Extending Senses  ūüŹÉ ūüöö ūüĎā#41

Extending Senses ūüŹÉ ūüöö ūüĎā#41

It was the “latte” in this Tesla semi post that made me grin.


Books that you miss upon finishing.

I was entranced and entertained listening to Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

VR/AR leaders often recommend it to experience one of our possible futures:¬†ultra-simulation (in 2045). The impressive narration by Wil Wheaton often had me chuckling, the detail in the book astounded me and of course it was fun to hear the vast number of (familiar) 1980’s references.

It’s also a Spielberg¬†movie to be released next year.

Kevin Kelly in Recomendo.


Favourite reads & listens

  • What senses would you extend?Neil Harbisson¬†talks¬†about going from full colourblindness to installing an antenna so he could hear sound.¬†Apparently the cleaning product isle in the supermarket is like a fun nightclub!¬†It’s an¬†uplifting, fascinating, futuristic, 9:35min watch. Actually even the first few minutes is worth it to imagine¬†a new dimension for you.Photo credit: Ted.com
  • Rolling Stone¬†followed Elon around for months.Here are a few quotes that struck me:

  • The world is getting better at a stunning rate“. This report has “evidence of abundance” graphs and insights. Big¬†thanks to Peter Diamandis and his team for showcasing how the world is improving. Here’s to¬†balanced¬†news.






  • Using algorithms and radical transparency¬†at work may make your workplace even easier.¬†(thx Jacqui Hocking)
  • The¬†Websummit opening remarks¬†are¬†a great call for designers, creators, entrepreneurs¬†and technologists to focus on building tech that is useful and fair for society. Included are: Stephen Hawking on AI, Bryan Johnson on HI,¬†a regulator’s view of Facebook and other ultra powerful tech companies.

Great presence

  • Thanks for the laugh David Roberts (of¬†Innovation and Disruption at Singularity University). Here is his¬†bio: “His fascination with technology began In fourth grade after building a hovering electric drone, to carry his younger sister to the bus stop, powered by¬†what was formerly his mother’s vacuum cleaner, and fortunately limited by the length of an electric power cord.”Have you added humour to yours?
  • Good fun at the London tube:

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PS.¬†One of the companies and experiences that have most impressed me in the last couple of years is¬†Manly Ocean Adventures. Knowledgeable, exceptional value, and thoughtful, they’re advertising their incredible experiences (with or¬†without whales) as¬†great¬†Christmas gift ideas. If you’re near Sydney or your people are… this could be for you!



PPS. in a previous email I wrote about the Apple Airpods. My update from a month of using them is that I’m still loving the earphones quick change between computer and iPhone and watch phonecall pickup.¬†I am missing the ease of the Jaybirds hanging around my neck. The Airpods are a bit more of a cognitive load for me. They’re fiddly to remember where they are / to put in my pocket when I’m on the move and I sense I’ve a higher risk of losing them. Jaybird X2 Sport were around my neck all the time and I could use one or two earphones and never think about the battery or getting into the practice of taking out one Airpod during a long phonecall to make sure I have enough battery. The tech of the Airpods is beautiful and clever and it’s wonderful they can be used across many bluetooth devices – not just Apple’s. Airpods around the neck!?!

Humanity  ūüėć ‚Źę ūüôĆ #34

Humanity ūüėć ‚Źę ūüôĆ #34

Welcome to the 34th edition of this email. Did you know you can read past editions right here?



The¬†overview effect¬†teaches that astronauts leave as scientists and return to earth philosophers. Having seen the blue planet in space I wonder if you and I would have the same realisation that we’re one race ‘aboard’ this rotating Earth.

As Blockchain technology takes off (and Bitcoin soars over A$5,000), there is great potential for the human race.

And from a currency point of view, we’re beyond the need to carry physical currency. Why wouldn’t money be digital and evolve to different, useful forms?

A Lovely Funeral.

On the weekend I attended a close friend’s Dad’s funeral in Sydney. It was lovely and uplifting for all – not the usual description!

He was a wonderful listener, conversationalist, and contributor to those around him. Everyone left the service having learnt something new about him, amazed at all he’d done in life and how many people he’d touched.

We each have an impact on our family, friends and those around us. Hear’s to you.

The End of Typing.

Loved the caption of this image:

“Ilphaz Khan, 24, communicates via voice text
with a family member on WhatsApp
at a New Delhi railway station.”

“The internet‚Äôs global expansion is entering a new phase,
and it looks decidedly unlike the last one.” ~WSJ

Global Income Support.

Having imagined how a Universal Basic Income could come to be, I’ve seen government support as the easiest way though wondered if cryptocurrencies could provide an answer. Someone¬†thinks so¬†(final 4 minutes).

Favourite reads & listens

Last week I chased into the storm to Mount Hotham and improved my skiing. Catch up with the story I added to Instagram.

Waving from the harbour city,

~ Sam