Stop feeling digitally fatigued.

Could you be digitally fatigued? Do you feel like the constant new technology is tiring, the need for ongoing learning about new social media sites is never-ending, and reading or seeing new innovations is starting to feel too limitless?

Imagine feeling empowered by new technology, happy with your level of social media knowledge, aware of innovations that impact your business, and comfortable that you’re not bringing on unnecessary risk to your future employability or risk to your business.

All of the 100+ senior leaders I’ve coached at some stage expressed their discomfort. The thrill is seeing their digital empowerment in such a short time.

One of the ways this happens is by describing the breadth of digital learning they’re undertaking – that they’re altering their mindset, improving their online profile, undertaking continuous learning, protecting their digital privacy, learning new apps and sites, adjusting their online information systems to receive tailored information (and not too much) and increasingly connecting with relevant experts around the world. Plus, they might be doing this for themselves and their family members too.

The reaction is relief. “I have been covering a lot.”

Then it’s awareness. “There’s much to do and I’m up for it.”

Combine this with a review of how much they’ve achieved and then it’s empowerment. “I know where I’m going.”

We created the Digital Leadership tool below to help display the digital learning topics we all seem to cover as professionals, to provide a way to review achievements and to provide structure for ongoing learning.

May you feel a sense of digital learning achievement more often.

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digitally fatigued