Winning Newsletters ūüéĀ ūüėé ūüíÉ #36

Here comes a previous issue of Online Highfliers….
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Welcome to the 36th edition of this email. Did you know you can read past editions right here?


Winning Newsletters

While enjoying the Wilsons’ newsletters (Fred¬†and¬†Joanne), I’ve ‘gotten’ a bit more of why they’ve written regularly for so long.

The thing is, you can start a newsletter for business development, marketing, self expression and other reasons and my recent experience is there’s more to this regular activity.

Here’s an update on what I’ve noticed:

  • Each fortnight I’ve the opportunity to get onto ‘paper’ what’s currently on my mind that’d be useful to others.
  • As more peers, colleagues, people in my network, friends and family show interest¬†in new business and life opportunities (such as blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies), I can easily¬†forward previous emails knowing they include¬†easy to pick up¬†introductory links after I’ve distilled much reading.
  • I’ve a timeline of my interests since I started writing. I like this.
  • It’s fun to engage. People send fascinating and lovely replies.
  • My writing and choice of subjects has (naturally) refined as have my systems (for example, collating links throughout the fortnight in one place)¬†and use of¬†tech such as Mailchimp’s new editing feature on their smartphone app.
  • Having written each fortnight for a year and a half, I’ve a fun sense of achievement and I’m a bit in awe!
  • I’ve published previous emails on LinkedIn and gain comments there. My Linked profile (online resume / CV) shows more of my expertise, interests and¬†style. Opportunities have come from this and possibly I appear in more (relevant) LinkedIn searches.

It’s a great use of time. Maybe you will¬†try it?


Marketing via cryptocurrencies.

“Burger King launched its own cryptocurrency known as ‚Äď what else? ‚ÄstWhopperCoin. The new currency was launched as part of a rewards program for the company‚Äôs customers in Russia. With each purchase of a Whopper customers will receive a WhopperCoin token in a digital wallet. …WhopperCoin owners can either use them to purchase products at Burger King or trade or sell them to other interested parties.”


Favourite reads & listens

  • So clever! (thanks Ross)
  • Just in case you haven’t yet watched¬†this.¬†#privilege #equality #pursuePurpose #BigVisions #JustTry
  • Because¬†markets¬†are inspiring.
  • The¬†scale¬†of Internet of Things (IoT) and some of the many players.
  • This wonderful Tiny House ~

Great online presence

‚ÄúThe boys. No exaggeration to say these two fine gentlemen ‚ÄĒ @enriqueallen and @henretig ‚ÄĒ changed my life, made me a much better human. We‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

  • The extended list is¬†here¬†and¬†here.

We’ve had incredible¬†snowstormshere in Victoria. Huge snowflakes have amazed me on the chairlift and have filled in my tracks so that each new run is a fresh adventure.

Warmer Spring days are coming soon. What’s happening there?

Hoping you’re enjoying today,