the DO Lectures on Instagram Case Study

Here’s our latest Instagram Case Study. It’s the DO Lectures on Instagram Case Study and it’s short and so very sweet – just like the Do Lectures.

The day before the Do Lectures Wales Startup event in 2013, we started the Do Lectures Instagram account keen to connect the many people interested in the Do Lectures via another avenue.

Instagram is a great platform for the many of the event participants and those who couldn’t be there.

the DO Lectures on Instagram Case Study

Once the account was started, the Instagram bio and Do Lectures photo was loaded, we posted high resolution, intriguing photos of the 2012 Do Lectures  – 4 photos over the course of the first day with relevant hashtags. Once the event was in play, we posted insights to the event, then since the event, we have posted photos from the 2012 event – once 2013 high resolution images become available, we may publish those, though the photos being shared are timeless.

The point here is that the new contemporary Instagram channel aligns well with the brand, plus we’re providing an easier way for followers to see insights they want, and we’re delighting people with photos so they can reminisce, enjoy, engage.

The Do Lectures Twitter account and other online sites has high engagement which is part of the success of reaching 214 followers within a month.

Runway Digital – the Do Lectures result:
A new channel & increased brand awareness via a fast-growing platform.
214 Instagram followers in the first month. 

Businesses with Online & Social Media agility ~ and how you can have it too.

Blogpost by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.

James Noble recently instagrammed this photo of a great ‘upcycled’ takeaway coffee carrier.

I re-grammed it (repeated it on Instagram) and tweeted it, with effusive excitement about recycling, reduced waste and innovation. I cc’d various cafes who may be interested to use this carrier.

Jackson Duxbury of two cafes, Dead Man Espresso and Common Galaxia, within moments replied with “approved”.

Your organisation can have this ‘agility’ too: an interest in listening to customers, systems setup so that staff check and reply in real-time, and a fun, upbeat style that engages.


It involves training your people in using online sites (preferably sites they’re interested in – such as Instagram and Twitter – and that your market / customers are using), setting up processes with times that people are listening (or perhaps your employees are often online checking as Jackson is), and defining the style and tone you wish to use for your business. As your people use online more, the style and process will be natural extension of every day business.

Contact us by clicking here. We’d love to co-design an easy, fun and agile system that suits you and your people.