Mixed Reality ūüėé ‚ú® ūüŹ° #26

Mixed Reality ūüėé ‚ú® ūüŹ° #26

Mix Up Your Reality

Ohhhh it’s getting exciting! This presentation by Robert Scoble shows the current developments in Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The image below shows him watching a game with multiple screens surrounding him with game scores, player details and statistics.

Knowing I’m often using 2 or more screens or more than one tab on my computer, it’s wonderful to see this technology nearly here to make life easier (and of course, more complex).

A company I’ve enjoyed following for a while now is 8i. As you know, I encourage people to share their unique individuality online as it’s the most sustainable personal online strategy. Combine this with the incredibly true-to-life holograms that 8i are building and we’re on our way into a new and fascinating¬†dimension of the world wide web.

These images on the right are from 8i’s Buzz Aldrin hologram who takes viewers on a journey to Mars.

It’s a great example too of the educational power of VR. Go 8i!

The Blue Planet

Isn’t it incredible to be able use Google Earth¬†to go from space, looking at our blue planet, then into the 3D details on the street, mountains and beyond. Pop on your VR goggles

Favourite reads & listens:

  • A¬†3D printed house… in 24 hours. (It’s worth clicking on the video to see the technology.) [3D Printing, construction, mobility]
  • A newsletter that always gives me a deep chuckle is¬†Steve Edge¬†– who I was fortunate to meet at¬†the DO lectures in Wales and see his amazing talk …”everyday dress for a party and the part comes comes to you”. His news is¬†aways engaging,¬†high on integrity and fun. [inspiration, branding, design]
  • Wonderful new podcast “Stoked Lifestyle” by Steve Larosiliere. [inspiring, leaders]
  • “Organizations should have a brand that transcends one generation”,¬†Christine Murray on Twitter¬†[great quote, purposeful organisations]
  • Our Turn” by Kirstine Stewart is an intelligent, kind¬†read with lots of empowering leadership tips and¬†humility. Her straight talking style is refreshing and she treads deep into the true accountability of¬†a paid job.“[Kirstine] take[s] the conversation about women and work to a whole new level”,¬†Good Reads¬†

    [leadership, women, Twitter, CBC]

  • Jeff Bezos’s¬†high-velocity decision-making.¬†[leadership, tips, high performance]
  • The most popular TED talks of all time. [high performance tips, inspiration]
  • So much news on many great technology advancements here. [nanopores, cancer, healthtech, manufacturing, solar]
  • In London? Head to the Natural History Museum to have David Attenborough guide you via VR. [VR, Attenborough!]
  • Receive postcards from dear Nick Hand. [craftivism, inspiration, kickstarter]

Great online presence:

    • Scroll down the¬†Unlockd careers¬†lovely webpage to “VIEW ALL AVAILABLE POSITIONS” and it¬†links across to LinkedIn where the search of their organisation appears. Rather than listing job details on their website¬†this is a great way to have data in one location / quicker maintenance.
    • Harriet’s engaging LinkedIn summary.
    • Sometimes it’s the little things that lift you up. I recently updated my Instagram bio to:Live a bit more ????¬†It makes me smile. Hope your bios give you energy too.
    • The extended list is here¬†and here.

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Exceptional Teams ūüėé ūüíę ūüėć #25

Start with this for some …fun!

Manage your energy, not your time.

Very cool article (thx Rob Farmer) with simplified actions to increase your energy. Skim the checklist below for tips.

This was printed in 2007 and could be a great annual review tool.

Here’s what stuck with entrepreneur¬†Jesse Itzler two years after living with a Navy SEAL (article):

  • Do Something Hard Every Day
  • Don‚Äôt Put Off the Little Things‚ÄĒJust Get Them Done
  • Simplicity
  • Say No to Stuff
  • Have a Plan

And thought provoking topics from Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans:

  • Not waiting to pursue your dreams
  • Starting extremely small
  • Morning priming
  • Conviction without stubbornness
  • Stimulating the subconscious mind

What routines and hacks/tips work for you to have a productive day / highly productive moments?

Favourite reads & listens:

  • Have a quick squizz at how¬†better minds are being built¬†(thanks Claire Spencer!)
  • Introductions to blockchain and cryptocurrencies:¬†1, 2, 3 & 4¬†(thanks Ross).
  • Be inspired ~ wise Otto Scharma’s thoughts on how we’re creating new systems (thanks Jan):
  • Creating constantly high performing teams is an amazing achievement. Extreme Teams and Radical Candor¬†“Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity”¬†are two books that I’m enjoying¬†at the moment.Many tips from these¬†books remind¬†me of the¬†Hub Australia¬†culture and communications that¬†Jan Stewart and the crew there¬†have built. Watching their story of success over the past 7+ years, I’ve admired their tenacity and the depth of understanding of each other. It’s helped challenging conversations (“radical candour”) to happen and progress to occur for the individual and¬†the team, creating ripple effects for many others.
  • Comment for reflection:¬†¬†“it’s your role to help people feel necessary” – Sebastian Junger, “Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging”.

Great online presence:

  • Writer Gen Callahan is extending¬†her online footprint with a new (free) story a day via Instagram. What creative ways can you advertise your professional services?
  • Trevor’s LinkedIn photo ūüôā
  • Leadership topics have you captivated? Enjoy¬†Andy Hedges’ posts on LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • The extended list is here¬†and here.

Thanks for all the replies to the last few newsletters. It’s a treat to learn from you and hear what you enjoyed.

Have a fantastic week!

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P.S. Melburnians perhaps I’ll see you at the¬†26 April “The Stentrode Story: Breakthrough in Brain-Machine Interfaces” event.¬†(Thanks Mai R√§√§bus)