Who is doing well on Social Media? Jamie Oliver. And how you can too!

Who is doing well on Social Media? Jamie Oliver. And how you can too!

Blogpost by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.

Jamie Oliver is a #highflier on Instagram. Within a few minutes a photo on Instagram has 200+ likes from engaged people and generally each photo reaches over 16,000 likes and numerous comments. He recently flew to new heights with a massive number of comments to an instagram photo – see our recent blogpost about it here.

Jamie Oliver has been profiled in any training course we’ve done. He’s so easy to use as a great example of someone showcasing who they are online. His recipes, life, restaurants, and food are fascinating to many.

Great words.

And he’s fun, down-to-earth and mischievous.

His website and blog and many food ventures are always supported through creative social media and he is personally involved, sharing interesting insights to his life.

His posts on Instagram average one per day. He’s consistent.

This is possible for you through following these tips:

  1. Review who you wish to reach online and where they are, what sites they use, what style they like, what words / videos / photos are engaging them.
  2. Look at examples of people and businesses being real and fun online (click through to this Pinterest board or the same great examples via Facebook – they’re to inspire you to showcase what’s unique about you and your business online – to whatever level you’re comfortable with) and work out your personal style – hot tip: what comes naturally to you is sustainable over time.
  3. Review what information you want to put online – words, videos, photos, audio – and what sites (Twitter, Instagram, your own blog/website, Facebook, Quora, YouTube, Pinterest) you tend to – which are easy for you.
  4. Review how often you can be online – be ruthless – do you have an hour a week, or more or less. How often do you wish to post something online and on which sites? Allocate time in your diary if this helps. Remember to allocate time to replying to people too – this may be ‘on the fly’ as you’re commuting or doing other activities, if you have your sites on your smartphone/iPhone etc.
  5. Allocate time up front to do training to learn new sites.
  6. Work out how you wish to link your words with the business you work in – do you want a link from your website to your business?

These are the main tips, plenty more to cover on other blogposts we publish and they are all available, tailored to you via our Online Coaching sessions – click here to learn more – or contact us using the form on your right or by clicking here. We’d love to see you looking amazing, showcasing your clever online, and attracting new customers or relevant people that have you connected to interesting people in the world and locally.

Here’s to your lift-off!

~ Sam

Who’s doing Social Media (and business) well?

Who’s doing Social Media (and business) well?

Businesses and people such as Hiut Denim, Tom Bihn, Coco Rocha, Jamie OliverTwo Paddocks, Humans of New YorkJR, and Air New Zealand are flying high around the digital world. They show off what they do well, and expose insights of the magic of who they are and how they bring to be something fabulous. They’re creating fun, mystery, interest, mischief, and insight around what makes them unique and special.

They’re not on all sites. The sites they are on, they do well.

Fasten your seatbelt. There’s more detailed examples coming to inspire your version of flying high online!

We’re interested to hear from you via Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn. Here’s to your lift-off!

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Who’s great on Social Media? Jamie Oliver received 8,862 comments on Instagram today.

Who’s great on Social Media? Jamie Oliver received 8,862 comments on Instagram today.

Blog by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.

If you’re interested in clever online engagement of many people, have a look at Jamie Oliver.

He has many social media sites and is successful on Instagram on most days. Today he asked his (highly-engaged) community of people which cover of his next magazine to choose and received 8,862 comments (and 4,802 likes).

It was a quick ask of people who are already engaged after many months / years of following Jamie across many channels – magazine, TV, radio, YouTube, Facebook, TED.com,  Instagram, Twitter, his website etc etc etc.

Update 15 May, 2013 – this post on Instagram now has 13,200 comments and  over 7,000 people liking it. How’s that for people engagement?!

We’re interested to hear from you via Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn. Hear’s to your lift-off!

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