3D Personal Websites ūüĎÄūüôčūüíę #12

3D Personal Websites, Growing Your LinkedIn Network, & Positive Futures


Welcome to the 12th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?

I know a lot of you like the collection of my favourite recent links at the end of these emails. I¬†hope you enjoy what I’ve collected for you this time around as they’ve amazed and delighted me. I hope they give¬†you food for thought.


First up, let’s chat about the future of professional online profiles and¬†3D¬†websites.

It makes sense that in the future websites will be more interactive.

Let’s imagine – – –¬†>>>> Zoom forward in time, press on my LinkedIn and imagine I appear in front of you.¬†You immediately see my height and¬†how I carry myself. You¬†ask questions about my experience, I give you insight… and all the while you feel like I’m there,¬†with you (and I’m¬†a rendered,¬†3Dhologram).

A version of this is where we’re heading.¬†Check out this video to see¬†new technology,¬†bringing this to life¬†– it’s excellent.

Be ready for this next frontier of business (and life) by getting your uniqueness online.

What is unique about you at work?
Why would someone choose to work with you over another?
What style do you wish to display online?

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Next up, let’s grow your LinkedIn network.

If you’ve set up your LinkedIn profile and¬†uploaded your¬†contacts / address book, don’t stop there. As a professional, you’re¬†missing¬†the opportunities that come from¬†connecting with a wider network of peers and relevant business contacts. Now that I’ve grown my LinkedIn network to 2,700 people¬†(here’s how), I’ve many more business leads, more offers, and my LinkedInnewsfeed/homepage has richer, world-class information each time I log in.¬†I also have a larger pool of relevant people to call on to work with,¬†for information, and who can see (and comment on) posts I publish.

How to grow your LinkedIn network

1. Once you’re happy your profile looks great, search LinkedIn for each of these:

  • the same title as you, similar or more senior role titles¬†(industry peers, leaders, and experts)
  • words relevant to your industry (for example, I searched for¬†“Digital Transformation”)
  • relevant subject areas to your work
  • titles used by potential clients and customers
  • current and past¬†colleagues

2. Scroll through the list and find¬†people with interesting titles and photos that give you a good feeling (think: are you fascinated/interested to learn more from them?). Send them an invitation to connect.¬†If the option comes up for a message, (positively) explain your interest.¬†Here’s an example message I sent this week:

“Hey David,¬†Great to spot your profile on LinkedIn – looking forward to learning fromyour Virtual Reality¬†posts¬†and do get in touch if there’s interesting work to partner on. ¬†Have a great afternoon! Sam”

Note: If you’re concerned to connect in case you¬†receive too many messages, remember¬†you can easily remove the connection.

Optional: When the search results appear, you can filter results by a specific location or company.


Keen to be known for your expertise?

3. Search for and connect with local media (Huffington Post, Guardian etc) so they know of you and perhaps you can send them press releases / leads.


Interested to learn more about your industry?

4. Search for and connect with local recruiters so you can see your¬†industry growth through¬†who‚Äôs hiring. It’s¬†fascinating and adds dynamism to the LinkedInnewsfeed.

May these tips help you progress ???? ¬†Let me know how you go & if you’ve tips to pass on to others¬†????

Use the links below to keep up to date with new business & tech developments.

I wish you all a wonderful week. If you enjoyed this email, let me know on Twitter @sambe11.

Have a ripper day/evening,

~ Sam

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