7 Steps to Improve Your Online Strategy

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Gain daily, simple, emailed tips that will improve your Online Presence.
Over 7 days review and improve all aspects of your online profile (social media accounts including LinkedIn, websites and other places they appear online).
Gain the latest tips and enjoy the outcome of you looking impressive online.


“…prepare for the future 20 years…
Build an independent brand... with your name, not with a company’s name or with other people’s names around it”

Naval Ravikant

Successful Silicon Valley Entrepreneur & Investor

Improve all aspects of your online profile – from social media accounts such as LinkedIn to websites and other online sites.

Gain from the 7 Steps to Improve Your Online Strategy when you are:

  • Keen to look impressive online.
  • Wishing to have a completed online profile that works for you.
  • Seeking capital for your venture.
  • Wanting to increase your profile as a thought-leader, consultant, keynote speaker, industry expert, business owner, change leader, founder, professional…
  • Starting a business.
  • Wanting to attract more customers and opportunities.
  • Wishing to quickly upgrade with a clear plan.
  • You want to strengthen your employability.

What is Involved?

You’ll receive a suggested action each day that will take you between 5 minutes and an hour. Reading and implementing the course will take 5 hours or more if you’re inspired to do more (you choose). This may be implementing first thing in the morning or on an evening or perhaps putting aside half a day on the weekend to implement fun, quick, clever tactics.

The 7 Steps to Improve Your Online Strategy includes:

  • Each day for 7 days you’ll receive an email containing the latest tips, simple tricks and engaging graphics that will have you improve your online profile.
  • The course is designed as a reference for you to read again over time and tweak aspects of your online profile. If you find yourself missing a day or two the course is designed so you can catchup without feeling overwhelmed with work to do.
  • The core information is written to be relevant over time through delighting people, being focused and having clever systems.

What you will get out of this 7-part program:

  • Relief your online profile is working for you, automatically, 24 hours a day.
  • Satisfaction, knowing your personal brand is impressive.
  • The mindset and know-how to always look your best online.
  • “Employment Insurance” – a place online you own
  • Get started quickly without reading five more online or personal brand books.
  • Your Linkedin and other social media profiles looking highly professional.
  • Better decision-making with new mindsets and the knowledge of technology, digital innovations and innovation trends that may impact your work.

What’s in the Program:

  • Clarify how and where you wish to promote yourself online.What should I do in the meantime
  • Easy steps to setup our own free website or a website with your own address for a small yearly cost.
  • How to continually stand out and and be found more often when your potential client/customer/employer are searching for someone with your skills and experience
  • A streamlined, easy-to-use, focused system and useful tools.
  • 30 quick tips.
  • Longer-term time saving by establishing a clear online profile so more people know what you do!
  • Encouragement (it’s important!)
  • And more.

Set yourself up well – especially if you’re starting a new business – give yourself the support of an online promotion tool.

I had been working dumb on it for years then BOOM, Sam explains…

David Hieatt


Sam has so much energy and a great deal of insight into the world of Digital Marketing. No wait - make that Digital Everything. She's helped me to hone my thinking and introduced me to great ideas and great people. She's an absolute pleasure to work with.

Tom Hay



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