The Standout Professional’s Linkedin Package

$189.00 (excl GST)

This Complete Package including “The Standout Professional’s Linkedin” guide and the Pilot’s Review is designed for Professionals to standout on Linkedin.

Have an Online Pilot review your online presence (social media accounts including Linkedin, websites and other places they appear online).

Gain online presence quickly!



“This LinkedIn eBook is such a timely aid for those who are either cutting-edge online networkers, or those of us who may simply need a nudge…” Christy Bishop, Marketing Producer

What you will get out of this LinkedIn workbook

  • The Mindset to always have your online profiles looking sharp so you stand out in your industry – locally and globally
  • Blow away your potential employers, recruiters, industry peers, media contacts and stakeholders with your experience, style and professionalism
  • Attract more interested and relevant people automatically on LinkedIn
  • Get started quickly without reading lots of books or blogs
  • Satisfaction your LinkedIn profile is complete & working for you while you’re doing other things

Your LinkedIn Profile: Where Opportunities Die

These days most people have a LinkedIn account. But you know what? It’s hard to know if you look the best you can. You can see the potential – being seen as a professional leader in your industry, attracting relevant people or leads or future employers or media or customers or event organisers seeking a speaker or other players in your work.

It feels like the only way to improve your LinkedIn is to spend hours reading blogs and spending time updating your profile. Even then though, will it make a difference?

So you update your profile when your role changes, tweak a few things LinkedIn suggests and leave it at that.

Have you ever sensed you could get more out of LinkedIn?

  • You get SPAMMED with people to connect that aren’t relevant and you’ve wondered whether it’s worth having a LinkedIn profile.
  • You get very few relevant people viewing your profile, yet industry peers and colleagues have mentioned getting leads and interacting with related people.
  • You’re concerned about how to profile yourself on LinkedIn, who’ll see it.
  • You don’t know what’s important on LinkedIn.
  • The news people post isn’t interesting. LinkedIn wastes your time.
  • You don’t get call backs from potential employers or recruiters. (*urghhh!* let’s get that sorted!)
  • You don’t receive any interested or positive comments about your LinkedIn.
  • You don’t have a LinkedIn profile! (That’s cool, we’ve got you covered.)
  • You’ve heard that being influential and looking good online can progress your career.

You can toil at your LinkedIn profile for hours and miss important aspects that can have you standout.

Or you could skip all of that and learn only what you need to know to get your LinkedIn profile working for you

“I had been working dumb on it for years. Then Boom, Sam explains her insights…” David Hieatt, UK entrepreneur & international copywriter

Here’s What’s In the Book:

  • How to re-word your tagline, imagery and essential words to attract relevant people are who are searching for someone with your skills and experience.
  • How to use Summary & Experience elements with precision to show professional prowess. 
  • Case Studies – 22 professional’s LinkedIn examples will inspire your own.
  • How to create (or update) a LinkedIn profile that suits your personality and expertise so you impress colleagues, industry peers, media, potential employers and others. Be delighted with how impressive you look!
  • How setting up LinkedIn well can save you hours of time through connecting with relevant people – partners, team members and clients – and through expanding your knowledge.
  • How to gain impressive recommendations and endorsements from others so that relevant opportunities come to you, any time of the day or night.
  • How to update the urgent & important sections of your LinkedIn account so you know your profile stands out
  • Encouragement (it’s important!) and more.

Reading & implementing the Guide will take 30 minutes – 3 hours (you choose).

“I’ve already read the first half but will need to do so again more carefully… excellent practical and easy to follow advice.” James Wills, Commercial Innovation and Change Leader

Professionals Profiled Include:

  • Peter Thiel – PayPal founder
  • Ryan Trainor – Successful, large-scale entrepreneur
  • Gary Vaynerchuk – Social Media expert who attracts large-scale audiences
  • David Armano – PR & Branding expert
  • Jason Bender – Consulting Partner
  • Ross Hill & Sarah Moran – Digital business leaders
  • Andy Hedges – Retail executive
  • Michelle O’Brien – CFO
  • Yvonne Feehan – Recruitment Consultant
  • Philippe Guichard – Designer
  • Josh Capelin – Marketing, Branding & Design Agency Founder
  • Charlie Simson – HR, Head of Staff Flourishing
  • Frankie Ratford – Graphic Designer & Entrepreneur
  • Tim Ferriss – Author & Successful Entrepreneur
  • Jacqui Hocking – Filmmaker
  • + 7 more…

“I’ve already read the first half but will need to do so again more carefully… excellent practical and easy to follow advice.” James Wills, Commercial Innovation and Change Leader

Complete Package: Book + Pilot’s Review

  • 61 page PDF (also includes ePub & mobi formats). Download the table of contents here.
  • 50+ Linkedin Tips
  • 20+ examples of professionals who stand out on Linkedin
  • 13 chapters with quick to implement tips and imagery to inspire you
  • Access to bonus Linkedin links and tips regularly updated by Runway Digital
  • Review of your profile by an Online Pilot to ensure it’s as highly shined as it can be

“Sam is the most talented and knowledgeable person about Social Media I know. No bragging and fancy words, just simple and awesome advice, tips and ideas.” Nicklas Wallberg, Communications professional & Social Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is This Book for?

  • Professionals – such as consultants, managers, lawyers, accountants, business owners – who want to completely polish up their Linkedin profile and see how the winners are doing it
  • People who haven’t started a Linkedin account or don’t get it and want to leapfrog past an average profile
  • Professionals who have been using Linkedin for years and have made contact with their colleagues and peers and haven’t yet optimised their profile
  • People with any level of Linkedin experience. You don’t need to be a Linkedin expert or even close.

If you are a high-profile person, we suggest reviewing plans from this Guide with your PR expert to plan your Linkedin launch prior to updating (we don’t want your email inbox to explode).

Who is this Book NOT for?

If you’re flying high already on Linkedin with a great profile and are using Linkedin groups this may not be for you – get in touch to check. It will help you to check you’ve a highly searchable profile and that the basics are covered and provide tips to grow your audience.

This Guide isn’t for people who’s Linkedin profile is performing as they’d like!

This Guide doesn’t (yet) include tips on LinkedIn Premium accounts.

But I Don’t Have a LinkedIn account!

Cool. There are tips to setup an account at the start of the Guide. Get ready to save yourself time – go straight to having an amazing Linkedin profile!

Who is Writing This Book?

The Standout Professional’s LinkedIn 2017 edition is an instructional guide that brings to life the concepts discussed when coaching executives around the world from the UK Film Council to Green School in Bali, to Partners of prestigious, international Consulting houses.

Linkedin ebookThe Standout Professional’s LinkedIn was written by Samantha Bell, who is a digital researcher, a business strategist and the founder of Runway Digital. She has over 3,000 LinkedIn connections, seen thousands of professionals’ LinkedIn profiles, has worked with over 200 businesses, coached 800+ people, tweeted over 20,0000 times, collaborated on over 50 social media plans since 2006 and 70 business plans (and reviewed hundreds), across 35 countries. Prior to Runway Digital she worked as a international strategy consultant at Deloitte, KPMG, Telstra, and Finance and Retail corporations, shaping hundreds of new ideas to commercially sound concepts, and working out ways for people in large organisations to enjoy their work. Read more about Sam here.

“Sam has that uncanny mix of serious business acumen, intense creativity and expert practical knowledge of the digital world.” Claire Spencer, Digital Strategy Consultant


“Runway Digital are experts in helping shape digital media strategies with a particular focus on emerging trends and social media opportunities… I look forward to engaging their services again in future.” Henry Ruiz, Chief Product Officer


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