Online Strategy Package (2 Sessions)

$900.00 (excl GST)

Quickly improve your online profile with focused and tailored coaching from an online expert.

Our Online Strategy Package is two, one-on-one 45 minute sessions with homework / reflection in between.


Enjoy an Online Strategy Package when you wish to:

  • provide a clear impression online on what you do.
  • be a thought-leader online.
  • improve your online profile including personal or business websites and social media sites such as LinkedIn.
  • define topics for articles and blogposts.
  • attract investors, or more opportunities & clients.
  • attract and learn from people around the world who are interested in your experience.
  • grow your online customers and connections to relevant industry and market experts.

What is Involved?

Once ordered, you’ll receive a link to find a time that suits and book your two sessions. If it’s urgent and you can’t see a time free please fast track via emailing us at so we can move things around for you.

We’ll send you a short questionnaire so you can let us know your aims for the sessions, and as relevant: the link to any of your websites and social media sites, and other online markers.

Feel free to record the session so you can playback and get ready to work fast!

The Online Strategy Package includes:

Two, 45-minute sessions delivered by an experienced online pilot: Samantha Bell or a Runway Digital pilot.

Before the session we will review the information you send – including sites as relevant.

In the first session, you and your Online Pilot review your intentions, who you wish to reach, your progress online and your preferred sites. This may include reviewing and even logging in to real-time update your LinkedIn profile – gaining your agreement as they go, otherwise you can do the updates after the session. The session may also involve brainstorming your preferred topics and sometimes we design your first 6 LinkedIn articles so that the photos and headlines will stand out for your industry and extend the display of your expertise on LinkedIn.

At the tail-end of the session, a focused action list is created and you’ll be clear on what to do prior to the second session. This may include suggestions to refine your profile, topics for blogposts to write and even publishing your first blog post or two, it may be setting up sites such as Medium or LinkedIn ready for posting, it may be sending through a rough post for your Online Pilot to review, or other actions to attract your audience and promote you (and your company perhaps).

In between sessions: support, tips, and ideas are provided via email, Facebook Messenger or other relevant channel.

In the second session, we review your progress and questions then move onto the next stage which may include designing or reviewing your social media strategy (how you’ll use Twitter for example) or your personal or company website. Whatever is a priority for you.

At the end of the second session, you’ll have an action plan for ongoing progress and maintenance, including an uplifting list of potential areas to research and focused list of optional extra updates you may choose to do in the future.

More than likely you’ll also receive LinkedIn connections to relevant people to help you progress.

Bring along your important questions so we can value-pack your sessions.

A selection of what we can cover:

  • Reviewing and suggesting updates to LinkedIn as well as navigation and strategic promotion.
  • Update LinkedIn, Twitter, how you appear on Google.
  • How to standout with your company and/or personal website – whether to set up sites, review of current sites and suggested updates, how to reach your audience, how much time to spend per week, and when.
  • Designing topics for website blogposts and LinkedIn articles.
  • Planning your strategy for sharing your thought leadership online – from blogposts to eBooks to online courses or podcasts or newsletters or apps and beyond.
  • Identifying people, potential business partners and organisations who’ll share, strengthen and grow your ideas and business. We may connect you with relevant people and brands.
  • Reviewing how your organisation looks on LinkedIn – staff profiles, overall style, and how to standout for your potential customers.
  • Reviewing how your organisation looks on online to potential customers and clients. Potential case studies or topics to include on your blog and tips for social media sites.
  • Ideas on how to grow customers online – where potential customers may be hanging out online and how to reach them effectively.

I have the privilege to work with some of the most inspiring founders and CEO's in the world. The coaching I do is fast and provides great flow and speed for people I work with. It involves clever approaches that work, focus on intended outcomes, incorporates clever tech and strategies that are relevant to current markets, and more often than not includes connections to relevant people and an increase in customers. My interest is in providing great value and progressing what you do. Let's go flying!

Samantha (Sam) Bell

Samantha (Sam) Bell

Runway Digital Founder

I was given the opportunity to work with Sam and am ecstatic I did. She is both a champion for everyone she works with and a coach that helps you develop and refine your aspirations as well as your professional and personal profile in this evolving and often noisy digital sphere.

Emma Jewell

PR & Brand Manager

I would highly recommend Samantha to any business big or small who needs advice or help in using the internet and social media to drive their business forward!

Karlie Cummins



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