Bye Middle Men šŸ‘« šŸ”Ž šŸ‘‹ #66

Bye Middle Men šŸ‘« šŸ”Ž šŸ‘‹ #66

Strengthening Human Qualities

“Itā€™s not about female/male; itā€™s about feminine-masculine.”

Thanks Shelley Zalis &Ā Forbes for this article on strengthening feminine leadership attributes (regardless of sex) and expanding leadership traits. From #metoo to every day actions I’m seeing women stand up as leaders more often as well as women no longer standing for disempowering environments, actions and behaviours.

The businessperson, problemsolver, engineer, auntie and female in me is cheering.

Here’s to being human.

What’s coming?

Keen to imagine the future? In this interview Joe Lubin discusses what life will be like owing to blockchain tech, what’s coming and… it’s in layman’s terms (well done!).

“Any sort of transaction involving identity or legally enforceable agreements or assets… move much more fluidly because we can build clearing and settlement into the instance of the transaction.”

Jump in at 36:38mins for the future view of Ethereum and blockchain tech. Enjoy.

How to never worry again.

Kinda important, hey?

What’s going on online?

Love this. Own what you do.
The Satoshi (the original Bitcoin) white paper on the walls of the Pantera Capital‘s HQ (blockchain investment firm):


Sayonara middle men:

Iā€™ve been in the land of rivers (north coast NSW, Australia), in awe of the quiet beaches, whales breaching out to sea, delicious food and amazed at the many, many campervans and travellers in this part of Australia.

May you be well and happy. Smile, learn, experience, be.


eSports šŸ¤² šŸ•¹ ā³ #64

eSports šŸ¤² šŸ•¹ ā³ #64

Expanding Self

This image of self development had my mind smile as the rippling lines show an individual growing outwards from the original body as development occurs. Perhaps the ripples could come from the whole body. It’s fromĀ the Never Ending QuestĀ bookĀ (p181) by Clare W Graves, Cowan & Todorovic. I’ve been reading from page 195 to better understand and apply spiral dynamics. Thanks to Ross & Steve Mc for the inspiration.

Recent Internet Fascination

NASA on Instagram: ā€œFour large islands are hard to miss in satellite imagery of the
Severnaya Zemlya archipelago in the Russian high Arctic. Spanning 37,000ā€¦ā€

“[Bitcoin]’s already storing $125bn of wealth ā€“ for tens of millions of people.
Itā€™s the only financial system Iā€™m aware of which has had 24×7 uptime for nine years.”
Pantera Capital October news

There are now many great blockchain podcast shows to listen to.
Here’s a favourite this week. Thanks Ross.

Loic’s writingĀ again and his email was full of uplift. Here’s just some of it ~

Another expanding aspect of life:Ā eSportsĀ and an interesting thread ~

Sam Lessin’s challenge (Thanks Tim B) ~

The tools that are uplifting Stewart Brand’s view of the future.

Enliven your way of being and vision with Peta Kelly’s new book “The Earth is Hiring“. I mentioned Peta previouslyĀ – she provides clarity around the future of business, leadership, getting things done and finances.

These newĀ Ć“lafur tunes are so distracting! Here’s a sweet playlist.

What’s happening there that’s fascinating you?



Bitcoin reading šŸŒž šŸŒ² šŸŽ #43

Bitcoin reading šŸŒž šŸŒ² šŸŽ #43

Get Up To Speed With Bitcoin & Crypto’s.

After watching and reading loadsĀ ofĀ bitcoin,Ā blockchain, cryptocurrency, ethereum talks and posts, I’ve found “The InternetĀ ofĀ Money” book written by Andreas M. AntonopoulosĀ the quickest, most engaging listen. It’ll take you from not understanding to really clever, easy-to-comprehend ideas.

If you’ve been thinking you need to learn about blockchain or have a twinklingĀ ofĀ interest, there’s something there for you to uncover.

Here’s how you can listen to Andreas’ book for free:

1. Sign up withĀ AudibleĀ to get your first book free for 30 days.

2. Login and use your free credit to purchase “The InternetĀ ofĀ Money” written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

3. On your smartphone download the Audible app, login, then click the imageĀ ofAndreas’ book to start downloading the book.

4. Grab your headphones and hit play. 4 hours 8 minutes straight will do it though I like to listen when I’m driving, walking, or while I’m doing something that doesn’t require much attention.

Let me know how you go.

Crypto’s to the endĀ ofĀ 2017.

With their wider utility, it’s great to seeĀ increasing interestĀ inĀ Ethers. I’m interested to watch what happens with crypto values to the endĀ ofĀ theĀ 2017. Perhaps they’ll be in more holiday conversations and people may have time to setup online wallets and purchase.

FavouriteĀ Reads &Ā Listens.

  • Excited to have started using web browser Brave, powered by BAT tokens, on my computer and iPhone. Less bugs than expected (still a few) though enjoying it as a alternative toĀ Chrome.

  • Nick Hand’s videosĀ are a calm, collected, usually fascinating watch. He has a respectfulĀ and kind wayĀ ofĀ delving into the person he profiles. Impressive too as manyĀ ofĀ short films are gathered as NickĀ rides his bike around countries.Ā  I attended Nick’s Do Lectures video workshop in Wales and it was so good!Ā Next timeĀ youā€™re in Bristol, visit him atĀ the Letterpress Collective.

  • ThinkingĀ about aĀ cryptokitty? or buying a cryptopuppy?

  • FoodĀ for thought on blockchain and the future. (thread)

  • Someone made it big on Bitcoin and is now givingĀ US$86M. Will youĀ apply? #pineapples!

Great online presence.

  • Delivering all the answers… this captivatingĀ siteĀ from Nick Jaffe helps you prepare yourĀ adventure. Go stay!

  • Great tweets and replies fromĀ ElonĀ about sellingĀ hats to fund TheĀ Boring Company ($20 per hat xĀ 50,000 hats = $1 million). Last I checked he was at 42k and made aĀ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy joke. So fun!Ā His twitter bio has me chuckling:


~ Sam



P.S. As promised:

Bitcoins šŸŒæ šŸ¼ šŸŒ #40

Bitcoins šŸŒæ šŸ¼ šŸŒ #40

Loads of fascinating developmentsĀ haveĀ happened since I last wrote, including two blockchain tech conferences (Ethereal and Devcon)Ā as well as bitcoin prices going through the roof (US$7,343 /AU$9651 when writing this)Ā and masses ofĀ mainstream media attention. This new tech is really starting to touch our lives.

And another rocketĀ went up and down.

How lucky we are to witness these happenings. This time is amazing.

You’re so Ethereal.

Jump onto YouTube to watch theĀ Ethereal conference, specifically:

  • Here, Bryan Johnson fast forwardsĀ twenty years and links human intelligence with Blockchains – this is a quick watchĀ and the bonus is: it’s in laymanā€™s terms.
  • Joe Lubin starts the conferenceĀ with Blockchain tech’s current state and future possibilities.
  • Peter DiamandisĀ raises the concern ofĀ the linear nature of government and the exponential growth of technology. So apt.

The first link here is to the playlist of all videos. Enjoy and hit reply here with any questions you have.


Deliciousness + Learning =Ā here.

“Omotenashi is the Japanese culture of treating a guest. It blends a welcoming spirit with warmth, understanding, and above all respect.”

Favourite reads & listens

  • Take a fun and fascinatingĀ tour of the international space station.
  • Great thinking on the rising Bitcoin pricesĀ from Laura Shin ~“The reasons for the jumps are unclear, but unless there’s negative news, every day, at minimum, the price is likely to rise because of new money coming into the system. Every day on Coinbase alone, about 35,000 new accounts open — a figure that sometimes reaches 50,000 — and thousands of people in South Korea and Japan, two countries where Bitcoin has taken off, are also bringing new fiat money [cash] into the system.”
  • Signup forĀ rocket updates.
  • Here’s aĀ great shortcut to reading Option B book mentioned in the last email.Ā Watch the video on this page.
  • It was fascinating to learn aboutĀ inserting signals in the brain so people can move prosthetic limbs and even turn on taps at theĀ Stentrode Story event in April. To start with it’s accident victims who can’t move limbs.Ā We may be next: imagine if you can get your mind to turn on a tap. Connecting humans to machines – it’s coming.Ā Putting my order in for wings and flight now.
  • Jonathan Harris hasĀ returnedĀ with a fabulous tilt on Virtual Reality…

For your CEO and senior leaders

  • Nice one Jeff Bezos:

Great online presence

  • Impressive service, live chat and website that quickly answered questions ~ well doneĀ Aussie Broadband.

Reply to let me know what you want to read about.

Have a wonderful week,

~ Sam

Disruption šŸš€ šŸ’« šŸ‘Œ #38

Disruption šŸš€ šŸ’« šŸ‘Œ #38

Airline Industry, you’re next.

Just over a week agoĀ Elon MuskĀ announcedĀ his Mars plans and (mic dropped) massive airline disruption.

ā€œThe goal of these initial missions is to find the best source of water… Thatā€™s the first mission. The second mission is to build the propellant plant.ā€

See the Mars village come to life.

Who knows what will be discovered through exploring and living onĀ Mars. Going anywhere in the world (at similar costs to current tickets)Ā in under an hour will connect people even moreĀ šŸ˜„

Elon has saidĀ “life needs to be more than just solving every day problems. You need to wake up and be excited about the future”.

Each individual contributes to the whole of humanity. Here’s to his talk inspiring you.

ThisĀ one’sĀ great too.

Love is Love.

In Australia we’re having a vote on marriage equality so there is lots of conversations about LOVE šŸ˜

I loved (ah, pun intended) seeing a t-shirt yesterday with a simple “Love is Love” across the top.

Simple. Let’s get on with things.

Learning about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies – including Bitcoin and Ethers.

I’ve compiled and ordered 25+ easy introductory and more advanced blockchain tech and cryptocurrency links on thisĀ page.

It includes a few recent links, such as “How to explain cryptocurrencies and blockchains to your friends and family” podcast and another great couple of introductory YouTube video I spotted last week.

Getting into this topic takes watching and reading so start out with those at the top of the page and find a couple of hours to enjoy learning – perhaps via your phone as you walk along the river?

Favourite reads & listens

  • Alyssa Ravasio of Hipcamp onĀ how technology is changing how we relate to nature.
  • Fascinating topics in the newĀ “Type Human” email.
  • Designing theĀ future suburbĀ for drones, autonomous vehicles and the changing environment.
  • For years I’ve been a fan of libraries offering great services and here they go again! Seeing this in Kevin Kelly’s email prompted me to check out at Melbourne City Library and it worked well. Perhaps you can access Lynda courses via your library?” has an excellent collection of training videos for learning programming, design, bitcoin fundamentals, bookkeeping, and much more. Lynda charges a monthly fee, but if you have a library card, the chances are you can become a Lynda member for free.”
  • Rebranding dyslexia. Nice one Steve.
  • Enjoy the great acting in Bladerunner 2049. Spot the zen reminders and beauty in dystopia.”It is less a movie and more of an experience. It feels like an immersion into virtual reality without 3D. The unmusical sound track, slow-pace editing (it runs almost 3 hours!), breathtaking visual details, all deliver a stunning alternative world, with even more persuasion than its famous prequel.” Kevin Kelly

For your CEO and senior leaders

  • Meet the worldā€™s firstĀ Tech AmbassadorĀ & Embassy.”The new job will have four key roles: building partnerships; shaping tech companiesā€™ opinions; spotting new trends; and overhauling the Foreign Ministry itself.”
  • If your leaders haven’t yet gotten Augmented Reality,Ā thisĀ may help to see how 3D spaces are being usedĀ to get things done via ARKit.

You may be able to guess this photo is me looking across to and imagining myself skiingĀ my favourite Mt Hotham lines. Now that the snow season has ended,Ā I’m transitioning to the surfboard, enjoying the blossoms, being under blue skies, getting caught in the rain, and seeing the kids return to school for Term 4.

May it be a great time for you.

~ Sam