Hiut Denim on Social Media Case Study

A great Social Media Case Study helps you to tweak your Social Media Strategy and plans. Here comes the Hiut Denim on Social Media Case Study.

Who is doing well on Social Media? Hiut Denim… And your business can too!

Hiut Denim make exceptional jeans. They’ve a big mission to gain hundreds of people their jobs back from their Welsh town’s closed down jeans factory…

Captain Sam Bell travelled to Hiut Denim to spend time being inspired there last year.

Hiut Denim on Social Media Case Study

Online, Hiut showcase beautiful objects made by similar companies who put a lot of thought, effort and beauty into their products. They show trends that have come to life, great quotes and interesting areas of their business (such as the “Grandmasters” who make the jeans).

Hiut don’t show everything of the business.

Just enough to fascinate and have you wanting more. (You don’t need to know everything!)

Hiut Denim creates mystery around the every day life of making jeans.

Check out their website, interesting email newsletters, their YearbooksTwitter, Facebook,  Linkedin and Instagram.

Get in touch if you want us to add to what you’re doing. We’re full of great ideas from great businesses such as Hiut and we are inspired by you. We seek to work with amazing people and brands, like you.

You or your company may be next on our flight plan!

Who’s doing Social Media (and business) well?

Who’s doing Social Media (and business) well?

Businesses and people such as Hiut Denim, Tom Bihn, Coco Rocha, Jamie OliverTwo Paddocks, Humans of New YorkJR, and Air New Zealand are flying high around the digital world. They show off what they do well, and expose insights of the magic of who they are and how they bring to be something fabulous. They’re creating fun, mystery, interest, mischief, and insight around what makes them unique and special.

They’re not on all sites. The sites they are on, they do well.

Fasten your seatbelt. There’s more detailed examples coming to inspire your version of flying high online!

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What’s the simplest Social Media Policy I can setup

What’s the simplest Social Media Policy I can setup

We’ve seen simple Social Media Policies that work and are easy to implement.

What’s the simplest Social Media Policy I can setup?

Use these as a guide:

Zappos‘ (simple and to the point) policy:

“Be real and use your best judgment.”

Ford’s policy (more detail here):

1. Be honest about who you are.

2. Make it clear that the views expressed are yours.

3. You speak for yourself, but your actions represent those of Ford Motor Company.

4. Use your common sense.

5. Play nice.

6. The Internet is a public space.

7. The Internet remembers (i.e., “Whatever happens in Vegas…stays on Google.”).

8. An official response may be needed.

9. Respect the privacy of offline conversations.

10. Same rules and laws apply: new medium, no surprise.

11. When in doubt, ask.

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What's the simplest Social Media Policy I can setup

And other Social Media policy examples are here from Hubspot and there’s a whole database of examples here*.



Photo: Hiut Denim’s great Instagram – they do business (and social media) well.  

* Database link thanks to Gavin Heaton.

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