Who is doing well on Social Media? Coco Rocha…And how you can too!

Who is doing well on Social Media? Coco Rocha…And how you can too!

Blogpost by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.

Having followed model Coco Rocha since I came across her advocating women empowering themselves in less of the ‘bra-burning’ feminism ways of the past and more in line with ‘just be who you are and do what you do well’, I’ve enjoyed seeing her putting her wisdom and humour online in words and showing behind the scenes to her fashion shoots.

She’s connected with leading digital people so is often using the latest app’s / technology and she led the way with her website being an integration of app’s and sites she uses – her blog reverse-chronologically shows her most recent Instagram photo / blog post / video – which gives her website a dynamic and alive perspective. Clever.  The more alive your website, the more it’s a reflection and extension of you in real life.

Coco Rocha does a great job of showing she’s a model and more. She’s a wife, she’s clever, she’s on TV, she loves fun holidays, is a fashionista and more. Coco is showing her uniqueness – certainly not everything she does, though enough to invite others to learn more of what drives her and the contribution she’s making.

She’s real.

Her Social Media efforts have afforded her fabulous opportunities – in the past few weeks, she has started to do a lot more alliances with brands using all of her Social Media channels. She’s a leader in this space.

What can you learn from this – how are you leveraging your online profile and are there clever campaigns Coco is doing that you can use parts of to suit you?

Go. Do! Be great. Lift-off online!

We’ve created collections of people and businesses being real and fun online (click through to this Pinterest board or the same great examples via Facebook). They’re to inspire you to showcase what’s unique about you and your business online – to whatever level you’re comfortable with. Go do it.

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Here’s to your lift-off!

Who’s doing Social Media (and business) well?

Who’s doing Social Media (and business) well?

Businesses and people such as Hiut Denim, Tom Bihn, Coco Rocha, Jamie OliverTwo Paddocks, Humans of New YorkJR, and Air New Zealand are flying high around the digital world. They show off what they do well, and expose insights of the magic of who they are and how they bring to be something fabulous. They’re creating fun, mystery, interest, mischief, and insight around what makes them unique and special.

They’re not on all sites. The sites they are on, they do well.

Fasten your seatbelt. There’s more detailed examples coming to inspire your version of flying high online!

We’re interested to hear from you via Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn. Here’s to your lift-off!

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