The Bitcoins keep going up and up and up, Omotenashi & VR ūüĆŅ ūüźľ ūüĆź #40

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Hi and welcome to the BIG 4-0 Edition of this email.

Loads of fascinating developments have happened since I last wrote, including two blockchain tech conferences (Ethereal and Devcon) as well as bitcoin prices going through the roof (US$7,343 /AU$9651 when writing this) and masses of mainstream media attention. This new tech is really starting to touch our lives.

And another rocket went up and down.

How lucky we are to witness these happenings. This time is amazing.

You’re so Ethereal.

Jump onto YouTube to watch the Ethereal conference, specifically:

  • Here, Bryan Johnson fast forwards¬†twenty years and links human intelligence with Blockchains – this is a quick watch¬†and the bonus is: it’s in layman‚Äôs terms.
  • Joe Lubin starts the conference¬†with Blockchain tech’s current state and future possibilities.
  • Peter Diamandis¬†raises the concern of¬†the linear nature of government and the exponential growth of technology. So apt.

The first link here is to the playlist of all videos. Enjoy and hit reply here with any questions you have.


Deliciousness + Learning = here.

“Omotenashi is the Japanese culture of treating a guest. It blends a welcoming spirit with warmth, understanding, and above all respect.”

Favourite reads & listens

  • Take a fun and fascinating¬†tour of the international space station.
  • Great thinking on the rising Bitcoin prices¬†from Laura Shin ~“The reasons for the jumps are unclear, but unless there’s negative news, every day, at minimum, the price is likely to rise because of new money coming into the system. Every day on Coinbase alone, about 35,000 new accounts open — a figure that sometimes reaches 50,000 — and thousands of people in South Korea and Japan, two countries where Bitcoin has taken off, are also bringing new fiat money [cash] into the system.”
  • Signup for¬†rocket updates.
  • Here’s a¬†great shortcut to reading Option B book mentioned in the last email.¬†Watch the video on this page.
  • It was fascinating to learn about¬†inserting signals in the brain so people can move prosthetic limbs and even turn on taps at the¬†Stentrode Story event in April. To start with it’s accident victims who can’t move limbs.¬†We may be next: imagine if you can get your mind to turn on a tap. Connecting humans to machines – it’s coming.¬†Putting my order in for wings and flight now.
  • Jonathan Harris has¬†returned¬†with a fabulous tilt on Virtual Reality…

For your CEO and senior leaders

  • Nice one Jeff Bezos:

Great online presence

  • Impressive service, live chat and website that quickly answered questions ~ well done¬†Aussie Broadband.

Reply to let me know what you want to read about.

Have a wonderful week,

~ Sam



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Average is Dead, Designing your 2017 & Employee Experiences ūüėé ūüėÉ ūüėć #20

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Average is Dead, Designing your 2017 & Employee Experiences ???? ???? ????


Welcome to the 20th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?

The subject this time round is Average is Dead.

The Age of Average is Dead. Yippeee!

I’ve started listening to newly released “Thankyou for Being Late” which is “an essential and entertaining field guide to thriving in the 21st century” by the “Pulitzer Prize winner and number one international best-selling author of The World Is Flat”.¬†A short way in, it’s already a great reflection on now and where we have the potential to head. Author Thomas L. Friedman mentions how Uber has removed layers of complexity for consumers – there’s no longer the need to call, schedule, trust a taxi will arrive,… Combined with others I’ve listened to recently concurring that the age of average is dead, it’s great to reflect on what Uber now provides and how it’s reduced effort, increased simplicity and even made the experience more enjoyable. What other complexities that we deal with day-to-day will be simplified to make life easier? So exciting.


Viktor & Rolf Exhibition

If you’re in Melbourne please head to the Viktor Rolf exhibition! It is a showcase of masterpieces of focus, determination, haute couture, craftsmanship, design, production, innovation and more. Absolutely exceptional. My photos are here. (Don’t peak if you’re going.)




Constant Learning is Here to Stay

We’re now in a fabulous time for humanity (move over negativity) and with it comes faster work environments and constant learning. Don’t freak out! Get an proactive, digitally-aware mindset. Get learning! Here’s your Digital Learning checklist¬†(scroll down to where it says “Here is your Digital Learning Plan”). Use it to check you’re up to speed with current digital knowledge and send it to peers at work. Set time each week to fill each piece (it may take a lot less time than expected and give you great pride too).

2017 is Your Year!

Last year two of my legendary friends signed up for beginner ice hockey lessons. After the first few sessions they’d fallen in love with the sport and they’ve since fitted in practicing at the ice rink every day or two at lunch time or after work or… whenever! They run their own businesses and have full lives. They’ve made a new, exhilarating hobby fit in their lives.¬†I’ve recently had a similar experience with surfing – I get so much done after a morning surf! What life priority / hobby is creating this sort of focus for you this year? Food for thought… Imagine altering your diary so you could be at [enter your equivalent to the ice hockey rink / surf break here] every day and that helped your productivity… Have fun!


Virtual Reality Excitement

An Australian VR start-up is creating accurate, virtual reconstructions of long-lost structures.



Long-Term Planning

Given¬†the person who’ll live to be 1000 years old is quite possibly alive (is it you?)… 1,000 year planning may be realistic. What would your plans incorporate if they were 10 year plans or 50 or 100 or more?

iWatch Tip

Do you have an iwatch? What face works for you? Here’s mine. I’m loving clicking the workout icon on the bottom-right, choosing ‘Other’ then ‘Surfing’ ūüôā Here’s a simple introduction¬†on how to use the workout mode.




Favourite reads & listens:

Have a great evening / day!

Fly high online,

~ Sam


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A fortnightly electronic letter from Sam Bell & Runway Digital. Explained here.


My goal is to help people have online presence, as well as save time and reduce career risks. Knowing about business and tech developments and planning well can help.

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Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life ūüéĮ #6

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Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life.



Nintendo’s runaway success Pokemon Go arrived¬†to¬†smartphones last week and it’s¬†an AMAZING¬†example of what we’re about to integrate into work and life.

In case you’re¬†disinterested because it sounds too much like playing a game¬†or you’re¬†weary from yet-another-new-digital-craze,¬†get ready to be surprised by how your world is gaining…

…another DIMENSION.


First up, here’s what Pokemon Go¬†looks like. It’s called “Augmented” Reality (AR) because the real imagery on your screen is overlaid with objects.

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in lifePhoto credit: Techcrunch

Millions of people are using it… (but there’s more – keep scrolling down…)

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life

This is the AMAZING bit¬†(I’m hoping¬†you can read this – if not, click here¬†or¬†zoom your screensize):
Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life

Even if you never use Pokemon Go you now know an Augmented Reality smartphone app brings about exercise, exploring, chance meetings, connections between people, and potentially reduced racism. WOW.

Essential reading (or listening)

Next, is understanding the unlimited opportunities that AR and Virtual Reality (VR) provide in health, efficiencies, quicker new products and services, easier learning, testing and risk-reduction, and so much more.

The best way to learn this is through reading or listening to this exceptional 32 minute podcast to understand the applications of VR in our day-to-day lives. I want to hear what you think too (hit reply).

Warning: This podcast will have you feeling you’re more prepared in business.

There are so many potential gains from AR and VR and increasingly new uses and outcomes are becoming clear.

As we integrate more technology into our lives, our life experiences are changed and enhanced. There will be advocates and critics.

My role here is in guiding¬†you to see what’s coming.

Start to imagine what you could overlay on your current reality. What do you see?

Happy travels!

~ Sam


P.S. Here are four quick AR examples:

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life1. Life: AR app shows you the nearest train stations, updating as you move

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life
2. Learning: Move the Sky Guide app across the sky and it displays constellation names as well as links the stars with lines and pictures.
Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life
3. Fashion: Retailers such as Burberry increasingly use AR for customers to experience other dimensions of their products instore, at home or on the go.
4. Innovation: Last year¬†Hyundai launched a car owner’s manual in an AR app¬†that includes videos and updates as you move around the vehicle.
Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life

P.P.S. Here is more information and definitions of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), and a wonderful local example of health benefits for elderly people via VR.

P.P.P.S. Want to know more about Pokemon Go? Get up to speed with these¬†articles:¬†“What is Pokemon Go & why is everyone talking about it?”,¬†“I played the new Pokemon Go for iPhone/Android and it‚Äôs awesome”¬†&“Pokemon Go Is a Glimpse of Our Augmented Reality Future”.

Here’s how Pokemon Go increased Nintendo’s worth in 2 days:

Pokemon Go shows the next dimension in life

Happy flying!

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Virtual Reality (VR) is so HOT right now! ūüÜē #3

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Virtual Reality is so HOT right now

Virtual Reality (VR) is so HOT right now


Hi Online Pilot,

Virtual Reality (VR)¬†is so HOT right now!¬†Let’s go exploring and you’ll get why ~

Imagine… you’re discussing a new idea¬†with colleagues and someone¬†says¬†“that’s great! You’ve nailed it!” and high-fives you.

Now¬†imagine…. it feels like¬†everyone is there,¬†in the same room, in the¬†same building yet¬†your colleagues are located in different continents, at home, at another office¬†…and the¬†high five feels real.

This sense and feeling can now be purchased in the form of a VR unit that costs a few thousand dollars. Like smartphones, as the tech becomes commonplace it will be less important where professionals are located.

Workplaces will change a lot in the next 2-10 years as more tech is integrated in what we do. Watch these fascinating videos to keep your thinking up to date:
* See the technology that has you feel¬†that¬†you’re high fiving your (far away) colleague. (5 mins)
* Two fascinating videos on what’s coming, including ‘wet tech’. Huge kudos to Bryan Johnson and his team – both of these episodes are great. (11 mins)
* Tech forces that will shape our future by Kevin Kelly. (55mins)

If you like thinking long-term, here’s¬†Elon Musk’s recent interview where he¬†refers to reality being hard to distinguish in the future owing to¬†virtual and augmented reality¬†(4 mins). Similarly, Matt Damon at MIT 3 days ago¬†referred to the¬†Simulation¬†Theory¬†(from 5:44 minute mark).

Remember, you can imagine the world you wish to live in and create it.

Reply to this email and let me¬†know your thoughts on what’s coming for you, your work and¬†beyond. I’m fascinated.¬†Thanks to your replies to our¬†last newsletter I learnt¬†Josh Waitzkin has a book, gained new podcast recommendations, and lots more. They’re appreciated!

We’re building our 21 day Online Flight Training with an abundance of tips on how to standout online, how to setup your professional website, become highly productive online¬†and more.¬†Sign up here to receive the first 8 days¬†absolutely free.

See you online, flying high!

~ Sam

P.S. Thanks to your replies to our¬†last newsletter I learnt¬†Josh Waitzkin has a book, gained new podcast recommendations, and lots more. They’re appreciated!

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Images below are from this Wired article¬†that will take you even further along the Virtual Reality –¬†Augmented Reality –¬†Mixed Reality spectrum…

Best Blogposts for Top Performance #2

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Best Podcasts for Top Performance

Best Podcasts for Top Performance

Hi Online Pilot,

I hope this reaches you grinning!

I’ve been sending the list below to friends and thought you’d like it too. It has my favourite interviews with top performers in sports, tech, business, mindfulness, health and more.

My HOT TIP before you listen is to purchase a set of bluetooth in-ear headphones.

I really had no idea headphones would improve life so much. The Jaybird X2 pair I bought in February have taken me from rarely listening to a podcast to 3+ a week.

I‚Äôve learnt from top performers in the world while I‚Äôve been at the gym, driving, doing chores, on public transport, walking to the market,… They optimise in-between times.

They also sit comfortably around my neck when I’m not using them as there is no cord to the phone.

I press play more often (even if it‚Äôs a few minutes) and it doesn’t matter if my phone is close¬†or in another room.

I’m excited about headphones!

Knowing you’re interested in top performance, future trends, and/or new technology, I imagine you’ll highly enjoy these Tim Ferriss interviews. Tim is the author of the Four Hour Work Week book which is really useful for a productive and globally-aware mindset.

Either access these podcasts via searching for Tim Ferriss in the Podcasts app on your smartphone or head here. I download a few at a time to my phone so that I can listen whether I’m connected to the internet or not.

These are my favourite podcast interviews in suggested listening order:

Bryan Johnson
Naval Ravikant
Joshua Waitzkin (all episodes)
Tara Brach
Caroline Paul
Maria Popova
Charles Poliquin
…check the longer list here.

Listen to at least one in the next week and reply to this email¬†and let me know what was useful. I’ll be fascinated.

Do share the love by forwarding this email as your friends might enjoy these podcasts too.

We’re receiving truly fascinating comments from entrants to our competition – thankyou. If you’ve not yet entered, please do¬†here¬†as it is closing soon and we’d love to see you look amazing online. You could win¬†2 coaching sessions and support in between (valued at $1,500).

Have fun!

~ Sam

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P.S. The Jaybird X headphones have¬†a known power issue¬†– they¬†sometimes don’t turn on with full charge. I‚Äôve experienced this only a couple of times though not often enough to be concerned. The buds are a bit big for my ears too though they work fine with the smallest earbud covers. The battery life is fantastic! I can use them for a day – which is¬†about 4 or more hours of on and off use.¬†Jaybird also have the Freedom pair coming out soon. I highly recommend purchasing some sort of bluetooth in-ear headphones now – there‚Äôs learning to be had!

P.P.S. These headphones save time too.¬†Try out handsfree calling:¬†press and hold the bottom button on your iPhone for a moment, let go then¬†say¬†“Call Tess” and hey presto the phone is ringing for Tess. So easy! For reminders, press and hold the bottom button then say “remind me tomorrow at 9 to call Geoff”… and at 9am tomorrow you’ll be reminded and given the option to call too!¬†Try it out a few times and you’ll get the hang of it. Enjoy!