Disruption, Mars & Zen šŸš€ šŸ’« šŸ‘Œ #38

Here comes a previous issue of Online Highfliers….
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Hi and welcome to theĀ 38thĀ edition of this email.

Airline Industry, you’re next.

Just over a week agoĀ Elon MuskĀ announcedĀ his Mars plans and (mic dropped) massive airline disruption.

ā€œThe goal of these initial missions is to find the best source of water… Thatā€™s the first mission. The second mission is to build the propellant plant.ā€

See the Mars village come to life.

Who knows what will be discovered through exploring and living onĀ Mars. Going anywhere in the world (at similar costs to current tickets)Ā in under an hour will connect people even moreĀ šŸ˜„

Elon has saidĀ “life needs to be more than just solving every day problems. You need to wake up and be excited about the future”.

Each individual contributes to the whole of humanity. Here’s to his talk inspiring you.

ThisĀ one’sĀ great too.

Love is Love.

In Australia we’re having a vote on marriage equality so there is lots of conversations about LOVE šŸ˜

I loved (ah, pun intended) seeing a t-shirt yesterday with a simple “Love is Love” across the top.

Simple. Let’s get on with things.

Learning about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies – including Bitcoin and Ethers.

I’ve compiled and ordered 25+ easy introductory and more advanced blockchain tech and cryptocurrency links on thisĀ page.

It includes a few recent links, such as “How to explain cryptocurrencies and blockchains to your friends and family” podcast and another great couple of introductory YouTube video I spotted last week.

Getting into this topic takes watching and reading so start out with those at the top of the page and find a couple of hours to enjoy learning – perhaps via your phone as you walk along the river?

Favourite reads & listens

  • Alyssa Ravasio of Hipcamp onĀ how technology is changing how we relate to nature.
  • Fascinating topics in the newĀ “Type Human” email.
  • Designing theĀ future suburbĀ for drones, autonomous vehicles and the changing environment.
  • For years I’ve been a fan of libraries offering great services and here they go again! Seeing this in Kevin Kelly’s email prompted me to check out Lynda.com at Melbourne City Library and it worked well. Perhaps you can access Lynda courses via your library?”Lynda.com has an excellent collection of training videos for learning programming, design, bitcoin fundamentals, bookkeeping, and much more. Lynda charges a monthly fee, but if you have a library card, the chances are you can become a Lynda member for free.”
  • Rebranding dyslexia. Nice one Steve.
  • Enjoy the great acting in Bladerunner 2049. Spot the zen reminders and beauty in dystopia.”It is less a movie and more of an experience. It feels like an immersion into virtual reality without 3D. The unmusical sound track, slow-pace editing (it runs almost 3 hours!), breathtaking visual details, all deliver a stunning alternative world, with even more persuasion than its famous prequel.” Kevin Kelly

For your CEO and senior leaders

  • Meet the worldā€™s firstĀ Tech AmbassadorĀ & Embassy.”The new job will have four key roles: building partnerships; shaping tech companiesā€™ opinions; spotting new trends; and overhauling the Foreign Ministry itself.”
  • If your leaders haven’t yet gotten Augmented Reality,Ā thisĀ may help to see how 3D spaces are being usedĀ to get things done via ARKit.

You may be able to guess this photo is me looking across to and imagining myself skiingĀ my favourite Mt Hotham lines. Now that the snow season has ended,Ā I’m transitioning to the surfboard, enjoying the blossoms, being under blue skies, getting caught in the rain, and seeing the kids return to school for Term 4.

May it be a great time for you.

~ Sam


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