Beyond Entitlement ūüė≥ ūüėé ūüĆī #33

Beyond Entitlement ūüė≥ ūüėé ūüĆī #33

Welcome to the 33rd edition of this email.

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Being 120 years old.

What if you live to 120? With replacement body parts and other heath-tech coming in your lifetime, how does that change the way you see your life now and what you’re choosing to do?

If you’re in your 40’s you’ve experienced a third of your life.

Feeling old? Compare your age to being 120.

Wondering if you’ll regret not doing something? Here’s a¬†quick way to check.

Image credit (thanks Troy).

Fun-inducing concept from the name to the palm tree shirts: the new Melbourne coffee shop called “It’s a Vacation”.

I’ve a feeling¬†Taylor¬†and¬†Tina¬†would like this one.¬†

Leaving Entitlement Behind.

It’s easy to act entitled – from leaving a messy hotel room to getting a cut price service and not giving something in return (kindness, a smile, words of appreciation).

People have the potential to be more aware of their actions and their ripple effects.

As we go beyond the industrial model of work and with greater tech spotlighting poor use of data / bad behaviours, there will be more ‘human’ qualities appreciated – from people pulling for more fairness in their work to seeing the benefit of generally being a good person.

Here’s to the change that’s happening – we’re all leading it.

Favourite reads & listens

  • Control your news.“Regardless of the dramatic drop in crime over the last 30 years, more than half the population believes crime is worse than it was in years past.”¬†
  • Yes, watching¬†Chasing Coral¬†is worth your time.
  • For parents:¬†Cyberhygiene. Don’t freak out. Take action.
  • How far are you¬†from the¬†ease of buying cashless?
  • Kevin Kelly’s helpful Blockchain definition:“For now, think of it as a way of transferring a digital message from one party to another, where both parties can count on the integrity of the message, even when they don‚Äôt trust, or even know, each other. Right now, these messages are mostly virtual cash. But they could be any kind of information.”
  • Dine in more and eat a different shaped¬†banana after watching the “War¬†on Waste” series.
  • Become more aware of the warming planet via this¬†post.
  • Hear’s to the life of¬†Gurrumul.

For your CEO and senior leaders

Great online presence

  • Ryan Holiday’s¬†ask¬†on LinkedIn.
  • The extended list is¬†here¬†and¬†here.

We continue to have light blue, sunny, winter days here in urban Melbourne. May you and yours be having an easeful day,

~ Sam