Machines Are OK ūü§Ė #7

The Machines Aren’t Taking Over.


I’m wondering if¬†you’ve an uncomfortable sense that¬†‘the machines‘ are going to¬†take over jobs and leave us destitute.

Having followed this perspective and watched plenty of Hollywood blockbusters about¬†the destruction of humans, it’s clear this lurking possibility has been showcased for a long time.¬†Mash that together with new ways that we’re using¬†tech, Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and it could be¬†easy to be concerned.

“Analysts to the rescue!”

It’s exciting to see positive news spreading.¬†Delightfully there are experts¬†providing data that reminds us of history as an indicator for our usualchanging environment and the reality of how we will drive the tech we use. It¬†encourages thinking of an attractive future.

Enjoy this story patchwork:

Many analysts say there’ll be a net benefit with more jobs being created in areas that sound more fun than the mechanical ones that AI / MachineLearning / robots will do.

New technology does mean new learning.

It’s up to you and me to be curiously fascinated to¬†learn new technology (Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, apps, software, biotech). To usefully integrate it into our lives – including enhancing workplace and government policy for risks and opportunities.

Looping back to machines not taking over our jobs, it’s up to each of us as individuals to proactively¬†continue to evolve the work we do and in this, we’re in partnership with new tech.

We can do this with a lightness in our hearts to bring about positive futures.

Fly high online,

~ Sam

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Pokemon Go ūüéĮ #6

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life.



Nintendo’s runaway success Pokemon Go arrived¬†to¬†smartphones last week and it’s¬†an AMAZING¬†example of what we’re about to integrate into work and life.

In case you’re¬†disinterested because it sounds too much like playing a game¬†or you’re¬†weary from yet-another-new-digital-craze,¬†get ready to be surprised by how your world is gaining…

…another DIMENSION.


First up, here’s what Pokemon Go¬†looks like. It’s called “Augmented” Reality (AR) because the real imagery on your screen is overlaid with objects.

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in lifePhoto credit: Techcrunch

Millions of people are using it… (but there’s more – keep scrolling down…)

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life

This is the AMAZING bit¬†(I’m hoping¬†you can read this – if not, click here¬†or¬†zoom your screensize):
Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life

Even if you never use Pokemon Go you now know an Augmented Reality smartphone app brings about exercise, exploring, chance meetings, connections between people, and potentially reduced racism. WOW.

Essential reading (or listening)

Next, is understanding the unlimited opportunities that AR and Virtual Reality (VR) provide in health, efficiencies, quicker new products and services, easier learning, testing and risk-reduction, and so much more.

The best way to learn this is through reading or listening to this exceptional 32 minute podcast to understand the applications of VR in our day-to-day lives. I want to hear what you think too (hit reply).

Warning: This podcast will have you feeling you’re more prepared in business.

There are so many potential gains from AR and VR and increasingly new uses and outcomes are becoming clear.

As we integrate more technology into our lives, our life experiences are changed and enhanced. There will be advocates and critics.

My role here is in guiding¬†you to see what’s coming.

Start to imagine what you could overlay on your current reality. What do you see?

Happy travels!

~ Sam


P.S. Here are four quick AR examples:

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life1. Life: AR app shows you the nearest train stations, updating as you move

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life
2. Learning: Move the Sky Guide app across the sky and it displays constellation names as well as links the stars with lines and pictures.
Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life
3. Fashion: Retailers such as Burberry increasingly use AR for customers to experience other dimensions of their products instore, at home or on the go.
4. Innovation: Last year¬†Hyundai launched a car owner’s manual in an AR app¬†that includes videos and updates as you move around the vehicle.
Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life

P.P.S. Here is more information and definitions of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), and a wonderful local example of health benefits for elderly people via VR.

P.P.P.S. Want to know more about Pokemon Go? Get up to speed with these¬†articles:¬†“What is Pokemon Go & why is everyone talking about it?”,¬†“I played the new Pokemon Go for iPhone/Android and it‚Äôs awesome”¬†&“Pokemon Go Is a Glimpse of Our Augmented Reality Future”.

Here’s how Pokemon Go increased Nintendo’s worth in 2 days:

Your online style ūüĎć#5

Your online style ūüĎć#5

Action & encouragement! Have your online style reflect YOU in real life


Hoping this reaches you happy and well! This newsletter is dedicated to helping you progress your online profile.

It’s¬†a¬†reminder to spend time protecting¬†and growing¬†your future employability and online image. Most people I work with have full diaries like you. They improve their online style because they have made the time to¬†work¬†one-on-one with me.

How about getting out your diary now and setting¬†aside 15 minutes a day¬†to¬†improve your profile. It could be at lunchtime, after work, you could wake up 15 minutes earlier…?

Then signup here for 8 days of FREE daily emails that include the important tips from our programs that will take 15 minutes to action. In 8 days your online style will look as impressive as you are in real life.

Always wishing you well,

~ Sam


P.S. Here’s what’s coming to your iPhone and Apple products, thanks to WIRED.

P.P.S. Something to inspire you.

P.P.P.S. if you’re changing from being employed by one organisation to becoming¬†a freelancer, solopreneur or small business owner, consider this.¬†This podcast has great tips to strengthen your mindset and systems to be profitable and sustainable.

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P.P.P.P.P.P.S. That’s a lot of Ps! ūüôā Have a wonderful week!

Chatting to Google ūüí¨ #4

Chatting to Google is fun!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Digital Captain speaking!

I hope you’re having a great week.

Today as your¬†online guide I’m here to encourage you to¬†start¬†using your voice to¬†search¬†on Google. It will quite possibly save you time and have you enjoy what you’re doing more. Oh yeah!

It’s simple!¬†On the Google homepage, on the right in the search rectangle, there is¬†a microphone symbol. Hover over and click it and say what you want to search for.

Chatting to Google is fun

Have a go now. What did Google find for you?!

The amazing surprise for me is that my computer microphone picked up my normal volume and also that both the phone and the computer cleverly understood my question and find me a relevant answer. (Australian accent and all!)

Next up is how to do quick mapping navigation via your iPhone (apologies to Android users!).

Hold the bottom button in for 2 seconds and say “Direct me to …” and say the address or landmark you seek. “Direct me to” starts navigation straight away so you’re on your way!¬†¬†You’ll be using Apple Maps.

I prefer the accuracy of Google Maps. If this is the case for you, hold down the bottom bottom button for 2 seconds, let go and say “Open Google Maps” then press the microphone on the top right and say “Direct me to …” and say the address or landmark you seek.

Chatting to Google is funChatting to Google is fun









Leave out “direct me to” if you prefer to see the address or location.

Chatting to Google is fun!

It is so helpful to create text from spoken thoughts.

To quickly get your thoughts on paper, use the same microphone to the left of a new Google Document.

If any of this sounds like jargon, hit reply and ask for help.

Chatting to Google is fun

It’s so wonderful that voice to text is so powerful. Give it a go and see if it saves you time!

Remember you can use voice for quick calling (here are our tips). I’ve started using it for adding a new todo to in my iPhone app by clicking the microphone icon to the left of the keyboard spacebar.

If you’ve read to here and you’re interested though haven’t yet tried the ideas, check out BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits email course.

I tried it last week and it was fun and fascinating to¬†learn how to change a habit, create new habits, and celebrate more (in fun ways). It’s simplicity is very clever. It’s 5 days of:

  • a quick setup
  • an encouraging email at the start of the day and
  • another ‘how’d you go’ email at the end of the day with tips and quick learning.

It’s nearly the end of the financial year here in Australia. If you’ve monies to spend,¬†improve your online presence!

I’m here to see you fly high online!

~ Sam

P.S. Breathe easy by seeing¬†where you’re at with your online profile. Here’s your exclusive,¬†sneak peak of our new guide on the stages of STANDING out online.¬†Also our¬†free Linkedin cheatsheets¬†to polish your profile.¬†Oh! The Goodies! Have a wonderful week.

Teach Staff Social Media

Teach Staff Social Media

Teach staff Social Media and you’ll win!

Teach Staff Social Media

Through the ubiquity of the internet, it is easier to see what happens in a business.

Through tweets and Facebook updates, people can say what they like or don’t like about the service, the products, the people, their¬†policies¬†and more.

Here’s an easy example in business:

A recruiter contacts you about a new role. Out of interest you click through to the company’s website and you find that you can click through to see what they stand for, what their staff members are doing in their roles, …and it looks interesting.

You can even see what they say about working for the company – all pretty balanced and real.

The role seems more interesting than expected and possibly more innovative than your current role.

You decide to meet with the recruiter…

A second example:

You’re looking at a great website or blog where someone is explaining an idea that fascinates you and the site notes where this person work.

You might be impressed with that company and see that there are many others who work there that have impressive websites.

You may want to work there.

You’re attracted to working somewhere that has people who impress you.

Teach Staff Social Media!

Businesses who teach employees about online sites create great ripple effects. Employees are already using smart phone and digital a lot.

Digital education has people learn sites that suit the individual, style and tone they wish to use. It has people expand their knowledge, their profile, connect with others who are relevant. Keeps your employees relevant in the now global economy.

In a company, digitally-savvy-employees help identify opportunities and risks and can be engaged to bring opportunities to life and mitigate risks.

It’s obvious that it also adds to PR efforts, Marketing and word of mouth.

Here are tips to create a digital learning environment:

1. Find out who (staff, contractors etc) in your company shares something they are interested in online and are doing it well (e.g. writes blogs, creates videos, posts photos); work out whether the topic is related directly to the company or about a hobby. Look at the sites. Find out if they would be interested in being showcased through the company’s website and social media channels*.

2. Create a wall of print outs of how your organisation and your employees look online. Do Google searches, create a LinkedIn profile wall, see the kind of tweets, Facebook updates (if they’re available), Instagram and other sites. Review profiles, update, train people, evolve how you use online.

3. Train staff in using social media how it suits them. This could be formal sessions or lunchtime. Integrate it with people’s working activities and make the learning collaborative with others in the organisation.

4. Start a pilot program with people with a natural interest in using online and/or who are influential through the company or in the public eye so that the pilot can be successful and quickly show the potential for more. (You may already be starting this by using Yammer internally – it’s a great tool to increase confidence.)

Good luck! We’re here to help if you want to partner with us to teach staff social media. We’ll help to design a fun and clever¬†program and train and coach your people (more information here).

Contact Sam directly on Messenger or the crew viaemail for a quick reply.

We’re interested to hear from you via Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn. Here’s to your lift-off!

We want to see you and your people online comfortably, professionally and in a way that has your organisation look attractive to others.

Fly high online!


Blogpost by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.

**BONUS: Teach Staff Social Media and create a program internally that goes beyond a workshop. For example,¬†create a widget/box with their logo and words to the effect of “I work for‚Ķ ” for employees to add to their websites. Offer something the employee will value (e.g. building their website or credits) in return for this new kind of branding and advertising on their website.