Alliances and Partnerships are key to growing your Social Media audience

Alliances and Partnerships are key to growing your Social Media audience

Blog by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.


This week I’m writing about strategic social media – namely alliances and partnerships and how they can help you grow your audience.

So, let’s get into it…

Have a think about these questions:

Where are your potential customers online?

What sites are they using?

What are they engaging with online – what information, videos, conversations?

Who are your potential customers influenced by (companies, individuals, associations, media)?
* Is it a online newspaper or magazine? What organisations or brands do they follow?
* What associations are they part of?
* Which celebrities or experts do they listen to?
* What activities do they do and is there an club that is promotes this?

Which of these influencers have hundreds or thousands of your potential customers? Think of who has groups of 500 of your customers or a thousand or thousands. Where do your customers congregate?

Go for it – create a list.

Get online, search around, find these organisations and groups that influence those people you wish to reach.

Make a note of which of these organisations would be great to get in contact with (send them an email or tweet them or connect via LinkedIn or Facebook or phone!).

Work out what you would like these organisations to do for you online. Work our what you can offer these organisations in exchange for them promoting what you do (e.g. commission on products, promotion of their site, vouchers, …). Get in touch with them. (If there’s many, prioritise who you want to contact first.)

One tweet or Facebook update from someone who influences your potential customers can create a lot of attention for you and have you quickly connect with who you want to.

Here’s an example:

If our potential customers are aeroplane travellers, we’d think of where they are online: e.g. online travel sites such as Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor, blogs where people exchange their favourite travel locations, they’d be tweeting about their next trip. From this thinking we may consider getting in contact with Lonely Planet and travel bloggers with the largest audience (found through doing a google search on this topic). We may also research via google those travel blogs about specific subjects and contact bloggers in these subject areas with audiences of at least active 5,000 readers per month. From there, we prioritise, get in touch with those on our list, hone our thinking about our audience, and get more informed about how to reach our audience and what works.

Just in case this seems like a lot of work, remember this can save a lot of time!


Remember we’re here to see you lift-off online. Engage with us on Twitter or Facebook or other sites to ask us questions and give us insight to your success. We love to hear.

Photo: Red Bull clever example on Instagram.

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Businesses with Online & Social Media agility ~ and how you can have it too.

Blogpost by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.

James Noble recently instagrammed this photo of a great ‘upcycled’ takeaway coffee carrier.

I re-grammed it (repeated it on Instagram) and tweeted it, with effusive excitement about recycling, reduced waste and innovation. I cc’d various cafes who may be interested to use this carrier.

Jackson Duxbury of two cafes, Dead Man Espresso and Common Galaxia, within moments replied with “approved”.

Your organisation can have this ‘agility’ too: an interest in listening to customers, systems setup so that staff check and reply in real-time, and a fun, upbeat style that engages.


It involves training your people in using online sites (preferably sites they’re interested in – such as Instagram and Twitter – and that your market / customers are using), setting up processes with times that people are listening (or perhaps your employees are often online checking as Jackson is), and defining the style and tone you wish to use for your business. As your people use online more, the style and process will be natural extension of every day business.

Contact us by clicking here. We’d love to co-design an easy, fun and agile system that suits you and your people.

How do I look Online? Learn more about Online Reputation Management here.

Recently, this great article about online reputation management appeared on the Runway Digital radar. It’s includes a plethora of tools for you to manage your online profile – from SEO through to tweets and blogs.

Remember Runway Digital provides an Online Assessment service. We’re ready to review what you have created online so we can save you time, and show you what you look like to those who search for you online.

Let’s make sure you’re making the most of opportunities and refining how good you look online.

~ The Clever Crew and Pilots at Runway Digital

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New Runway Digital Flight Deck: Inspire9

New Runway Digital Flight Deck: Inspire9

Runway Digital is based in Melbourne, Australia and sets up wherever great work needs to occur – to date this has included Bali, Indonesia, London, and North America. Recently we’ve joined Inspire9 – a ‘coworking’ space in Richmond, Victoria, Australia.


We’re impressed by the productive, easy environment of many people of all different professions and backgrounds and organisations working together. Largely technology-based, with many web developers and tech startups, we’ve started working with and talking to other organisations that will complement Runway Digital, while also enjoying filmmakers and photographers and other professions who are starting to work from Inspire 9.

It’s here and it’s also a window into the future where more and more teams full of individuals who are exceptionally good at what they do (and passionate about it) work easily at whatever time suits.

Tomorrow’s Boroondara Social Media Session

Tomorrow’s Boroondara Social Media Session

Runway Digital is presenting for the City of Boroondara.

“The first workshop in the new program will be presented by Samantha Bell from Runway Digital and David Hood from the Collaboratory.

They will demonstrate the latest social media tools and some innovative examples of how not-for-profit organisations are using Facebook, blogs, Twitter, SMS, e-newsletters, Flickr and YouTube to broaden their membership and engage with the community. Learn how to improve Twitter, Facebook and other sites quickly with in a focused, strategic approach to online.

Date: Wednesday 30 November

Time: 10am – 12.30pm

Venue: Boroondara Room, Camberwell Council Offices, 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell

For bookings and more information: phone: +613 9278 4753”

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Click through to our Pinterest board to see great examples of people and companies who have digitally lifted-off.