Where to start with Social Media

Blog by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.


These are words that were added to Nikki White’s new online business community for Natural Therapists – a wonderful new initiative – and are posted here for those who are new to Social Media or possibly those caught in doing too much, unfocused work in Social Media for their businesses. Enjoy:

“Remember that people want to contact you via different online sites – Facebook, Twitter, email, your website etc. Work out who you wish to attract, what sites they use, and how often you want to post on these sites. Look for automated tools such as Buffer and plan an amount of time each month to plan relevant topics you want to write about (or find information on) to provide value to your audience.

A big advantage is having someone update Social Media for you. This is where a virtual assistant can come in handy or even a family member / friend who can help out. Don’t get too exhausted trying to update loads of sites. Update settings to send you an email if you don’t log in regularly. (If you log in to Facebook / Twitter etc regularly then turn these settings off – don’t double up!).

Enjoy engaging with people through these sites – get it organised so you don’t feel exhausted.”

Hope this helps. Get in touch for more support via Twitter: Runway Digital or Samantha Bell.

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New Year, New Content. Let’s Lift-Off!

Blog by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.

Content Planning 2013 Runway Digital

Hi there and welcome to 2013!

This week at Runway Digital, we’re excited to give you content planning insight  (templates, guidance and clever tips) via TwitterGoogle+LinkedIn. Tune in on your favourite channel to Lift Off!

We think simply about content (tweets, Facebook posts etc) – combining both spontaneous and automatic.

Spontaneous:  you want to share there and then in the moment. It may be very time-relevant. (Often the easiest and what people and companies do when they start publishing on Social Media.)

Automatic: plan ahead campaigns that will engage, entertain, teach and provide value to your audience. Schedule using Buffer.

Planning content starts with thinking about what your audience loves and needs. What can you provide. Plus, how you can provide to save them time. (Your audience reading and watching lots online may delay them doing what they need to.)

Now’s the time to think about topics you want to publish through the year and how often. A good start is month by month. What do you want to publish in January and February? Do you want to post once a week or once a weekday?

Then – if you have the time – get into more detail. Think about topics that you want for a few days / weeks – sometimes referred to as a campaign. Perhaps there’s a topic that is important and one around a product you have for your audience. Think about how it’s best distributed – via a combination of Facebook offers, tweets, Facebook posts and would a Pinterest board be useful. What time is it best to send each of these posts and how could you get influencers in your market to be involved? Is there a way to include also in your physical marketing – e.g. brochures, signage.

Go. Lift-Off!

We’re interested to hear from you via Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn. Click through to our Pinterest board to see great examples of people and companies who have digitally lifted-off.