Thankyou! ūüôŹ ‚≠ź #18

Thankyou! Happy 2017 ???? ‚≠ź




Welcome to the 18th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?




Happy 2017!


Are you enjoying the start of 2017?


I’ve a great feeling about this year. I hope you do too.


Here at Payne’s Hut¬†we had big Summer rains that cleared to radiant blue skies, an exceptionally starry sky on New Year’s Eve and right now there’s a breeze just strong enough to rustle the leaves on the trees, adding to the serenity.


So many kookaburra choruses and much birdsong.


It’s a great way to enjoy the start of 2017.



Payne’s Hut a couple of days ago. You’ll see a few more updates from here on Instagram.




As the year starts, thankyou for being a reader of this newsletter. May your online presence be impressing your target audience and your awareness of current business trends be helping your work.


Your replies fascinate me and each time a person subscribes I get excited that someone has received (& I potentially gained from) the LinkedIn checklist and 10 page preview of the LinkedIn workbook I wrote.


Last year I wrote fortnightly letters for more than half the year and blogged a lot (mainly about LinkedIn and online presence). I learnt from you and attracted more people to samantha and The simple tips seem to be working for people. I’m delighted.


What I loved the most are the conversations that happened via email. Like I mentioned before, I ALWAYS read your email replies and I try my best to reply – even if I take time to do so!


Will I continue in 2017?


Yes! I’m excited to continue sharing what I learn and I believe so much in the greater gains from having the discipline to do so.


I’ll continue to increase the quality and experiment with the format of this email this year. I’m always open to your feedback and I think the format right now with a topic or two, favourite links and a shot of inspiration is working well. I appreciate your feedback and I’ll keep encouraging you to do so.


The topics I write about change a lot as I enjoy a wide range of topics – especially those that are impacting our life and work. One day I write about self driving cars, and another day about something very specific to business or LinkedIn or online presence.


This letter is a side project, and currently costs me about $120 a year to run and if I help a person or two in a positive way with every letter, it’s completely worth it.




One thing I’d greatly appreciate is that if you’ve found you’re not interested in reading, you might want to un-subscribe right now. It benefits both of us. (unsubscribe link in the footer of this email)


Here are my latest favourite listens (in amongst the kookaburra laughter):



What are you listening to, learning about or reading?


Thank you again for reading, and I’ll write to you again in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your holidays and kicking off 2017.


Fly high in life and online this year (apologies to those afraid of heights),


~ Sam



P.S. Want to contribute to this email? Submit your questions or topic recommendations right here. I promise I read them & they will inspire new articles which I hope to answer your questions with.


P.P.S. Start off the year with a strong online profile and attract new opportunities. Here is my LinkedIn book, our online flight training and the next available online coaching slot is the 2nd February.

Universal Basic Income ūüíĪ ūüõÄ ūüėá #17

Universal Basic Income, Home Automation & Human Intelligence


Welcome to the 17th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?

The subject this time round is Universal Basic Income and Home Automation.


Yesterday was a brilliant blue sky day so I went surfing and work happened late into the evening. #ChooseLife

Let’s get into today’s newsletter.

We’re in enthralling times with a call for a Universal Basic Income and a stronger pull in society for home / life automation.

Universal Basic Income

With automation becoming part of every day life and work, the ongoing conversation of human jobs being made redundant occurs more often. One idea gaining attention is a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

“Universal basic income (UBI) is a policy in which all citizens of a country regularly receive an unconditional sum of money, either from a government or some other public institution, in addition to any income received from other means.

Is it actually a solution to technological unemployment?

Can governments react quickly enough, given the pace of innovation and automation in tech?

…will we still have to go through a turbulent, violent period as we redistribute our labor in a world of robots and AI?”

Quickly get up to speed with this¬†short video and if you’ve more time, this¬†interesting read¬†– both from Peter Diamandis. (Fascinating to read about Manitoba’s success.)

Home Automation

This image and title caught my attention this morning and¬†the enjoyable and short article¬†explains why we’ll see an increasing pull for toasters, washing machines and other home devices to become smart.

A longer read is this one from Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook who spent 2016 automating his house.

Favourite reads

  • Keep this for your holiday reading. “When HI combines with AI, we will have the most significant advancement to our capabilities of thought, creativity and intelligence that we will have ever had in history.”
  • Have a play:¬†Virtual Reality, Yosemite and Obama. Great to see how 21st Century Fox is doing¬†VR.
  • If you missed Kevin Kelly’s “The Inevitable” book that described the potential impact of 12 incoming tech forces, here’s a 16 min intro via TED talks.
  • Stephen Hawking’s encouragement for the elites and his view on Brexit, Trump, and tech. “We now have the technology to destroy the planet on which we live, but have not yet developed the ability to escape it.”
  • What I learned from 100 days of rejection” by Jia Jiang. Entertaining and insightful.
  • If you’re a parent or fascinated by learning new things, check out “The Kid Should See This” – “gathers the best short videos that explain how the world works. Subjects includes nature, science, technology, art, politics,…2600 videos” Thanks to Kevin Kelly for the heads up.
  • Learn about Mindfulness and Thriving via Arianna Huffington’s¬†(of Huffington Post fame) Thrive Global initiative.

Great online presence

I wish you a sensational new year.

What do you have planned?

Great to have you onboard,

~ Sam

Build Your Network ūüĎĆ ūüĎÄ ūüŹÉ #16

How To Build Your Network Of Online Advisors


Welcome to the 16th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?

The subject this time round is Growing your Network online.


Pull up a chair, I’m here to tell you a short story that goes a lil’ somethin’ like this ~

In October I was contacted by Troy who found me on LinkedIn through my connection to the Do Lectures.

I saw the Clippings page on his website and was inspired. After a few LinkedIn messages, we established similar interests, caught up for a coffee, learnt¬†about each others’ work,¬†exchanged a few more links and set the intent to stay in contact.¬†It’ll be fun to work together if it happens. Already I’ve gained so much from the links in the original messages.

One of the links¬†was this enthralling¬†short¬†film that led me to Chris Burkard’s photography¬†which has completely WOWed me. I’ve the feeling of incredulousness (yep, that’s a word) and joy when I see his photos.

Let’s break it down.

1. Troy found me on LinkedIn.

Tip: Get your online profile up to date and set up well for people searching for someone with your experience, interests and intentions.

2. Sam has an interesting LinkedIn profile. 

Tip: Think of what is unique for about you and how you wish to represent that uniqueness as best as you can and work out who you wish to attract. Who would you be rapt to attract? Write to them on your website,¬†LinkedIn, other social media sites, email newsletter, and/or blog. Create some mystery so they’ll get in touch…

(We can help if you’re keen.)

3. Troy has an interesting website.

Tip: Setup your online profile for opportunities with new employers, recruiters, clients, media, advisors, supporters, collaborators… think about the broad range of people you wish to attract.

We’re in a global economy. Find people who can¬†inspire, wow, motivate, teach, support, and work with you. Grow your network of relevant advisors and those who can pass on opportunities to you.

4. Sam accepted the LinkedIn invitation.

Tip: Be open to connecting with new people on LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid! It’s a business networking site. You can remove the connection easily. You never know who’ll connect you to your next opportunity. Accept invitations if they seem relevant to you or you sense interest and reach out to relevant people (tips here).

5. Interesting messages were received.

Tip: You never know where one¬†message¬†may lead. Setup LinkedIn and¬†other¬†online sites so you can reply to opportunities in a timely manner. Maybe it’s daily or weekly or monthly – whatever you can manage. Quick responses can be good. Setting up email¬†alerts (in LinkedIn for example) can help if you’re not in these sites regularly.

6. They met.

Tip: Have free time in your diary to meet new people. Good luck.

7. Helpful, interesting links were received.

Tip: You may not like Chris Burkard’s photography. That’s partly the point. I really like it. Find what you like, who you enjoy following. Find people online who enrich your work and life.

Receiving highly tailored links inspire and save time. That happens when your interests, intentions and experience are clear online. Go you good thing.

Checkout the new checkouts ūüôā¬†

Amazon Go was hot news this week.





Merry Everything!

Help someone look amazing online by popping these gifts in their stockings:

LinkedIn workbook $49

Online presence daily email program $99

Online profile coaching (2 sessions) $500

Gift certificates – $100 and $500. Get in touch for a different amount.

Favourite reads:

Happy Silly Season!

If you enjoyed this email, let me know on Twitter @sambe11.

Newsletter Tips ‚õÖ ‚ö°#15

Newsletter Tips ‚õÖ ‚ö°#15

Welcome to a previous issue of Online Highfliers. To get the latest issue delivered to your inbox sign up for the newsletter here.

“Safety” Meetings, B Corporations, Newsletter Tips & Politics ‚õÖ ‚ö°


Welcome to the 15th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in the archive?

The subject this time round is, well, Safety Meetings¬†(trust me, it’s fun).


Which newsletters are you enjoying? I find a moment of peace with this one, feel the laughter bubbles coming before I read this one and love the quick fascination dose here.


I met amazing people in the past fortnight who hand-balled me short films and new brands to check out. Enjoy the favourites here. Thrilling!

B Corporations and organisations trying for B Corp status are wonderful. Could you be a Benefits Corporation?

I really enjoyed this interview with¬†Richard Betts (world-class hospitality expert and top sommelier) and loved hearing about his quick¬†“Safety” Meeting in really intense times. It consisted of being mindful of the intensity… taking a moment… racing¬†into the cool-room, throwing down a drink and coming out ready to take on the world. Fun name, quick result! Listen to the interview to get the full meaning. Keep it in mind for your next intense moment?


Just in case politics is getting you down >>¬†get a pep talk from¬†the Kid President ūüėČ

I’m here to help you look amazing online. Reply to this email with any queries or questions.

I wish you all a wonderful new week. If you enjoyed this email, let me know on Twitter @sambe11.

Fly high online,

~ Sam

PS. Make it happen. You can do it.

PPS. Inspiration and ideas ~

  • I really enjoyed Pandora then¬†Rdio¬†and more recently I¬†tried Apple Music¬†(inspired by my Apple Watch). This week I started using (free) Pandora again and it’s reminding me why I loved Rdio – when music that WOWs you plays with very little effort (not having to do too many thumbs up or down), life is enhanced. I’m¬†currently listening to Zero 7 radio – great for writing a newsletter ūüôā¬†What digital tunes / radio stations do you like?
  • Have you been to a Creative Mornings event? There’s possibly one near you.¬†Last week Anna Ross had the audience in stitches explaining how she used fantasy in building her business Kester Black.¬†Well worth looking out for the fascinating story via video of her talk here¬†(check out the other talks here too).
  • If you’re in London this weekend, head on over to the Do Market. Oh yeah. Plan to stay a while!
  • I’m often blogging about new tech, how to gain clients online, how to enhance your online profile, LinkedIn tips and more here. Similar (though slightly tweaked for LinkedIn) is¬†here.
  • The Golden Record still amazes me. You?
  • Thanks¬†again for your replies and¬†insights. This week as I researched the future of health and foods, I was reminded of Russell’s comments from the¬†AgTech newsletter¬†and that we could feed the increased population if we reduced consumerism as well as wasteful food industry practices¬†(especially¬†animal agriculture).¬†Food for thought (dare I say this pun? yep.). Your comments are fascinating ūüôā Hit¬†reply!
  • Last idea for now: Doctor¬†Strange – great CGI. Worth a watch.
Tech Forces  ūüď° ūüėé ūüĎĆ #14

Tech Forces ūüď° ūüėé ūüĎĆ #14

Welcome to a previous issue of Online Highfliers. To get the latest issue delivered to your inbox sign up for the newsletter here.

Kevin Kelly’s Tech Forces, LinkedIn News, High Performance Tips & Sam’s Update‚ėļ


Welcome to the 14th edition of this email (over 6 months!). Did you know you can read all past editions in the archive?

This time round I’m providing a digest of the fascinating things I’m reading / spotting. ¬†Here and there I will throw in one of these more personal emails where I share things I’m enjoying right now, and what’s on my mind.¬†If you like this format, let me know by replying to this email.


Let’s get into it.

I subscribe to and get an audio book each month. Like podcasts, they’re a great way to be informed and now there’s no pile of books by my bed. Wahoo!

My recent favourite audiobooks are:

Kevin Kelly’s “The Inevitable”¬†– within 6 hours of listening you’ll be up to date with the 12 tech forces that are shaping our future. I found listening to this at 1.25 speed worked well and the 6 hours took me about 3 week in amongst listening to other media.

Ryan Holiday’s “Ego is the Enemy”¬†is exactly what you’d hope for.

Bluetooth Headphones have come up a lot in my conversations in the past fortnight. Sounds like the new Jaybirds are even better. I’ve realised that I’m not in the market from Apple’s Airpods as the Jaybirds sit around my neck ready to be popped in my ear when I want to chat to Siri and don’t need to be put away (or lost/left behind on a cafe table!).

I’ve upped my weekly average on podcasts and audiobook listening since writing this post about gaining extra hours of learning in February.

Don’t just take my word for it, try them for yourself. Get learning on-the-go!

Play Your Best (Work) Game.

I’ve collected the tips I’ve learnt from running The Do Lectures here in Australia. Here’s a sneak peak prior to them flying on Social Media:

Creating Incredible Experiences: Tips for the Vision Holder

How Do You Create A High Performing Team for Extraordinary Projects?

How Do You Create An Experience that Goes Beyond Delighting People?

Startup Tips for Creating (Seemingly Impossible) International Events

LinkedIn News

LinkedIn Learning‘s new short courses range from a few minutes to a couple of hours, you’ll pickup great tips and you can listen to many of them without needing to watch the video. I really enjoyed Guy Kawasaki’s simple and quick tips on Entrepreneurship.

On the LinkedIn app, endorsements now include insights on the specialists who rate you in their skill. It takes time for people to endorse you so refresh your skills now – check they’re relevant, in a useful order and double check your settings are on for people to endorse you. Here’s how.

Still not sure where to start with LinkedIn? This very possibly will save you years.

I hope you enjoyed this email & as always, please DO let me know via Twitter if you have feedback, ideas to include, questions or just want to send a fist bump.

Have a fun week, flying high online,

~ Sam

PS. The podcasts I enjoy the most end up on my Podcast recommendations list right here.

A fortnightly electronic letter from Sam Bell & Runway Digital. Explained here.

My goal is to help people have online presence, as well as save time and reduce career risks. Knowing about business and tech developments and planning well can help.