Sydney Social Media Workshop

Come along to our Sydney Social Media Workshop

Tweak your social media system so that it works well on the fly. At our Sydney Social Media Workshop meet others in the area interested in doing Social Media well.

We’ll be at the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney on 21 June. Book your place by clicking here or by using the box below. Check in fast as the price is very low deliberately so people can lift off!

More information is available on the event site, such as what to bring and what we will cover, here is some of the details:

“Hi Everyone,

If you’d like to learn fast-tracking ways to use Social Media so that you and your business look great, come along for a fun day of learning on Friday the 21st of June. Previous courses like this have seen our participants flying high online creating their own relevant Facebook groups, clever usage of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and importantly building diverse networks of like minded people who are interested in Social Media.

Cancel everything else, book a sitter, get someone to pick up the kids, and come along!
See how to enhance your LinkedIn profile (or start it), learn how to optimise your use of Instagram, LinkedIn, see interesting examples of Pinterest, and hear tricks that save you time. Bring your questions…

Runway Digital’s director Samantha Bell will be running the Sydney Social Media Workshop and has six years of business Social Media experience here in Australia and internationally so she’ll give you lots of tips relevant to you. She will show you the latest international Social Media trends and you’ll also learn from people of the Northern Beaches area who come along.

The Sydney Social Media Workshop is deliberately at a low cost for you due to Samantha’s ongoing committment to connecting people and to ‘closing the digital gap’. To enable you to quickly get up to speed and to make it easy for you to create Social Media that works for you personally. If you have a business, you will pick up effective ways to gain business benefits.

This one-day session (9:00am – 3:00pm) will cover these topics and more:
* Learn how to strategise your Social Media. What can you do with the time you have available? Which apps, tools, sites and systems can save you time, help you do Social Media on the fly and integrate with your life easily.
* How do you connect with like minded people, businesses, clients.
* Plenty of time for questions to be asked and answered.

There will be a lot of examples of showing individuals and organisations who are using Social Media well during the course and links for you to refer to after the course.

For those who want a LinkedIn profile, we will help you start. By the close of the course, you will leave either with a complete profile or clear steps to finalise it.

Looking forward to seeing you then!
Sam Bell from Runway Digital.”

This event is brought to you by clever Christy Kemp, the wonderful Runway Digital support crew and the Avalon Recreation Centre.

Sydney Social Media Workshop

Who is doing well on Social Media? Jamie Oliver. And how you can too!

Who is doing well on Social Media? Jamie Oliver. And how you can too!

Blogpost by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.

Jamie Oliver is a #highflier on Instagram. Within a few minutes a photo on Instagram has 200+ likes from engaged people and generally each photo reaches over 16,000 likes and numerous comments. He recently flew to new heights with a massive number of comments to an instagram photo – see our recent blogpost about it here.

Jamie Oliver has been profiled in any training course we’ve done. He’s so easy to use as a great example of someone showcasing who they are online. His recipes, life, restaurants, and food are fascinating to many.

Great words.

And he’s fun, down-to-earth and mischievous.

His website and blog and many food ventures are always supported through creative social media and he is personally involved, sharing interesting insights to his life.

His posts on Instagram average one per day. He’s consistent.

This is possible for you through following these tips:

  1. Review who you wish to reach online and where they are, what sites they use, what style they like, what words / videos / photos are engaging them.
  2. Look at examples of people and businesses being real and fun online (click through to this Pinterest board or the same great examples via Facebook – they’re to inspire you to showcase what’s unique about you and your business online – to whatever level you’re comfortable with) and work out your personal style – hot tip: what comes naturally to you is sustainable over time.
  3. Review what information you want to put online – words, videos, photos, audio – and what sites (Twitter, Instagram, your own blog/website, Facebook, Quora, YouTube, Pinterest) you tend to – which are easy for you.
  4. Review how often you can be online – be ruthless – do you have an hour a week, or more or less. How often do you wish to post something online and on which sites? Allocate time in your diary if this helps. Remember to allocate time to replying to people too – this may be ‘on the fly’ as you’re commuting or doing other activities, if you have your sites on your smartphone/iPhone etc.
  5. Allocate time up front to do training to learn new sites.
  6. Work out how you wish to link your words with the business you work in – do you want a link from your website to your business?

These are the main tips, plenty more to cover on other blogposts we publish and they are all available, tailored to you via our Online Coaching sessions – click here to learn more – or contact us using the form on your right or by clicking here. We’d love to see you looking amazing, showcasing your clever online, and attracting new customers or relevant people that have you connected to interesting people in the world and locally.

Here’s to your lift-off!

~ Sam

Why Would My Online Profile Be Like Me in Real Life?

Why Would My Online Profile Be Like Me in Real Life?

Blogpost by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.

Foursquare Melbourne Airport Lift-Off

Imagine buying something online and on delivery, it not being exactly what it looked like in the picture.

Your social media profile is the same: what you say, look like, present to people online.

Showcase who you are, to the level you are comfortable with.

Find the people want to learn from you by saying what you’re clever at.




Lift-Off photo credit: Nikolas Z. on Foursquare.

Let us know if you’d like us to review and enhance your online profile. Reach us via email, Twitter, Google+,  and LinkedIn.

How much should I share online?

As more people use the internet, apps and sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, a great question comes up: “How much should I share online?”.

How much should I share online?

Each person has a different experience on how to best use the internet.

I often see people go through these stages:

1. Starting to use the internet and finding interesting info.

2. Starting to share interest information and feeling a bit uncomfortable.

3. Starting to connect with people in their industry and/or people who like the same business topics and hobbies. People they connect with may say thanks for the great information shared and increase interest in sharing more.

4. More sharing, more connecting with people interested in similar things, less discomfort.

How much should I share online5. Comfortably sharing what they like and writing about what they know / like because they are comfortable and sometimes because they know others benefit from it.

6. Exploring what else can be shared to support others and seeking opportunities to connect their knowledge with more people.

How much should I share online

Whenever we work with people on their online profile, we are keen for them to be comfortable with what they are doing and sharing online. People may never reach stage 6 above and that’s perfect for them.

There’s no point rushing stages or feeling uncomfortable.

Runway Digital’s aim is to have people showcase who they are online. That is, their unique wisdom, interesting perspectives and their experience. There are others in the world that will connect with their perspective and gain from it. They’ll meet people who have seen their online profile and immediately ‘get’ and connect with the person because they’ve a sense already of who they are.

We can coach you as you move through these stages. Let’s go!


See you in the Clouds!


Blog by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.

Who’s great on Social Media? Jamie Oliver received 8,862 comments on Instagram today.

Who’s great on Social Media? Jamie Oliver received 8,862 comments on Instagram today.

Blog by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.

If you’re interested in clever online engagement of many people, have a look at Jamie Oliver.

He has many social media sites and is successful on Instagram on most days. Today he asked his (highly-engaged) community of people which cover of his next magazine to choose and received 8,862 comments (and 4,802 likes).

It was a quick ask of people who are already engaged after many months / years of following Jamie across many channels – magazine, TV, radio, YouTube, Facebook,,  Instagram, Twitter, his website etc etc etc.

Update 15 May, 2013 – this post on Instagram now has 13,200 comments and  over 7,000 people liking it. How’s that for people engagement?!

We’re interested to hear from you via Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn. Hear’s to your lift-off!

Click through to our Pinterest board to see great examples of people and companies who have digitally lifted-off.