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Complete Team Package: Online Flight Training + Pilot’s Review + 61-Page LinkedIn Guide

$2,800.00 (excl GST)

The Complete Package for your team is packed with everything you and your team need to go from the very beginning to tweaking your profiles like a pro. You all gain years of specialist experience summarised into easy tips and an Online Pilot reviewing your profiles once you’re setup.

This package is for 10 people and includes:

Daily, simple, emailed tips to improve individuals’ Online Presence.

Have an Online Pilot review each of your team’s online presence (social media accounts including LinkedIn, websites and other places they appear online).

Receive “The Standout Professional’s LinkedIn” workbook that shows you and your team how to upgrade your LinkedIn in 7 quick steps. Place it on an internal server for your team to access to enhance their LinkedIn.

Enjoy the benefits from STANDING OUT online!

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“…prepare for the future 20 years… Build an independent brand.. with your name, not with a company’s name or with other people’s names around it” Naval Ravikant (Successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur & investor)

What you and your team will get out of this program:

  • Relief your online profile is working for you, automatically, 24 hours a day. 
  • Satisfaction, knowing your personal brand is impressive.
  • The Mindset and know-how to always look your best online.
  • “Employment Insurance” – a place online you own
  • Get started quickly without reading five more online or personal brand books.
  • Your LinkedIn and other social media profiles looking highly professional.
  • Better decision-making with new mindsets and the knowledge of technology, digital innovations and innovation trends that may impact your work.

Daily, simple, emailed tips.

Have you ever had a nagging feeling that your current work isn’t secure?

As workplace technology increases, mechanical, administrative and clerical activities are replaced by tech.

It also matters less where team members are located so professionals are recruited globally.

Companies increasingly are making middle management retrenched or demoted.

Twitter Naval Internet middleman politicians


It’s hard to not feel like your employment is on shaky foundations.

Whether you are an employee or employer, a Lack of Online Profile and Tech Awareness is A Risky Future Position


Have you ever felt uncomfortable about your lack of digital understanding and promotion?

  • You can’t afford to be unemployed for an extended period.
  • Colleagues and industry peers and friends are being made redundant.
  • You have added your resume to LinkedIn and sense there’s more to do.
  • Your basic tech understanding is starting to feel uncomfortable.A friend just found their new job via Twitter. Colleagues and peers look impressive online in their niche, publish their perspective & learnings online and seem to get how technology is shaping their work.
  • Others are using technology and online contacts to come up with clever new ideas and influence their industry.

You could skip all of these concerns and feel powerful in your industry and organisation.

What’s in the Program:

  • Clarify how and where you wish to promote yourself online.What should I do in the meantime
  • Easy steps to setup our own free website or a website with your own address for a small yearly cost.
  • Learn what’s enough for your online profile and whether to set up social media accounts with the time you have available.
  • How to set up relevant social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Medium and examples of exceptional professional accounts.
  • How to continually stand out and and be found more often when your potential client/customer/employer are searching for someone with your skills and experience
  • Who to connect with and why.Digital Leadership Model Runway Digital
  • What to publish, when and how to have posts standout.
  • Latest tech and developments such as crowdsourcing and co-creation and examples of how to integrate into your work and feel proactive.
  • New mindsets to help with productivity and agility.
  • Speed up your productivity and gain peace of mind with simple digital tools.
  • A streamlined, easy-to-use, focused system and useful tools.
  • 50 quick tips.
  • Longer-term time saving by establishing a clear online profile so more people know what you do!
  • Encouragement (it’s important!)
  • And more.

Set yourself up well – especially if you’re starting a new business – give yourself the support of an online promotion tool.

COMPLETE PACKAGE for your team: 7-day course + Pilot’s Review + 61 page LinkedIn Guide

For your team of 10 people:

  • 7-day email course
  • 50+ Social Media Tips
  • 20+ examples of professionals who stand out online
  • Review of your profile by an Online Pilot to ensure it’s as highly shined as it can be, with easy-to-implement suggestions
  • 61 Page STANDOUT on LinkedIn Guide – PDF (also includes ePub & mobi formats). Download the table of contents here.
  • 13 chapters with quick to implement LinkedIn tips and imagery to inspire you
  • Access to bonus LinkedIn links and tips regularly updated by Runway Digital
  • Pop the LinkedIn guide on your internal server so the 10 of you have access

The Complete Package is packed with everything you need to go from the very beginning to tweaking your profile like a pro. You get years of specialist experience summarised into easy tips and an Online Pilot reviewing your profile once you’ve setup. You even get a LinkedIn guide, The Standout Professional’s LinkedIn guide ????

“Sam is the most talented and knowledgeable person about Social Media I know. No bragging and fancy words, just simple and awesome advice, tips and ideas.” Nicklas Wallberg, Communications professional & Social Entrepreneur

More than 10 people? Email us:

Frequently asked questions:

Who is this course for?

  • Professionals – such as consultants, managers, lawyers, accountants, business owners – who want to completely polish up their online profile and see how the winners are doing it
  • People who haven’t started an online profile and want to leapfrog past an average profile
  • Professionals who have been using online sites for years and have made contact with their colleagues and peers and haven’t yet optimised their online profile
  • High profile people – you can create a plan to review with your PR advisor
  • People with an understanding of how to do a google search, how to sign up for new accounts on the internet. You don’t need to be a LinkedIn expert or even close

Who is this course NOT for?

The Standout Professional’s LinkedIn guide and the 21 day course isn’t for people who’s online profile is performing as they’d like!

If you’re flying high already online, with social media sites and LinkedIn groups this may not be for you – get in touch to check – as this course will provide tips to grow your audience.

But I don’t have any Social Media accounts!

Cool. There are tips to setup accounts. Get ready to save yourself time – go straight to having an amazing online profile!

How much time will this course take to do?

Reading and implementing the Course will take 5 hours or more if you’re inspired to do more (you choose). Perhaps this is thinking through things on your commute, implementing on an evening or perhaps putting aside half a day on the weekend to implement fun, quick, clever tactics.

You’ll receive a suggested action each day that will take you between 5 minutes and an hour.

Will I refer to this Course over time?

Yes! It’s designed as a reference for you to read again over time and tweak aspects of your online profile.

If you find yourself missing a day or two the course is designed so you can catchup without feeling overwhelmed with work to do.

But Social Media and websites change all the time. How does this stay relevant?

The core information stays the same. I’ve been consulting in Social Media since 2006 and it comes down to delighting people, being focused and having clever systems.

Who is writing this Course & book?

This course and the Standout Professional’s LinkedIn brings to life the concepts discussed when Samantha Bell coaches executives around the world from the UK Film Council to Green School in Bali, to Partners of prestigious, international Consulting houses. The Online Pilot reviewing your profiles will be one of the Runway Digital pilots or Samantha. 

Samantha Bell is a Digital Researcher, Digital Leadership and Personal Branding Advisor, a Business Strategist and the Founder of Runway Digital.

She is the author of “The Standout Professional’s LinkedIn”, has over 2,000 LinkedIn connections, seen thousands of professionals’ LinkedIn profiles, has worked with over 200 businesses, coached 800+ people, tweeted over 20,0000 times, collaborated on over 50 social media plans since 2006 and 70 business plans (and reviewed hundreds), across 35 countries.

Prior to Runway Digital she worked as a international strategy consultant at Deloitte, KPMG, Telstra, and Finance and Retail corporations, shaping hundreds of new ideas to commercially sound concepts, and working out ways for people in large organisations to enjoy their work. Read more about Sam here.

“Runway Digital are experts in helping shape digital media strategies with a particular focus on emerging trends and social media opportunities… I look forward to engaging their services again in future.” Henry Ruiz, Chief Product Officer


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