Flying VR ūüĆŹ ūüíČ ūüíé #19

Flying in VR, Stem Cell Developments & LinkedIn 2017




Welcome to the 19th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?


The subject this time round is 2017 Success¬†and I’ve included¬†great links on Virtual Reality and stem cell developments.




Fantastic 2017


Getting annual health checks in January has me feel soooo organised and glowing with satisfaction for the rest of the year.


“I did that in January!”


Let’s create that feeling for you with your LinkedIn profile:


1. Book¬†30 minutes in your diary in the next fortnight to polish your LinkedIn¬†so it’s ready for the rest of the year.


2. In that 30 minutes either use these free tips¬†or¬†download our new, 2017 version of¬†The Standout Professional’s LinkedIn workbook¬†(see discount details below).


The new, 2017 version just left¬†the¬†maintenance sheds. Thankfully I had¬†less updates to do¬†than expected and really¬†enjoyed the process of refining¬†last year’s work.


We’ve also updated the price to $19 so more people can learn and if you use this discount code mylinkedinrocks in the next week¬†it’s $10 and remember the bonus tips at the end. Thanks for being a reader ūüôā


If you’ve already bought a copy, you’ll receive an email with¬†an updated link so you can use the latest version.


As always, reply to let me know¬†how you’re going.¬†I’m keen to help.



This week’s favourite reads & listens:


  • Always wanted to fly? This VR suit excites the mind with possibilities. Learn more about it and VR/AR news¬†here¬†and remember the Voices of VR podcast – choose the topic you’re interested in and learn about Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality through your preferred lens.
  • Quickly get updated on stem cells. This is an especially great read if stem cells have sounded too complicated to date. Includes the latest developments from banking your children’s stem cells to stem cell transfusions. Amazing. It’s by Peter Diamandis who’s gathering a wonderful selection of futuristic topics on his blog¬†– flick through and read a couple of topics that attract your eyes.
  • Ross Hill’s uplifting, new post¬†on space:¬†one of humanity’s next frontiers.
  • Interesting to see what’s being discussed at Davos today.
  • Especially insightful for Aussie women, this Ita Buttrose podcast with Mia Freedman¬†showcases Ita as¬†a successful, strong, disciplined female as well as being a fun and engaging review of how far we’ve come in the media industry. Refreshing.
  • What are you enjoying at the moment?


I wish you all a wonderful week. Press reply let’s chat¬†¬†????


Fly high online,


~ Sam


P.S. Another New Year’s tip is to unsubscribe from newsletters that are no longer WOWing you or those that sit in your inbox that never get read. Be ruthless and feel lighter from it! If you’re on gmail¬†unrollme¬†lists all your subscriptions and unsubscribes at the click of a button (I’ve just used it).