eSports 🤲 🕹 ⏳ #64

eSports 🤲 🕹 ⏳ #64

Expanding Self

This image of self development had my mind smile as the rippling lines show an individual growing outwards from the original body as development occurs. Perhaps the ripples could come from the whole body. It’s from the Never Ending Quest book (p181) by Clare W Graves, Cowan & Todorovic. I’ve been reading from page 195 to better understand and apply spiral dynamics. Thanks to Ross & Steve Mc for the inspiration.

Recent Internet Fascination

NASA on Instagram: “Four large islands are hard to miss in satellite imagery of the
Severnaya Zemlya archipelago in the Russian high Arctic. Spanning 37,000…”

“[Bitcoin]’s already storing $125bn of wealth – for tens of millions of people.
It’s the only financial system I’m aware of which has had 24×7 uptime for nine years.”
Pantera Capital October news

There are now many great blockchain podcast shows to listen to.
Here’s a favourite this week. Thanks Ross.

Loic’s writing again and his email was full of uplift. Here’s just some of it ~

Another expanding aspect of life: eSports and an interesting thread ~

Sam Lessin’s challenge (Thanks Tim B) ~

The tools that are uplifting Stewart Brand’s view of the future.

Enliven your way of being and vision with Peta Kelly’s new book “The Earth is Hiring“. I mentioned Peta previously – she provides clarity around the future of business, leadership, getting things done and finances.

These new Ólafur tunes are so distracting! Here’s a sweet playlist.

What’s happening there that’s fascinating you?



Chatting to Google 💬 #4

Chatting to Google is fun!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Digital Captain speaking!

I hope you’re having a great week.

Today as your online guide I’m here to encourage you to start using your voice to search on Google. It will quite possibly save you time and have you enjoy what you’re doing more. Oh yeah!

It’s simple! On the Google homepage, on the right in the search rectangle, there is a microphone symbol. Hover over and click it and say what you want to search for.

Chatting to Google is fun

Have a go now. What did Google find for you?!

The amazing surprise for me is that my computer microphone picked up my normal volume and also that both the phone and the computer cleverly understood my question and find me a relevant answer. (Australian accent and all!)

Next up is how to do quick mapping navigation via your iPhone (apologies to Android users!).

Hold the bottom button in for 2 seconds and say “Direct me to …” and say the address or landmark you seek. “Direct me to” starts navigation straight away so you’re on your way!  You’ll be using Apple Maps.

I prefer the accuracy of Google Maps. If this is the case for you, hold down the bottom bottom button for 2 seconds, let go and say “Open Google Maps” then press the microphone on the top right and say “Direct me to …” and say the address or landmark you seek.

Chatting to Google is funChatting to Google is fun









Leave out “direct me to” if you prefer to see the address or location.

Chatting to Google is fun!

It is so helpful to create text from spoken thoughts.

To quickly get your thoughts on paper, use the same microphone to the left of a new Google Document.

If any of this sounds like jargon, hit reply and ask for help.

Chatting to Google is fun

It’s so wonderful that voice to text is so powerful. Give it a go and see if it saves you time!

Remember you can use voice for quick calling (here are our tips). I’ve started using it for adding a new todo to in my iPhone app by clicking the microphone icon to the left of the keyboard spacebar.

If you’ve read to here and you’re interested though haven’t yet tried the ideas, check out BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits email course.

I tried it last week and it was fun and fascinating to learn how to change a habit, create new habits, and celebrate more (in fun ways). It’s simplicity is very clever. It’s 5 days of:

  • a quick setup
  • an encouraging email at the start of the day and
  • another ‘how’d you go’ email at the end of the day with tips and quick learning.

It’s nearly the end of the financial year here in Australia. If you’ve monies to spend, improve your online presence!

I’m here to see you fly high online!

~ Sam

P.S. Breathe easy by seeing where you’re at with your online profile. Here’s your exclusive, sneak peak of our new guide on the stages of STANDING out online. Also our free Linkedin cheatsheets to polish your profile. Oh! The Goodies! Have a wonderful week.

Top Performance Podcasts #2

Top Performance Podcasts #2

Welcome to a previous issue of Online Highfliers. To get the latest issue delivered to your inbox sign up for the newsletter here.


Best Podcasts for Top Performance

Best Podcasts for Top Performance

Hi Online Pilot,

I hope this reaches you grinning!

I’ve been sending the list below to friends and thought you’d like it too. It has my favourite interviews with top performers in sports, tech, business, mindfulness, health and more.

My HOT TIP before you listen is to purchase a set of bluetooth in-ear headphones.

I really had no idea headphones would improve life so much. The Jaybird X2 pair I bought in February have taken me from rarely listening to a podcast to 3+ a week.

I’ve learnt from top performers in the world while I’ve been at the gym, driving, doing chores, on public transport, walking to the market,… They optimise in-between times.

They also sit comfortably around my neck when I’m not using them as there is no cord to the phone.

I press play more often (even if it’s a few minutes) and it doesn’t matter if my phone is close or in another room.

I’m excited about headphones!

Knowing you’re interested in top performance, future trends, and/or new technology, I imagine you’ll highly enjoy these Tim Ferriss interviews. Tim is the author of the Four Hour Work Week book which is really useful for a productive and globally-aware mindset.

Either access these podcasts via searching for Tim Ferriss in the Podcasts app on your smartphone or head here. I download a few at a time to my phone so that I can listen whether I’m connected to the internet or not.

These are my favourite podcast interviews in suggested listening order:

Bryan Johnson
Naval Ravikant
Joshua Waitzkin (all episodes)
Tara Brach
Caroline Paul
Maria Popova
Charles Poliquin
…check the longer list here.

Listen to at least one in the next week and reply to this email and let me know what was useful. I’ll be fascinated.

Do share the love by forwarding this email as your friends might enjoy these podcasts too.

We’re receiving truly fascinating comments from entrants to our competition – thankyou. If you’ve not yet entered, please do here as it is closing soon and we’d love to see you look amazing online. You could win 2 coaching sessions and support in between (valued at $1,500).

Have fun!

~ Sam

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P.S. The Jaybird X headphones have a known power issue – they sometimes don’t turn on with full charge. I’ve experienced this only a couple of times though not often enough to be concerned. The buds are a bit big for my ears too though they work fine with the smallest earbud covers. The battery life is fantastic! I can use them for a day – which is about 4 or more hours of on and off use. Jaybird also have the Freedom pair coming out soon. I highly recommend purchasing some sort of bluetooth in-ear headphones now – there’s learning to be had!

P.P.S. These headphones save time too. Try out handsfree calling: press and hold the bottom button on your iPhone for a moment, let go then say “Call Tess” and hey presto the phone is ringing for Tess. So easy! For reminders, press and hold the bottom button then say “remind me tomorrow at 9 to call Geoff”… and at 9am tomorrow you’ll be reminded and given the option to call too! Try it out a few times and you’ll get the hang of it. Enjoy!