Creating Online Energy, Rejection Therapy (Whaaa?) & Getting Brilliant People to Surprise Themselves ūüĆü ūüí≠ ūüíé#53

Create Online Energy.

Regularly meeting new people who’ve contacted me to meet-up brings a vibrancy to these emails that I hadn’t predicted. I’m usually on a high on the return walk where I’m¬†jotting down tips or ideas discussed or topics that have reappeared from other conversations – showing these topics are something I’m wanting to explore or refine.

I’ve found 1-2 hours a week to meet new people without an agenda provides an invaluable space to reflect, think out loud, learn, connect with relevant people and open up.

We chat about things like self driving cars transporting mini veggie gardens (!!), new local eateries, improving mental health via new platforms, the richness of human connections, what’s happening in Australia and internationally in the digital / business / customer experience / service design / innovation / blockchain / growth hacking / future arenas, how to help each other’s work, make helpful business contacts and so much more.

In the past I’d take time to check my diary for free space, research and evaluate meeting someone. Now that time is spent in the meeting discussion – made even easier by sending my¬†Calendly¬†link so others organise the meetings – GOLD! Sometimes I research the person online as I’m walking to the meeting, sometimes I don’t – there’s always connections to make.

In some of the meeting I may have the LinkedIn app open to connect them with relevant people on the spot so I’ve nothing to do afterwards. “Breeeeathe…”

Often we’ll be so fascinated with a variety of topics that we leave each other with a hug and a massive grin.

If you’re thinking about Calendly, here are my setup tips ~

  • (Calendly is linked to my Google Calendar via my gmail account)
  • Make the link fun & engaging for people.¬†In my Description/Instructions I’ve added: “Go to Patricia’s on the corner of Little Bourke and Little William Streets ( and I’ll magically appear. ¬†I’m [my phone number]¬†if you need me.¬† “magically appear” is thanks to Matt Allen – it works!
  • I’ve up¬†to 2 coffee meetings a week.
  • 45 minute meetings – for¬†focus¬†(with transit, it’s roughly an hour).
  • Ask for the person’s phone number in the meeting setup.
  • Meeting venue is one I love¬†+ available times are when the cafe is quieter =¬†shorter queues and more space.


Rejection Therapy!

Jules Lund is fast-becoming the Aussie-accented @GaryVee which is great to see.¬†Yesterday’s short¬†video¬†showed the surprising gains from having regular courage to request things from others and open up. Who knows what could happen! GO!

Here’s what I’ve recently loved seeing online:

Tobias‘ sudden explosion into hightop making ~

The way Fitzroy Academy’s course trailer, playing on¬†,¬†had me pausing other things to watch it. How good is that!

The idea of getting “brilliant people to surprise themselves” – thanks Fred Wilson.

Newsletter intrigue and fun from CHE ~

The timely & kind email from BlueBoat before the end of the financial year.

What could you send?

This fascinating read on the realities of the sometimes tough role as a founder and the sweetness too ~

How sweet is food ~

Set yourself up to win! ~

The amazing feeling of slow motion ~


What do you want to see next?

Have a fascinating fortnight!


If you have a fascinating link or cool project that you’d like mentioned, please hit reply.

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Winning Newsletters, Inspiring People, and Clever Tech ūüéĀ ūüėé ūüíÉ #36

Here comes a previous issue of Online Highfliers….
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Welcome to the 36th edition of this email. Did you know you can read past editions right here?


Winning Newsletters

While enjoying the Wilsons’ newsletters (Fred¬†and¬†Joanne), I’ve ‘gotten’ a bit more of why they’ve written regularly for so long.

The thing is, you can start a newsletter for business development, marketing, self expression and other reasons and my recent experience is there’s more to this regular activity.

Here’s an update on what I’ve noticed:

  • Each fortnight I’ve the opportunity to get onto ‘paper’ what’s currently on my mind that’d be useful to others.
  • As more peers, colleagues, people in my network, friends and family show interest¬†in new business and life opportunities (such as blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies), I can easily¬†forward previous emails knowing they include¬†easy to pick up¬†introductory links after I’ve distilled much reading.
  • I’ve a timeline of my interests since I started writing. I like this.
  • It’s fun to engage. People send fascinating and lovely replies.
  • My writing and choice of subjects has (naturally) refined as have my systems (for example, collating links throughout the fortnight in one place)¬†and use of¬†tech such as Mailchimp’s new editing feature on their smartphone app.
  • Having written each fortnight for a year and a half, I’ve a fun sense of achievement and I’m a bit in awe!
  • I’ve published previous emails on LinkedIn and gain comments there. My Linked profile (online resume / CV) shows more of my expertise, interests and¬†style. Opportunities have come from this and possibly I appear in more (relevant) LinkedIn searches.

It’s a great use of time. Maybe you will¬†try it?


Marketing via cryptocurrencies.

“Burger King launched its own cryptocurrency known as ‚Äď what else? ‚ÄstWhopperCoin. The new currency was launched as part of a rewards program for the company‚Äôs customers in Russia. With each purchase of a Whopper customers will receive a WhopperCoin token in a digital wallet. …WhopperCoin owners can either use them to purchase products at Burger King or trade or sell them to other interested parties.”


Favourite reads & listens

  • So clever! (thanks Ross)
  • Just in case you haven’t yet watched¬†this.¬†#privilege #equality #pursuePurpose #BigVisions #JustTry
  • Because¬†markets¬†are inspiring.
  • The¬†scale¬†of Internet of Things (IoT) and some of the many players.
  • This wonderful Tiny House ~

Great online presence

  • Experience design¬†a la LJ Darveau.
  • Share YOU.‚ÄúThe boys. No exaggeration to say these two fine gentlemen ‚ÄĒ @enriqueallen and @henretig ‚ÄĒ changed my life, made me a much better human. We‚Ķ‚ÄĚ
  • The extended list is¬†here¬†and¬†here.

We’ve had incredible¬†snowstormshere in Victoria. Huge snowflakes have amazed me on the chairlift and have filled in my tracks so that each new run is a fresh adventure.

Warmer Spring days are coming soon. What’s happening there?

Hoping you’re enjoying today,

~ Sam


Hit reply anytime.

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“Safety” Meetings, B Corporations, Newsletter Tips & Politics ‚õÖ ūüĆŹ ūüíę ‚ö°#15

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“Safety” Meetings, B Corporations, Newsletter Tips & Politics ‚õÖ ???? ???? ‚ö°


Welcome to the 15th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in the archive?

The subject this time round is, well, Safety Meetings¬†(trust me, it’s fun).


Which newsletters are you enjoying? I find a moment of peace with this one, feel the laughter bubbles coming before I read this one and love the quick fascination dose here.


I met amazing people in the past fortnight who hand-balled me short films and new brands to check out. Enjoy the favourites here. Thrilling!

B Corporations and organisations trying for B Corp status are wonderful. Could you be a Benefits Corporation?

I really enjoyed this interview with¬†Richard Betts (world-class hospitality expert and top sommelier) and loved hearing about his quick¬†“Safety” Meeting in really intense times. It consisted of being mindful of the intensity… taking a moment… racing¬†into the cool-room, throwing down a drink and coming out ready to take on the world. Fun name, quick result! Listen to the interview to get the full meaning. Keep it in mind for your next intense moment?


Just in case politics is getting you down >>¬†get a pep talk from¬†the Kid President ūüėČ

I’m here to help you look amazing online. Reply to this email with any queries or questions.

I wish you all a wonderful new week. If you enjoyed this email, let me know on Twitter @sambe11.

Fly high online,

~ Sam

PS. Make it happen. You can do it.

PPS. Inspiration and ideas ~

  • I really enjoyed Pandora then¬†Rdio¬†and more recently I¬†tried Apple Music¬†(inspired by my Apple Watch). This week I started using (free) Pandora again and it’s reminding me why I loved Rdio – when music that WOWs you plays with very little effort (not having to do too many thumbs up or down), life is enhanced. I’m¬†currently listening to Zero 7 radio – great for writing a newsletter ūüôā¬†What digital tunes / radio stations do you like?
  • Have you been to a Creative Mornings event? There’s possibly one near you.¬†Last week Anna Ross had the audience in stitches explaining how she used fantasy in building her business Kester Black.¬†Well worth looking out for the fascinating story via video of her talk here¬†(check out the other talks here too).
  • If you’re in London this weekend, head on over to the Do Market. Oh yeah. Plan to stay a while!
  • I’m often blogging about new tech, how to gain clients online, how to enhance your online profile, LinkedIn tips and more here. Similar (though slightly tweaked for LinkedIn) is¬†here.
  • The Golden Record still amazes me. You?
  • Thanks¬†again for your replies and¬†insights. This week as I researched the future of health and foods, I was reminded of Russell’s comments from the¬†AgTech newsletter¬†and that we could feed the increased population if we reduced consumerism as well as wasteful food industry practices¬†(especially¬†animal agriculture).¬†Food for thought (dare I say this pun? yep.). Your comments are fascinating ūüôā Hit¬†reply!
  • Last idea for now: Doctor¬†Strange – great CGI. Worth a watch.


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