Online Connections ūüíó ūüėé ūüĆü #57

Online Connections ūüíó ūüėé ūüĆü #57

Quick! Connect Someone!

This my great friend Kimberley and me looking chuffed on my first day in Bali. Our fortnight there was so full of fascinating experiences and great work outcomes, wonderful conversations, incredible food, exploring (‚̧ԳŹNorth Bali), learning, hugs, grins, kindness, new friends, increasing mutual understanding and of course increasing ESP / shared intuition as has happened for both of us for years.¬†To truly, unconditionally love and understand another gives such richness to and gratitude in life.

As I deepen friendships and let some friendships go, I’m reflecting on the incredible gift given in introducing and recommending someone to another. The gift of your intuition, a gift of possible deep understanding, of a combination of shared interests and fascinations.

Introducing someone is so special. These days it’s so easy – a message between people on Facebook messenger, LinkedIn messages, email,… sometimes it’s as simple as ~

“You two are awesome. Coffee!¬†ūüėĄ

Highly relevant, curated experiences, insight and people is what can make face to face and online experiences so rich. Help others to find their people.

I’ve also reflected on the awe-inspiring steps it took to meet someone as special as Kimberley and how it might have not happened.

Thankyou¬†to Priscilla who introduced me to Gravbrot Lodge in the 90’s, to Barb & Randy Reusch, the Boxers and Paul for the inspiration to do Mark Impey’s skiing clinic in ’09 in Red Mountain (where I met Kimberley), to Michel for her Bali haven, to K’s Dad for his integrity (inspiration) and to Ms Kim for her everything. x

[btw HBBFry¬†‚̧ԳŹūüėĄ]

What has enthralled and delighted you online recently?

Enjoy these gems ~
Nick’s engaging LinkedIn profile. Could it be because of the deep blue image?¬†ūüėĀ

I’ll be watching¬†this one¬†again [thanks Rossco and Eddie]. Chris Dancy on taking your devices to another level.

On the way out of Bali a lot of ash went into the air and my flight was delayed so I was attracted to this image with the “STUCK IN BALI” heading. It was great to see officials, businesses and locals trying to provide clear advice on what to do while it was unclear when the airport would re-open.¬†Quick¬†pickup headings like this work so well.

Enjoy the *connections*,

3D Personal Websites ūüĎÄūüôčūüíę #12

3D Personal Websites, Growing Your LinkedIn Network, & Positive Futures


Welcome to the 12th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?

I know a lot of you like the collection of my favourite recent links at the end of these emails. I¬†hope you enjoy what I’ve collected for you this time around as they’ve amazed and delighted me. I hope they give¬†you food for thought.


First up, let’s chat about the future of professional online profiles and¬†3D¬†websites.

It makes sense that in the future websites will be more interactive.

Let’s imagine – – –¬†>>>> Zoom forward in time, press on my LinkedIn and imagine I appear in front of you.¬†You immediately see my height and¬†how I carry myself. You¬†ask questions about my experience, I give you insight… and all the while you feel like I’m there,¬†with you (and I’m¬†a rendered,¬†3Dhologram).

A version of this is where we’re heading.¬†Check out this video to see¬†new technology,¬†bringing this to life¬†– it’s excellent.

Be ready for this next frontier of business (and life) by getting your uniqueness online.

What is unique about you at work?
Why would someone choose to work with you over another?
What style do you wish to display online?

Improve your profile using FREE tips >

Upgrade your online profile (coaching offers) >

Next up, let’s grow your LinkedIn network.

If you’ve set up your LinkedIn profile and¬†uploaded your¬†contacts / address book, don’t stop there. As a professional, you’re¬†missing¬†the opportunities that come from¬†connecting with a wider network of peers and relevant business contacts. Now that I’ve grown my LinkedIn network to 2,700 people¬†(here’s how), I’ve many more business leads, more offers, and my LinkedInnewsfeed/homepage has richer, world-class information each time I log in.¬†I also have a larger pool of relevant people to call on to work with,¬†for information, and who can see (and comment on) posts I publish.

How to grow your LinkedIn network

1. Once you’re happy your profile looks great, search LinkedIn for each of these:

  • the same title as you, similar or more senior role titles¬†(industry peers, leaders, and experts)
  • words relevant to your industry (for example, I searched for¬†“Digital Transformation”)
  • relevant subject areas to your work
  • titles used by potential clients and customers
  • current and past¬†colleagues

2. Scroll through the list and find¬†people with interesting titles and photos that give you a good feeling (think: are you fascinated/interested to learn more from them?). Send them an invitation to connect.¬†If the option comes up for a message, (positively) explain your interest.¬†Here’s an example message I sent this week:

“Hey David,¬†Great to spot your profile on LinkedIn – looking forward to learning fromyour Virtual Reality¬†posts¬†and do get in touch if there’s interesting work to partner on. ¬†Have a great afternoon! Sam”

Note: If you’re concerned to connect in case you¬†receive too many messages, remember¬†you can easily remove the connection.

Optional: When the search results appear, you can filter results by a specific location or company.


Keen to be known for your expertise?

3. Search for and connect with local media (Huffington Post, Guardian etc) so they know of you and perhaps you can send them press releases / leads.


Interested to learn more about your industry?

4. Search for and connect with local recruiters so you can see your¬†industry growth through¬†who‚Äôs hiring. It’s¬†fascinating and adds dynamism to the LinkedInnewsfeed.

May these tips help you progress ???? ¬†Let me know how you go & if you’ve tips to pass on to others¬†????

Use the links below to keep up to date with new business & tech developments.

I wish you all a wonderful week. If you enjoyed this email, let me know on Twitter @sambe11.

Have a ripper day/evening,

~ Sam

PS.¬†You’re incredible!¬†???? ???? ????

PPS. Wisdom, inspiration and ideas ~

Drones & AgTech ūüĒú ūüćé ūüéß #10

Drones, AgTech & AirPods

Hi Sam

Welcome to the 10th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?

The subject this time round is Ag Tech.


What do you need a hand with?

As you fly to new places with your authentic, online presence,¬†I’m here to inspire and¬†support you. Life’s too short and your future employability is quite possibly dependent upon you standing out in the crowd online.

Reply to this email with any thoughts of what could be holding you back¬†(I’m keen to help) or reach me here for quick and easy messages.

Our maintenance sheds have been a hive of website redesign activity. The new is coming to life with more tweaks in the next couple of weeks, along with new online presence posts on Social Media (links below). I hope they help you to share your wisdom online.

We’re making it as easy as possible to see many, many more people authentically online.


Time to get dirty!

In our last newsletter we talked about biotech, genetech and here we are with insights to AgTech (agriculture tech or “pre-farm gate” as they say), genetech, foodtech, and food ecommerce.Drones, AgTech & AirPods

Last year I was fascinated to hear of farmers using drones rather than flying planes to inspect stock and land, saving time, money and head-space.

Drones are being used to spray crops and to check disaster areas.

Drones, AgTech & AirPods

Some farmers are becoming hackers, adding components so their machinery self-drives and sensors on livestock are becoming smaller and smarter.

Tech is being integrated into our lives… everywhere!

It’s these sort of stories that bring to mind the joys from new tech.

Will you go to GMO?

“Between now and 2050 the world’s food system will need to produce 70 per cent more food”¬†~ United Nations

The world’s population growth means more of our food supply will be synthetically created or GMO foods.¬†We’ll hear much more on the GMO vs non-GMO debate.¬†Reading a few articles here and there may help you learn more ‚Ästcheck-in to the links below.

Happy week to you, have fun with whatever you are choosing to do…Drones, AgTech & AirPods

If you enjoyed this email, let me know on Twitter @sambe11.

Fly high online,

~ Sam

PS. You’re amazing!

PPS. Enjoy this fun, 6-min¬†Holo Lens experience¬†(Virtual Reality) and check outApple’s new AirPods (for the Aussies – they’re¬†available late-October).

PPPS. Further reading:

Drones, AgTech & AirPods

Brain Implant? ūüėá #9

Could You Get A Brain Implant?

Hello there High Flier!

Welcome to the 9th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in the archive?


The subject this time round is Biotech and Wetware (brain enhancements).

Before we start, many people ask me my favourite tips¬†to look great online¬†and how to¬†both standout and gain clients via LinkedIn.¬†All the tried and¬†proven¬†tips¬†are in our 8-part course (available¬†here for free) and we’ve prepared¬†a quick reference checklist¬†for standing out on LinkedIn.¬†That’s fun right? Enjoy!

Let’s get into this update:

The developments in the biology + technology area are accelerating as tech becomes tiny, faster and more integrated into our lives. For example, wearable tech such as fitbits and smart watches are creating great gains in getting people moving and being aware of their health and vitals.

Sensors & Diagnoses

Into the future, imagine tiny, tiny sensors in your body or embedded in your clothes and in your home WIFI that provide feedback on your health – from gut flora to diagnosing or predicting disease. This technology is on the way.

Immediately people are concerned about privacy (fair enough). With the big health data that comes from many people contributing, the bonuses are rich: optimising health, learning the origins of disease,¬†and reducing diseases. Add in tablets that can release ingredients tailored to what the body needs and now we’re talking better health, savings and reduced waste. A favourite, recent example I¬†heard is refining (often general) probiotics into sensing tablets that test gut flora and release the right probiotic at the right time.

Increasingly I’m hearing about people embedding implants under their skin for tracking.¬†Move over tattoos.

It’s also becoming more affordable to diagnose. The¬†current XPrize¬†is creating the innovation and tech that will¬†diagnose 13 health conditions from Diabetes to Pneumonia to Melanoma.¬†Star Trek fans get excited – the device in development is called the Tricorder.¬†Imagine everyone having access to world class, low cost, medical analysis.¬†Your doctor’s¬†role will change a lot in the next few decades.

3D Printing

3D printing of human tissue and body parts as well as production of synthetics will aid surgeries. Plus, imagine 3D home printing of tablets tailored to what you need.

Research, Cancer and Designer Babies

Faster processing of more and more data are part of what is driving new developments. The cost of sequencing DNA is exponentially decreasing as machine learning is used, which means quicker results and health insights. It also could lead to you and me¬†paying $10 or a minimal amount for tailored testing. The gains are here and coming, as we integrate tech into our workplaces – such as¬†IBM’s ‚ÄėWatson‚Äô that helps nurses diagnose cancer with greater accuracy.

It’s being reported that scientists this month will edit immune-system T cells in patients with cancer in the hope of making cells destroy malignant cells. Again, there are great gains for¬†better health and reduced risks of disease as these gene editing procedures are proven, also balanced with concerns that it will lead to designer babies and other impacts (check out the links below for more reading).


Wetware refers to brain enhancement technologies. It’s expected that in the next few decades (some say the next decade) you could have a surgeon implant a microchip in your brain to boost your memory and brain functions. Would you do it? If others around you – in life, at work – had done so, will you be encouraged or influenced to?

Owning the Data

In 2000 at KPMG Consulting I observed a health startup audaciously providing innovative software and trying to piece together the data and records across a person, their doctor, specialists and hospitals. It was too early then though owning our records will happen really soon as more companies are focused on providing this. Pooling this data at a macro level will provide so many societal insights. Bring it on!

Ethics and Morality

Biotech developments could¬†bring humanity together to make the required ethical and moral decisions and regulations. Such decisions will require knowledge of what’s happening, what’s coming and a focus on what’s best for humanity. You quite possibly will be playing a role in this.

It’s great to be informed.

Be aware, take an interest and guide your world.
We’re here to help you do so.Just in case that was intense, here’s a…

Read more! The links are below

I wish you all a wonderful new week. If you enjoyed this email, let me know on Twitter @sambe11.

Fly high online,

~ Sam

PS. You’re amazing! ¬†Can I¬†see your clever online?

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PPPS. Further reading:

More Creators ūüėä #8

The World Needs More Creators.


Thanks for all the great responses to the last newsletter! This week Im encouraging your creative side (for good reason).

“Imagine a future where there is no need to cut down a tree and reshape that raw material into a chair or table. Instead, we could grow our furniture by custom-engineering moss or mushrooms.

Perhaps glowing bacteria will light our cities, and…

wipe out Lyme disease”

The next video in Bryan Johnson’s wonderful “Explorations” series is here.¬†It’s a fascinating, effortless, 6 minute spin through how biology will create¬†objects and structures. Click this image¬†and be ready to be in awe. What could you create?

Why become a creator?

“Fixing something that was making me self-conscious for virtually free,
I felt it was more than worth the risk.” ~ Amos Dudley

Recently a student¬†made 12 sets of braces on his school’s 3D Printer¬†for¬†less than $60 and¬†gained¬†straight teeth – a happy¬†outcome.

Does that start to give you the feeling that anything is becoming possible?

The world needs more creators.


Were heading into interesting times. Carve out some time to explore what interests you, what you could write about / build / share / do.

Research new areas in your industry, explore your hobbies (add in 3D printing?), start a blog, engage with others online and connect with interested people.

We can help (hit reply to this email).I‘ve gained much peace¬†through writing this newsletter and other articles. Through¬†‘getting out’ my insights, perspectives,¬†ideas, and conceptsI‘ve¬†received¬†replies and¬†gained¬†learning, made connections with like-minded professionals, created collaborations and¬†partnerships, and¬†gained business leads and new clients. ¬†I wish great gains for you.

What’s possible?

Best finds:
* Learn more about synthetic biology here (3 minute read)
* Motivation in this article about the world needing more creators (3 minute read) ~ great quote:

* More about how the work of work changing is here (4 mins engaging watch).

Thanks for your time and attention, and I hope you are having a wonderful week. If you like this newsletter please use the links below to share it onTwitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

Warm regards from Melbourne,

~ Sam

PS. You’re awesome!

PPS.¬†Here are¬†this week’s favourites from the blog:
Make this Quick Linkedin Update To Attract More People.
Stop feeling digitally fatigued.

PPPS.¬†Create your own online profile, enhance your online sites (such as¬†Linkedin) and learn how to create fascinating articles using the FREE 8 day course¬†I recently developed. It’s designed to be quick and easy with loads of great outcomes for you.