire you.
  • Access to bonus LinkedIn links and tips regularly updated by Runway Digital.