Chatting to Google ūüí¨ #4

Chatting to Google is fun!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Digital Captain speaking!

I hope you’re having a great week.

Today as your¬†online guide I’m here to encourage you to¬†start¬†using your voice to¬†search¬†on Google. It will quite possibly save you time and have you enjoy what you’re doing more. Oh yeah!

It’s simple!¬†On the Google homepage, on the right in the search rectangle, there is¬†a microphone symbol. Hover over and click it and say what you want to search for.

Chatting to Google is fun

Have a go now. What did Google find for you?!

The amazing surprise for me is that my computer microphone picked up my normal volume and also that both the phone and the computer cleverly understood my question and find me a relevant answer. (Australian accent and all!)

Next up is how to do quick mapping navigation via your iPhone (apologies to Android users!).

Hold the bottom button in for 2 seconds and say “Direct me to …” and say the address or landmark you seek. “Direct me to” starts navigation straight away so you’re on your way!¬†¬†You’ll be using Apple Maps.

I prefer the accuracy of Google Maps. If this is the case for you, hold down the bottom bottom button for 2 seconds, let go and say “Open Google Maps” then press the microphone on the top right and say “Direct me to …” and say the address or landmark you seek.

Chatting to Google is funChatting to Google is fun









Leave out “direct me to” if you prefer to see the address or location.

Chatting to Google is fun!

It is so helpful to create text from spoken thoughts.

To quickly get your thoughts on paper, use the same microphone to the left of a new Google Document.

If any of this sounds like jargon, hit reply and ask for help.

Chatting to Google is fun

It’s so wonderful that voice to text is so powerful. Give it a go and see if it saves you time!

Remember you can use voice for quick calling (here are our tips). I’ve started using it for adding a new todo to in my iPhone app by clicking the microphone icon to the left of the keyboard spacebar.

If you’ve read to here and you’re interested though haven’t yet tried the ideas, check out BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits email course.

I tried it last week and it was fun and fascinating to¬†learn how to change a habit, create new habits, and celebrate more (in fun ways). It’s simplicity is very clever. It’s 5 days of:

  • a quick setup
  • an encouraging email at the start of the day and
  • another ‘how’d you go’ email at the end of the day with tips and quick learning.

It’s nearly the end of the financial year here in Australia. If you’ve monies to spend,¬†improve your online presence!

I’m here to see you fly high online!

~ Sam

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