Diversity ūüĆü ūüéĽ ‚Ź≥ #63

Diversity ūüĆü ūüéĽ ‚Ź≥ #63

Establish Diversity.

A simple tip from Meetup and Carta: intentionally build in diversity at the start so it’s embedded as your business / initiative continues. Simple!

Well done to Carta and Meetup for cracking the code on diversity and to Fred Wilson for reporting on it (read more here).¬†I’m looking forward to using this awareness in my next initiatives as I can see it working well.

Be Fascinated.

It’s time: open your mind to new dimensions with Eddie Harran’s new venture, Time Atlas.

Smile at everyone you see!

Perhaps you’ll enjoy this¬†Kajitsu playlist (thanks Matt V) and its sweet story¬†by the NYTimes.

Explore the future of humanity with Steve and Nyck.

Taking branding to the next level in the …loo! Auction Rooms cafe has Aesop soap on tap and a map on the wall that explains how to get to the closest Aesop shop.

Enjoy your day / evening!


Recruiting Innovative Social Media People

Recruiting Innovative Social Media People

Blogpost by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.

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Ok, this quick blogpost maybe helpful if you’re needing to recruit social media people and you’ve not yet done much online (or done many innovative aspects of online).

First up, remember the potential people looking at your organisation will look at what you’ve done online and consider whether you’re the right style for them.

Consider creating something clever online so you can attract the desired person who will continue this for your organisation. This is your chance to do something to start the innovation you seek.¬†It doesn’t need to be that much or that complicated – just something that¬†shows your organisation is up with the trends and can match the person’s style and provide the environment for them to explore great ideas online – for example, a Pinterest board or a blog. ¬†The photo above is Virgin America’s latest fun Instagram campaign, ¬†Target have great campaigns on Pinterest, and an employer of world talent:¬†Zappos¬†showcases their¬†alliance¬†with Lead In¬†to¬†support for¬†people’s careers.¬†Here’s more¬†examples for you of innovative Pinterest uses.

Start somewhere. Do something to respect those you’re recruiting. And if this is too much, start a new twitter account with the bio saying “This account is all yours, we’re not there yet – you’ll help us to be” (15 minutes work). Or¬†put up a fun page on your website that talks to them in engaging, possibly apologetic tones (coordinate with your web person – it may take you 1 hour).

If you’d like support creating something like this, we’d be delighted to help, get in touch!

May you fly high with great people!

We‚Äôre interested to hear from you via¬†Twitter,¬†Google+, or¬†LinkedIn.¬†Hear’s¬†to your lift-off!

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How much should I share online?

As more people use the internet, apps and sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, a¬†great question comes up:¬†“How much should I share online?”.

How much should I share online?

Each person has a different experience on how to best use the internet.

I often see people go through these stages:

1. Starting to use the internet and finding interesting info.

2. Starting to share interest information and feeling a bit uncomfortable.

3. Starting to connect with people in their industry and/or people who like the same business topics and hobbies. People they connect with may say thanks for the great information shared and increase interest in sharing more.

4. More sharing, more connecting with people interested in similar things, less discomfort.

How much should I share online5. Comfortably sharing what they like and writing about what they know / like because they are comfortable and sometimes because they know others benefit from it.

6. Exploring what else can be shared to support others and seeking opportunities to connect their knowledge with more people.

How much should I share online

Whenever we work with people on their online profile, we are keen for¬†them to be comfortable with what they are doing and sharing online.¬†People may never reach stage 6 above and that’s perfect for them.

There’s no point rushing stages or feeling uncomfortable.

Runway Digital’s aim is to have people showcase who they are online. That is, their unique wisdom, interesting perspectives and their experience. There are others in the world that will connect with their perspective and gain from it. They’ll meet people who have seen their online¬†profile and immediately ‘get’ and connect with the person because they’ve a sense already of who they are.

We can coach you as you move through these stages. Let’s go!


See you in the Clouds!


Blog by Runway Digital Capt’n, Samantha Bell.

How do I look Online? Learn more about Online Reputation Management here.

Recently, this great article about online reputation management¬†appeared on the Runway Digital radar. It’s includes a plethora of tools for you to manage your online profile – from SEO through to tweets and blogs.

Remember Runway Digital provides an¬†Online Assessment¬†service. We’re ready to review what you have created online so we can save you time, and show you what you look like to those who search for you online.

Let’s make sure you’re making the most of opportunities and refining how good you look online.

~ The Clever Crew and Pilots at Runway Digital

We’re interested to hear from you via Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn. Click through to our Pinterest board to see great examples of people and companies who have digitally lifted-off.