Elon ūüĎĹ ‚ú® ūüíź #39

Elon ūüĎĹ ‚ú® ūüíź #39

Ways to feel happy about your future.

Elon Musk says his massive visions are all about¬†not wanting to feel sad about the future. He suggests people need things in our future to feel excited about (such as the real possibility of a civilisation on Mars). Such simple perspective that’s leading to significant global progress, innovation and inspiration.

“Fundamentally, the future is vastly more exciting and interesting if we are a spacefaring civilisation and a multi-planet species”

“You want to be inspired by things, to wake up in the morning and think that the future is going to be great. And that‚Äôs what being a spacefaring civilisation is all about.”

His insights have inspired me across topics from entrepreneurialism to intentional visions to being playful while aiming high Рperhaps they will for you too via this easy YouTube playlist. Press play and watch each one.

One of the fascinating things is that Tesla’s mission is about influencing the industry (not just selling cars) and if they fail, they’ll have influenced other car manufacturers to progress their sustainable energy cars.

He recently promoted GM making electric cars:

Elon’s Top 5 Areas for¬†Humanity.

The five areas Elon sees as important to work on now for humanity:
  1. Doing Artificial Intelligence (AI)¬†“in a good way”
  2. Reprogramming genetics Рincluding higher bandwidth to the brain.  Whoah.
  3. Self driving cars
  4. Sustainable energy
  5. The Internet

One for the history books!

Since we reuse airplanes, we might as well reuse rockets! Go SpaceX!

Favourite reads & listens

  • Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy”¬†by Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg is a guide for being a great human, a great friend, to those going through the grief of losing a loved one and tips for people who are directly going through mourning. There were snippets in there about resilience and adversity that could apply to other aspects of life though it was predominantly about Sheryl’s story of her husband unexpectedly dying at 47 years old and how she coped and performed with the help of supportive colleagues at Facebook, friends and family and includes the wisdom that helped. An emotional rollercoaster and a book for life that I recommend. 6 hour listen on Audible.
  • Melburnians –¬†Dior¬†is here¬†’til 7 November. The scale of this exhibition at NGV is brilliant as is seeing the House through the years. Worth¬†a couple of hours. If you’ve seen the¬†Dior and I documentary¬†you’ll enjoy the familiarity. I was mesmerised by this¬†Autumn/Winter 2017 show¬†on the big screen:

  • Simple, short watch¬†to support you and the other high achievers you know.
  • Ski like a girl¬†talk by¬†Lynsey Dyer. Lynsey started¬†She Jumps¬†which teaches girls and kids to: Find your own magnificence and sense of belonging through:¬†1. Have a goal 2. Lighten up on yourself 3. Be your own best friend 4. Listen to your intuition 5. Accept all the parts of yourself.¬† ¬†
  • My new¬†airpods¬†are as excellent as people say they are. Effortlessly (so fast) changing and connecting¬† between¬†computer, watch and phone, and comfortable.¬†Ohhhh yeahhh….
  • Enhancing Human Intelligence (HI) via a chip in your brain.¬†What’s possible?¬†Bryan Johnson provides food for thought and insight.
  • “Work should light a fire in your soul!” Go¬†Tina.

Great online presence

  • It was wonderful to be part of¬†Type.Human‘s launch today. Get in touch with them if the¬†idea has you curious.
  • Oh NASA, of course, you’re AMAZING!

  • I’ve been¬†baking. Enjoy!

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News

Remember that list I mentioned? The one with 25+ links of Blockchain and cryptocurrency insights? It has a few additions for you ~

  • a new, prioritised YouTube playlist,
  • a new video on blockchains for supply chains,
  • a new talk by Andreas about Bitcoin’s future.¬†I particularly liked his analogy to not mistaking smooth sailing¬†as a sign of great sailors,
  • favourite podcasts and newsletters you can subscribe to¬†and more.

Click on those of interest. The YT playlist has a few short ones that are easy to pickup.

Shoot me a reply so I can improve the next email. Thanks.

Here’s to your wonderful¬†week!

~ Sam


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Humanity  ūüėć ‚Źę ūüôĆ #34

Humanity ūüėć ‚Źę ūüôĆ #34

Welcome to the 34th edition of this email. Did you know you can read past editions right here?



The¬†overview effect¬†teaches that astronauts leave as scientists and return to earth philosophers. Having seen the blue planet in space I wonder if you and I would have the same realisation that we’re one race ‘aboard’ this rotating Earth.

As Blockchain technology takes off (and Bitcoin soars over A$5,000), there is great potential for the human race.

And from a currency point of view, we’re beyond the need to carry physical currency. Why wouldn’t money be digital and evolve to different, useful forms?

A Lovely Funeral.

On the weekend I attended a close friend’s Dad’s funeral in Sydney. It was lovely and uplifting for all – not the usual description!

He was a wonderful listener, conversationalist, and contributor to those around him. Everyone left the service having learnt something new about him, amazed at all he’d done in life and how many people he’d touched.

We each have an impact on our family, friends and those around us. Hear’s to you.

The End of Typing.

Loved the caption of this image:

“Ilphaz Khan, 24, communicates via voice text
with a family member on WhatsApp
at a New Delhi railway station.”

“The internet‚Äôs global expansion is entering a new phase,
and it looks decidedly unlike the last one.” ~WSJ

Global Income Support.

Having imagined how a Universal Basic Income could come to be, I’ve seen government support as the easiest way though wondered if cryptocurrencies could provide an answer. Someone¬†thinks so¬†(final 4 minutes).

Favourite reads & listens

Last week I chased into the storm to Mount Hotham and improved my skiing. Catch up with the story I added to Instagram.

Waving from the harbour city,

~ Sam

Flying VR ūüĆŹ ūüíČ ūüíé #19

Flying in VR, Stem Cell Developments & LinkedIn 2017




Welcome to the 19th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?


The subject this time round is 2017 Success¬†and I’ve included¬†great links on Virtual Reality and stem cell developments.




Fantastic 2017


Getting annual health checks in January has me feel soooo organised and glowing with satisfaction for the rest of the year.


“I did that in January!”


Let’s create that feeling for you with your LinkedIn profile:


1. Book¬†30 minutes in your diary in the next fortnight to polish your LinkedIn¬†so it’s ready for the rest of the year.


2. In that 30 minutes either use these free tips¬†or¬†download our new, 2017 version of¬†The Standout Professional’s LinkedIn workbook¬†(see discount details below).


The new, 2017 version just left¬†the¬†maintenance sheds. Thankfully I had¬†less updates to do¬†than expected and really¬†enjoyed the process of refining¬†last year’s work.


We’ve also updated the price to $19 so more people can learn and if you use this discount code mylinkedinrocks in the next week¬†it’s $10 and remember the bonus tips at the end. Thanks for being a reader ūüôā


If you’ve already bought a copy, you’ll receive an email with¬†an updated link so you can use the latest version.


As always, reply to let me know¬†how you’re going.¬†I’m keen to help.



This week’s favourite reads & listens:


  • Always wanted to fly? This VR suit excites the mind with possibilities. Learn more about it and VR/AR news¬†here¬†and remember the Voices of VR podcast – choose the topic you’re interested in and learn about Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality through your preferred lens.
  • Quickly get updated on stem cells. This is an especially great read if stem cells have sounded too complicated to date. Includes the latest developments from banking your children’s stem cells to stem cell transfusions. Amazing. It’s by Peter Diamandis who’s gathering a wonderful selection of futuristic topics on his blog¬†– flick through and read a couple of topics that attract your eyes.
  • Ross Hill’s uplifting, new post¬†on space:¬†one of humanity’s next frontiers.
  • Interesting to see what’s being discussed at Davos today.
  • Especially insightful for Aussie women, this Ita Buttrose podcast with Mia Freedman¬†showcases Ita as¬†a successful, strong, disciplined female as well as being a fun and engaging review of how far we’ve come in the media industry. Refreshing.
  • What are you enjoying at the moment?


I wish you all a wonderful week. Press reply let’s chat¬†¬†????


Fly high online,


~ Sam


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