Happy 2018 ūüôŹ ‚≠ź #44

Happy 2018 ūüôŹ ‚≠ź #44

Happy 2018!

Have a marvellous year.

What do you have planned?

Happy Touring.

The images above are of a sweeeet little Pizzeria in Lorne – 2 hours drive from Melbourne.

As the year starts, perhaps you’ll be out and about in Melbourne or Victoria or planning a trip here?

I’ve created two lists of places that impress newcomers (and me):

Stylist, blogger, cook, local and all-round beauty Michelle Crawford has created this one for south of Hobart too.

Bruny Island and the Huon Valley are soooo good!

2017 in the Rearview Mirror.

Professionals I admire regularly do a ‘year in review’ process.

I enjoyed reading this “Putting the Year in the Rear View Mirror” from Fred Wilson on his planned process and his colleague’s 2017 post.


It’s my second January of writing this newsletter – may you have gained a lot.

Thanks for the¬†appreciative replies and the¬†interesting links, suggestions, and more. They inspired me to reply to the writers of newsletters I received… Great #rippleEffects!

Special mention goes to Pete Spence who enthusiastically replied to every email. Hi Pete!

Last year I didn’t blog or tweet as much and focused on writing these emails each fortnight and keeping this¬†tips¬†page up to date with links to great podcasts, favourite audiobooks (from over 4 days of listening through 2017 – thanks Audible), motivation and encouragement as well as easy ways to see previous emails like this one.

This year YouTube playlists that I’ve embedded in webpages, google doc’s and Maps lists (like those mentioned above) that I’ve messaged or emailed to people made things easy to improve and quickly update. I often think through where my core data should start/reside for quick use by me and others and these experiments worked.

I’ve a few minor tweaks in mind to this system. Other than that, its working well so I’ll keep it all flowing in¬†2018¬†and let you know the new ideas that work.

Coaching Awesome.

The professionals we worked with this year wished to reach a wider audience with their work and to upgrade the way they communicate what they do, their style and their vision.

We do a first session to map out desires, clarify audiences, style, sites, time available each week, and working out activities to do. Sometimes via shared screens we update website/Twitter/Medium/LinkedIn words or setup a Google document to tweak profiles over time. Sometimes we bring in other experts to progress goals. Often we introduce relevant people via LinkedIn connections.

Then each week I receive an email with:

  • What was achieved compared to the¬†week’s plan
  • What‚Äôll be achieved¬†next week
  • What they’re proud to have achieved

The structure of these emails was inspired by how high performers keep themselves accountable quickly and with low effort. Our clients are self-starters – go-getters who make things happen fast – so this type of easy self-reflection and management works. I’ve found this email a great way to get a sense of what’s needed to heighten progress and my quick reply is usually a mix of encouragement and digital direction suggestions. Good for both of us to be in weekly contact.

The next session is a few weeks or months later. This is where we work out the ongoing plan.

If this sounds of interest, reply with any questions or book my next available coaching slot on the 23rd January.

You can also DIY with this online flight training.

Quotes for your 2018.

Enjoy kicking off¬†2018. Here’s to you!

~ Sam

Elon ūüĎĹ ‚ú® ūüíź #39

Elon ūüĎĹ ‚ú® ūüíź #39

Ways to feel happy about your future.

Elon Musk says his massive visions are all about¬†not wanting to feel sad about the future. He suggests people need things in our future to feel excited about (such as the real possibility of a civilisation on Mars). Such simple perspective that’s leading to significant global progress, innovation and inspiration.

“Fundamentally, the future is vastly more exciting and interesting if we are a spacefaring civilisation and a multi-planet species”

“You want to be inspired by things, to wake up in the morning and think that the future is going to be great. And that‚Äôs what being a spacefaring civilisation is all about.”

His insights have inspired me across topics from entrepreneurialism to intentional visions to being playful while aiming high Рperhaps they will for you too via this easy YouTube playlist. Press play and watch each one.

One of the fascinating things is that Tesla’s mission is about influencing the industry (not just selling cars) and if they fail, they’ll have influenced other car manufacturers to progress their sustainable energy cars.

He recently promoted GM making electric cars:

Elon’s Top 5 Areas for¬†Humanity.

The five areas Elon sees as important to work on now for humanity:
  1. Doing Artificial Intelligence (AI)¬†“in a good way”
  2. Reprogramming genetics Рincluding higher bandwidth to the brain.  Whoah.
  3. Self driving cars
  4. Sustainable energy
  5. The Internet

One for the history books!

Since we reuse airplanes, we might as well reuse rockets! Go SpaceX!

Favourite reads & listens

  • Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy”¬†by Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg is a guide for being a great human, a great friend, to those going through the grief of losing a loved one and tips for people who are directly going through mourning. There were snippets in there about resilience and adversity that could apply to other aspects of life though it was predominantly about Sheryl’s story of her husband unexpectedly dying at 47 years old and how she coped and performed with the help of supportive colleagues at Facebook, friends and family and includes the wisdom that helped. An emotional rollercoaster and a book for life that I recommend. 6 hour listen on Audible.
  • Melburnians –¬†Dior¬†is here¬†’til 7 November. The scale of this exhibition at NGV is brilliant as is seeing the House through the years. Worth¬†a couple of hours. If you’ve seen the¬†Dior and I documentary¬†you’ll enjoy the familiarity. I was mesmerised by this¬†Autumn/Winter 2017 show¬†on the big screen:

  • Simple, short watch¬†to support you and the other high achievers you know.
  • Ski like a girl¬†talk by¬†Lynsey Dyer. Lynsey started¬†She Jumps¬†which teaches girls and kids to: Find your own magnificence and sense of belonging through:¬†1. Have a goal 2. Lighten up on yourself 3. Be your own best friend 4. Listen to your intuition 5. Accept all the parts of yourself.¬† ¬†
  • My new¬†airpods¬†are as excellent as people say they are. Effortlessly (so fast) changing and connecting¬† between¬†computer, watch and phone, and comfortable.¬†Ohhhh yeahhh….
  • Enhancing Human Intelligence (HI) via a chip in your brain.¬†What’s possible?¬†Bryan Johnson provides food for thought and insight.
  • “Work should light a fire in your soul!” Go¬†Tina.

Great online presence

  • It was wonderful to be part of¬†Type.Human‘s launch today. Get in touch with them if the¬†idea has you curious.
  • Oh NASA, of course, you’re AMAZING!

  • I’ve been¬†baking. Enjoy!

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News

Remember that list I mentioned? The one with 25+ links of Blockchain and cryptocurrency insights? It has a few additions for you ~

  • a new, prioritised YouTube playlist,
  • a new video on blockchains for supply chains,
  • a new talk by Andreas about Bitcoin’s future.¬†I particularly liked his analogy to not mistaking smooth sailing¬†as a sign of great sailors,
  • favourite podcasts and newsletters you can subscribe to¬†and more.

Click on those of interest. The YT playlist has a few short ones that are easy to pickup.

Shoot me a reply so I can improve the next email. Thanks.

Here’s to your wonderful¬†week!

~ Sam


P.S. Like my new t-shirt?