Human Qualities, The Future & Sayonara Middle Men šŸ‘« šŸ”Ž šŸ‘‹ #66

Strengthening Human Qualities

“Itā€™s not about female/male; itā€™s about feminine-masculine.”

Thanks Shelley Zalis &Ā Forbes for this article on strengthening feminine leadership attributes (regardless of sex) and expanding leadership traits. From #metoo to every day actions I’m seeing women stand up as leaders more often as well as women no longer standing for disempowering environments, actions and behaviours.

The businessperson, problemsolver, engineer, auntie and female in me is cheering.

Here’s to being human.

What’s coming?

Keen to imagine the future? In this interview Joe Lubin discusses what life will be like owing to blockchain tech, what’s coming and… it’s in layman’s terms (well done!).

“Any sort of transaction involving identity or legally enforceable agreements or assets… move much more fluidly because we can build clearing and settlement into the instance of the transaction.”

Jump in at 36:38mins for the future view of Ethereum and blockchain tech. Enjoy.

How to never worry again.

Kinda important, hey?

What’s going on online?

Love this. Own what you do.
The Satoshi (the original Bitcoin) white paper on the walls of the Pantera Capital‘s HQ (blockchain investment firm):


Sayonara middle men:

Iā€™ve been in the land of rivers (north coast NSW, Australia), in awe of the quiet beaches, whales breaching out to sea, delicious food and amazed at the many, many campervans and travellers in this part of Australia.

May you be well and happy. Smile, learn, experience, be.


Evolution, Byron Bay and Six Tech Waves šŸŽ” šŸ– šŸ–„ #65

Byron Beauty

These are my recent, favouriteĀ Byron Bay eateries and lookouts The random pins on the maps list are either roadside honey / ginger / vegetables /avocado stalls (oh, so, creamy!) or lookouts.

Here’s a local website with a homepage image that *popped* out at me.

Gravesā€™ Research

Having gained much from the Never Ending Quest book mentioned recently, I’ve put together these links for newcomers to Spiral Dynamics and Clare W Graves’ decades of research into human evolution:

Start with the introduction here (thanks Steve McD) and listen to Steve and Nyckā€™s weekly, “Future Senseā€ radio show for practical, relevant and timely understanding.

Read this

Then read this. Here are the quotes I captured.

ThenĀ these images will make sense.

Interesting online news…

ā€œLast Friday, Yale, the iconic long-term investor that other endowments look to for guidance, made a historic investment in two funds dedicated to crypto, signalling to many that institutional floodgates are officially open.”
~ Multicoin Capital Management

A podcast for your CEO: the six tech waves explained by entrepreneur and VC Bill Tai. Also includes an easy-to-understand Blockchain tech introduction and the tech’s evolution.

Great to see the progress via Matt’s new Instagram account. Matt was the designer for Do Lectures Australia.

Conversations versus interviews. Oh yeah.

I’m relieved to read thatĀ Google plus is closing (thanks KP).

Here’s to now!

~ Sam

Surprise Yourself, eSports & The Future šŸ¤² šŸ•¹ ā³ #64

Expanding Self

This image of self development had my mind smile as the rippling lines show an individual growing outwards from the original body as development occurs. Perhaps the ripples could come from the whole body. It’s fromĀ the Never Ending QuestĀ bookĀ (p181) by Clare W Graves, Cowan & Todorovic. I’ve been reading from page 195 to better understand and apply spiral dynamics. Thanks to Ross & Steve Mc for the inspiration.

Recent Internet Fascination

NASA on Instagram: ā€œFour large islands are hard to miss in satellite imagery of the
Severnaya Zemlya archipelago in the Russian high Arctic. Spanning 37,000ā€¦ā€

“[Bitcoin]’s already storing $125bn of wealth ā€“ for tens of millions of people.
Itā€™s the only financial system Iā€™m aware of which has had 24×7 uptime for nine years.”
Pantera Capital October news

There are now many great blockchain podcast shows to listen to.
Here’s a favourite this week. Thanks Ross.

Loic’s writingĀ again and his email was full of uplift. Here’s just some of it ~

Another expanding aspect of life:Ā eSportsĀ and an interesting thread ~

Sam Lessin’s challenge (Thanks Tim B) ~

The tools that are uplifting Stewart Brand’s view of the future.

Enliven your way of being and vision with Peta Kelly’s new book “The Earth is Hiring“. I mentioned Peta previouslyĀ – she provides clarity around the future of business, leadership, getting things done and finances.

These newĀ Ć“lafur tunesĀ are so distracting! And a sweet playlist.

What’s happening there that’s fascinating you?



Happy close of 2017, Bitcoin reading tips & Tilda Swinton! šŸŒž šŸŒ² šŸŽ #43

Get Up To Speed With Bitcoin & Crypto’s.

After watching and reading loadsĀ ofĀ bitcoin,Ā blockchain, cryptocurrency, ethereum talks and posts, I’ve found “The InternetĀ ofĀ Money” book written by Andreas M. AntonopoulosĀ the quickest, most engaging listen. It’ll take you from not understanding to really clever, easy-to-comprehend ideas.

If you’ve been thinking you need to learn about blockchain or have a twinklingĀ ofĀ interest, there’s something there for you to uncover.

Here’s how you can listen to Andreas’ book for free:

1. Sign up withĀ AudibleĀ to get your first book free for 30 days.

2. Login and use your free credit to purchase “The InternetĀ ofĀ Money” written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

3. On your smartphone download the Audible app, login, then click the imageĀ ofAndreas’ book to start downloading the book.

4. Grab your headphones and hit play. 4 hours 8 minutes straight will do it though I like to listen when I’m driving, walking, or while I’m doing something that doesn’t require much attention.

Let me know how you go.

Crypto’s to the endĀ ofĀ 2017.

With their wider utility, it’s great to seeĀ increasing interestĀ inĀ Ethers. I’m interested to watch what happens with crypto values to the endĀ ofĀ theĀ 2017. Perhaps they’ll be in more holiday conversations and people may have time to setup online wallets and purchase.

FavouriteĀ Reads &Ā Listens.

  • Excited to have started using web browser Brave, powered by BAT tokens, on my computer and iPhone. Less bugs than expected (still a few) though enjoying it as a alternative toĀ Chrome.

  • Nick Hand’s videosĀ are a calm, collected, usually fascinating watch. He has a respectfulĀ and kind wayĀ ofĀ delving into the person he profiles. Impressive too as manyĀ ofĀ short films are gathered as NickĀ rides his bike around countries.Ā  I attended Nick’s Do Lectures video workshop in Wales and it was so good!Ā Next timeĀ youā€™re in Bristol, visit him atĀ the Letterpress Collective.

  • ThinkingĀ about aĀ cryptokitty? or buying a cryptopuppy?

  • FoodĀ for thought on blockchain and the future. (thread)

  • Someone made it big on Bitcoin and is now givingĀ US$86M. Will youĀ apply? #pineapples!

Great online presence.

  • Delivering all the answers… this captivatingĀ siteĀ from Nick Jaffe helps you prepare yourĀ adventure. Go stay!

  • Great tweets and replies fromĀ ElonĀ about sellingĀ hats to fund TheĀ Boring Company ($20 per hat xĀ 50,000 hats = $1 million). Last I checked he was at 42k and made aĀ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy joke. So fun!Ā His twitter bio has me chuckling:


~ Sam



P.S. As promised: