Machines Are OK ūü§Ė #7

The Machines Aren’t Taking Over.


I’m wondering if¬†you’ve an uncomfortable sense that¬†‘the machines‘ are going to¬†take over jobs and leave us destitute.

Having followed this perspective and watched plenty of Hollywood blockbusters about¬†the destruction of humans, it’s clear this lurking possibility has been showcased for a long time.¬†Mash that together with new ways that we’re using¬†tech, Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and it could be¬†easy to be concerned.

“Analysts to the rescue!”

It’s exciting to see positive news spreading.¬†Delightfully there are experts¬†providing data that reminds us of history as an indicator for our usualchanging environment and the reality of how we will drive the tech we use. It¬†encourages thinking of an attractive future.

Enjoy this story patchwork:

Many analysts say there’ll be a net benefit with more jobs being created in areas that sound more fun than the mechanical ones that AI / MachineLearning / robots will do.

New technology does mean new learning.

It’s up to you and me to be curiously fascinated to¬†learn new technology (Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, apps, software, biotech). To usefully integrate it into our lives – including enhancing workplace and government policy for risks and opportunities.

Looping back to machines not taking over our jobs, it’s up to each of us as individuals to proactively¬†continue to evolve the work we do and in this, we’re in partnership with new tech.

We can do this with a lightness in our hearts to bring about positive futures.

Fly high online,

~ Sam
Runway Digital.com

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Pokemon Go ūüéĮ #6

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life.



Nintendo’s runaway success Pokemon Go arrived¬†to¬†smartphones last week and it’s¬†an AMAZING¬†example of what we’re about to integrate into work and life.

In case you’re¬†disinterested because it sounds too much like playing a game¬†or you’re¬†weary from yet-another-new-digital-craze,¬†get ready to be surprised by how your world is gaining…

…another DIMENSION.


First up, here’s what Pokemon Go¬†looks like. It’s called “Augmented” Reality (AR) because the real imagery on your screen is overlaid with objects.

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in lifePhoto credit: Techcrunch

Millions of people are using it… (but there’s more – keep scrolling down…)

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life

This is the AMAZING bit¬†(I’m hoping¬†you can read this – if not, click here¬†or¬†zoom your screensize):
Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life

Even if you never use Pokemon Go you now know an Augmented Reality smartphone app brings about exercise, exploring, chance meetings, connections between people, and potentially reduced racism. WOW.

Essential reading (or listening)

Next, is understanding the unlimited opportunities that AR and Virtual Reality (VR) provide in health, efficiencies, quicker new products and services, easier learning, testing and risk-reduction, and so much more.

The best way to learn this is through reading or listening to this exceptional 32 minute podcast to understand the applications of VR in our day-to-day lives. I want to hear what you think too (hit reply).

Warning: This podcast will have you feeling you’re more prepared in business.

There are so many potential gains from AR and VR and increasingly new uses and outcomes are becoming clear.

As we integrate more technology into our lives, our life experiences are changed and enhanced. There will be advocates and critics.

My role here is in guiding¬†you to see what’s coming.

Start to imagine what you could overlay on your current reality. What do you see?

Happy travels!

~ Sam
Runway Digital.com


P.S. Here are four quick AR examples:

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life1. Life: AR app shows you the nearest train stations, updating as you move

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life
2. Learning: Move the Sky Guide app across the sky and it displays constellation names as well as links the stars with lines and pictures.
Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life
3. Fashion: Retailers such as Burberry increasingly use AR for customers to experience other dimensions of their products instore, at home or on the go.
4. Innovation: Last year¬†Hyundai launched a car owner’s manual in an AR app¬†that includes videos and updates as you move around the vehicle.
Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life

P.P.S. Here is more information and definitions of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), and a wonderful local example of health benefits for elderly people via VR.

P.P.P.S. Want to know more about Pokemon Go? Get up to speed with these¬†articles:¬†“What is Pokemon Go & why is everyone talking about it?”,¬†“I played the new Pokemon Go for iPhone/Android and it‚Äôs awesome”¬†&“Pokemon Go Is a Glimpse of Our Augmented Reality Future”.

Here’s how Pokemon Go increased Nintendo’s worth in 2 days:

Your online style ūüĎć#5

Your online style ūüĎć#5

Action & encouragement! Have your online style reflect YOU in real life


Hoping this reaches you happy and well! This newsletter is dedicated to helping you progress your online profile.

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P.S. Here’s what’s coming to your iPhone and Apple products, thanks to WIRED.

P.P.S. Something to inspire you.

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What makes a perfect Linkedin profile photo?

As you transition your Linkedin profile to stand out, you’ll contemplate what makes a perfect Linkedin profile photo.

Having an old photo or a photo that’s “just OK” probably won’t do you any favours towards¬†having an online personality that reflects you.

Plus, such a photo will¬†create more discomfort knowing you should update it sometime… and more discomfort when you direct someone to your Linkedin profile …especially in those moments when you don’t have time to fix it… Ughhh!!


Get to it!

Whether you’re representing a company or yourself, you want potential clients, customers, employers and your targeted Linkedin readers to associate you online with a feeling of trust, long-term success and satisfaction.

Stand proud and represent your organisation and yourself (your personal brand) well online! Impress your colleagues, boss, friends and targeted Linkedin readers.

Having a personality online that reflects you saves time in the long run.

Having a great photo is well worth your time!

And remember, people like connecting with other people.

If people like your photo or feel engaged with¬†your Linkedin profile, they’ll read on, contact you, click through to read your online content and more…

Here is practical advice and tips with recent professional examples for you:

What makes a perfect Linkedin profile photo?

What makes a perfect Linkedin profile photo


Having a sophisticated, professional photo that’s warm and engaging pops out when your targeted reader views your profile – especially if they are used to other profiles or reviewing others. Standout!


Bring your online presence to life by incorporating who you are in real life. Add to Linkedin a photo of you smiling, looking as you do when you’re keen to welcome someone. It makes you instantly more trustworthy!


Closeup, warm and smiling looks great both on your profile and also in a search surrounded by other photos.


If your photo is recent, there is less distraction when you meet someone face to face after they’ve seen your Linkedin profile.


Casual may standout for your targeted Linkedin reader. Showcasing you at work does too. Choose a look that works in your industry, your employer, you and your targeted reader.


Go on! You can choose to create a smile with your photo as Josh has here. Engaging your audience is fun.

7. CHECK you standout

Do a search for your first name on Linkedin and check your photo stands out amongst others. Simple!


Call a friend or a professional photographer. Update your photo THIS WEEK!


This is a PDF file of the graphic above (PDF can be easier to read). ????


If you’re uncomfortable about¬†your presence on Linkedin, download this book and¬†take 30 minutes to fix the important sections!

Digital News and Productivity Tips


Thanks to Anna, Yvonne, Grant, Jenna, Charlie, Josh for having such wonderful photos!

Anna Draffin ‚Äď https://au.linkedin.com/in/annadraffin
Yvonne Feehan ‚Äď https://au.linkedin.com/in/yvonnefeehanhays
Grant Johnston ‚Äď https://au.linkedin.com/in/grant-johnston-17bb13
Jenna Lewis ‚Ästhttps://au.linkedin.com/in/lewisjenna
Charlie Simson ‚Äď https://au.linkedin.com/in/charliesimson
Josh Capelin ‚Äď https://au.linkedin.com/in/joshcapelin

START HERE: 8 Changes to your LinkedIn Account for Job Hunts

Here are¬†8 changes to your LinkedIn account and a cheatsheet (wahoo!) that will help to attract relevant people to your profile and if you’re job hunting, they’ll help find your great next role.

If you’ve¬†discomfort that¬†your LinkedIn profile is not good enough follow these steps and make sure your LinkedIn presence and profile is as outstanding as you can make it. It’ll help to attract the right people to progress your work.

Enjoy! ūüôā

8 changes to your LinkedIn account for job hunts


8 Changes to your LinkedIn Account

1. Focus

Be clear!

  • Who do you wish to reach?
  • What do you wish to achieve through using LinkedIn?
  • Clarify your rules for accepting an invitation.
  • State how much time you’ll dedicate to LinkedIn each week.

Use LinkedIn as a tool rather than being on it for hours!

2. Make contact easy!

Make sure your email and website details are clear. Create a unique link to your LinkedIn profile.

3. Make an impression!

Add that fabulous headline and photo! Jam-pack your Summary & Experience section with the things you are proudest of that’ll connect with those you want to attract. Keep it succinct! Add words your target reader will search for. Once saved, check the organisation’s logo appears.

4. Add extra sparkle

Inspire your reader with additional information in these sections: Education, Volunteering Roles, Additional Organisations (especially if you’re a Member or Fellow of an organisation), Certification (remember that Management course you did last year?), Publications, Projects, & Donors & Awards (include internal awards even if they’re small!). Rename courses (within reason!) for people to quickly understand.

5. Help your customers check in

In Skills, add words that your target reader will search for. Most important skills at the top. Use customer- and industry-relevant words to describe what you do and your value. So exciting! Delete irrelevant skills (e.g. Microsoft Word for more senior people).

6. Polish your shoes

Brief your colleague / friend on who you wish to attract and have them review and provide feedback on your profile. Make sure spell check is complete and formatting is consistent. You’re looking fine!

7. Greet those you know

Connect your address book to LinkedIn. Make sure it includes email addresses of your current and previous customers, colleagues, suppliers, business partners and clients for the clever LinkedIn elves.

8. Create LinkedIn Karma

Acknowledge people in your team publicly after finishing a project via LinkedIn recommendations & often it’ll be reciprocated. Ask high profile leaders and influential people in your industry to provide you a recommendation, provide them with an example.

9. Tweak your settings

Turn off most email notifications. Leave important ones on!

10. I like this profile…

Create a bit of mystery in your profile so people will want to know more ūüôā