Happy close of 2017, Bitcoin reading tips & Tilda Swinton! ūüĆě ūüĆ≤ ūüćé ~ Online Highfliers Issue 43

Here comes a previous issue of Online Highfliers….


Hi and welcome to the 43rd Edition of this email.

I wish¬†you¬†happy¬†vibes from all you’ve achieved in¬†2017¬†and a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Here in Melbourne it’s time to go surfing, have fun times¬†at the beach with friends, eat delicious food and enjoy travels.

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Get Up To Speed With Bitcoin & Crypto’s.

After watching and reading loads¬†of¬†bitcoin,¬†blockchain, cryptocurrency, ethereum talks and posts, I’ve found “The Internet¬†of¬†Money” book written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos¬†the quickest, most engaging listen. It’ll take you from not understanding to really clever, easy-to-comprehend ideas.

If you’ve been thinking you need to learn about blockchain or have a twinkling¬†of¬†interest, there’s something there for you to uncover.

Here’s how you can listen to Andreas’ book for free:

1. Sign up with Audible to get your first book free for 30 days.

2. Login and use your free credit to purchase “The Internet¬†of¬†Money” written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

3. On your smartphone download the Audible app, login, then click the image¬†ofAndreas’ book to start downloading the book.

4. Grab your headphones and hit play. 4 hours 8 minutes straight will do it though I like to listen when I’m driving, walking, or while I’m doing something that doesn’t require much attention.

Let me know how you go.

Crypto’s to the end¬†of¬†2017.

With their wider utility, it’s great to see¬†increasing interest¬†in¬†Ethers. I’m interested to watch what happens with crypto values to the end¬†of¬†the¬†2017. Perhaps they’ll be in more holiday conversations and people may have time to setup online wallets and purchase.

Favourite Reads & Listens.

  • Excited to have started using web browser Brave, powered by BAT tokens, on my computer and iPhone. Less bugs than expected (still a few) though enjoying it as a alternative to¬†Chrome.

  • Nick Hand’s videos¬†are a calm, collected, usually fascinating watch. He has a respectful¬†and kind way¬†of¬†delving into the person he profiles. Impressive too as many¬†of¬†short films are gathered as Nick¬†rides his bike around countries.¬† I attended Nick’s Do Lectures video workshop in Wales and it was so good!¬†Next time¬†you‚Äôre in Bristol, visit him at¬†the Letterpress Collective.

  • Thinking¬†about a¬†cryptokitty? or buying a cryptopuppy?

  • Food¬†for thought on blockchain and the future. (thread)

  • Someone made it big on Bitcoin and is now giving¬†US$86M. Will you¬†apply? #pineapples!

Great online presence.

  • Delivering all the answers… this captivating¬†site¬†from Nick Jaffe helps you prepare your¬†adventure. Go stay!

  • Great tweets and replies from¬†Elon¬†about selling¬†hats to fund The¬†Boring Company ($20 per hat x¬†50,000 hats = $1 million). Last I checked he was at 42k and made a¬†Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy joke. So fun!¬†His twitter bio has me chuckling:


~ Sam



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Global Countries, clever Teslas, and Blockchain tech ūüĆŹ ūüöó ūüĒÖ ~ Online High Fliers Issue 35

Here comes a previous issue of Online Highfliers….
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Welcome to the 35th edition of this email. Did you know you can read past editions right here?

Hoping this reaches you well and happy.


My Last Two Weeks 

= Whales, Sydney Harbour, snow, friends, family and fascinating research into blockchain tech and the future.

One of the things I adored about¬†Sydney was long, early morning Harbour walks with a close friend and finishing with a coffee at local cafes in Balmain village. Dogs, kids, professionals interact and stand around waiting for coffee, some look at their phones, most start a conversation. Many have been doing this routine for many, many years. Morning coffees are a great, easy way to get to be part of a local community.¬†Maybe I’ll start going to Market Lane in Melbourne as it seems similar.¬†

My skiing mojo is ON and I’ve had a couple of weekdays skiing with two (retiree) friends who are (as¬†Mark Shayler¬†might say) “banging” skiers which heightens the challenge, the learning and of course there’s the usual fun conversations on chairlifts. My skiing ease and skill is improving quickly and there was 175cm’s of snow across a fortnight a week ago so Mt Hotham looks superb. This year I’ve seen so many large snowflakes drifting down which is always charming and entrancing.

Surfing hasn’t happened for a fortnight and I’m missing it though¬†next week it’ll be ON!

What are you enjoying?

Global countries.

“‚ÄėEstonia has just 1.3 million residents, but what would happen if our country had 10 million digital residents too? …So then we wondered ‚ÄĒ why stop there? Our digital infrastructure can handle far more ‚Äėusers‚Äô than the current population.”


Interested in business?

I’m looking forward to reading these ~

“For almost four years, from Jan 2010 to late 2013, I would write a column every Monday called MBA Mondays where I tried to cover the basics of a business education…

There are roughly 200 posts in total that I wrote during the time this weekly series was active. You can see the entire MBA Mondays archive¬†here.¬†There is a lot of good stuff in there.” ~¬†Fred Wilson



Blockchain tech

If you asked me where to start to learn about this topic, I’d send you these links:

  • Background reading on Blockchain – click¬†this link¬†+ search for “Blockchain” and/or “Bitcoin”. It’s worth putting aside a few hours to enjoy spotting opportunities relevant to you.
  • Want to understand¬†Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins?¬†This YouTube channel¬†has fast and clear introductory videos.
  • coinmarketcap.com¬†has the market cap and prices of all coins and upcoming ICO’s / new tokens are listed¬†here.
  • “bringing the internet closer to the benefits we experience in everyday life”¬†(“building out the next version of the internet”)
  • “…the crypto sector is much more than Bitcoin, fintech, trading and crypto currencies ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs about building a better, decentralized, (digital) world. By using the term ‚Äúdecentralization‚ÄĚ I refer to a process of redistributing functions, people, powers or things away from a central authority. The problem with centralized systems is that they lack transparency, allow for single points of failure, censorship, abuse of power and inefficiencies.” Enjoy the¬†map.


Favourite reads & listens

For your CEO and senior leaders

  • “The most promising use cases [of blockchain technology] to date are: store of value, payments, crowdfunding, file storage, identity management and authentication, prediction markets, escrow, title chains, notary chains, provenance, and supply chains.”¬†David Sacks

Great online presence


Thanks for your insights, questions, comments and thanks via replies and tweets. Much appreciated. Hey Ali x

Have a fantastic week!

~ Sam




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