Mixed Reality 😎 ✨ 🏡 #26

Mixed Reality 😎 ✨ 🏡 #26

Mix Up Your Reality

Ohhhh it’s getting exciting! This presentation by Robert Scoble shows the current developments in Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The image below shows him watching a game with multiple screens surrounding him with game scores, player details and statistics.

Knowing I’m often using 2 or more screens or more than one tab on my computer, it’s wonderful to see this technology nearly here to make life easier (and of course, more complex).

A company I’ve enjoyed following for a while now is 8i. As you know, I encourage people to share their unique individuality online as it’s the most sustainable personal online strategy. Combine this with the incredibly true-to-life holograms that 8i are building and we’re on our way into a new and fascinating dimension of the world wide web.

These images on the right are from 8i’s Buzz Aldrin hologram who takes viewers on a journey to Mars.

It’s a great example too of the educational power of VR. Go 8i!

The Blue Planet

Isn’t it incredible to be able use Google Earth to go from space, looking at our blue planet, then into the 3D details on the street, mountains and beyond. Pop on your VR goggles

Favourite reads & listens:

  • 3D printed house… in 24 hours. (It’s worth clicking on the video to see the technology.) [3D Printing, construction, mobility]
  • A newsletter that always gives me a deep chuckle is Steve Edge – who I was fortunate to meet at the DO lectures in Wales and see his amazing talk …”everyday dress for a party and the part comes comes to you”. His news is aways engaging, high on integrity and fun. [inspiration, branding, design]
  • Wonderful new podcast “Stoked Lifestyle” by Steve Larosiliere. [inspiring, leaders]
  • “Organizations should have a brand that transcends one generation”, Christine Murray on Twitter [great quote, purposeful organisations]
  • Our Turn” by Kirstine Stewart is an intelligent, kind read with lots of empowering leadership tips and humility. Her straight talking style is refreshing and she treads deep into the true accountability of a paid job.“[Kirstine] take[s] the conversation about women and work to a whole new level”, Good Reads 

    [leadership, women, Twitter, CBC]

  • Jeff Bezos’s high-velocity decision-making. [leadership, tips, high performance]
  • The most popular TED talks of all time. [high performance tips, inspiration]
  • So much news on many great technology advancements here. [nanopores, cancer, healthtech, manufacturing, solar]
  • In London? Head to the Natural History Museum to have David Attenborough guide you via VR. [VR, Attenborough!]
  • Receive postcards from dear Nick Hand. [craftivism, inspiration, kickstarter]

Great online presence:

    • Scroll down the Unlockd careers lovely webpage to “VIEW ALL AVAILABLE POSITIONS” and it links across to LinkedIn where the search of their organisation appears. Rather than listing job details on their website this is a great way to have data in one location / quicker maintenance.
    • Harriet’s engaging LinkedIn summary.
    • Sometimes it’s the little things that lift you up. I recently updated my Instagram bio to:Live a bit more ???? It makes me smile. Hope your bios give you energy too.
    • The extended list is here and here.

Got something to share with me? Hit reply and do so. I’d love that.

Have a fantastic week!

~ Sam

Learning & Robots  🏄🏻‍♀️ 👋 🎰 #24

Learning & Robots 🏄🏻‍♀️ 👋 🎰 #24

Open Your Mind. 

I went surfing last week and had a brilliant time. This time I spontaneously decided to go after seeing the great forecast. I invited two friends on the off chance they were free to leave the city in the next 20 mins and it turned out one was. Yay! She was also having a challenging time at work which cleared via a chat on our roadtrip and massive smiles in the waves. Sometimes, our challenges need space. The amazing thing about learning to surf is that there are heaps of unexpected benefits. Getting beyond beginner-beginner stage (I’m now a beginner), means you can paddle ‘out the back’, beyond the breaking waves. One time out the back I watched the triangular peak of a wave effortlessly move passed me. I was mesmerised. It hit me:

“it’s SO BEAUTIFUL out here!”

…the waves, my feet happily dangling from my board, the wide open water, the big sky, the birds above, being in the saltwater,…

“It’s enough to just be here” I thought.
I didn’t even need to catch a wave. WOW.

There’s the fascinating chats I have with friends and with new people I meet out the back too. I’ve met lovely people and heard their stories of travelling through South America and I’ve met travellers who are stoked to be here in Australia – it’s so uplifting. Sometimes it’s a conversation that takes place over a few waves (some caught) and sometimes it’s a short grin and ‘hello’.

Pretty great.

I’ve learnt surfers of all ability levels are hugely generous and offer great tips. I headed to my car one time and met a surf school teacher of 10 years who was rapt to see me learning and who taught me to catch waves by paddling fast “like there’s a shark behind you”. I paddle faster and catch more waves now!

I want/need to be fit for surfing which has given me great reason for a morning exercise practice. …and I’ve a charming new friendship with a beginner surfer who worked at my favourite coffee place.

Surfing isn’t just about mastering my body on a board in the ocean. Amazing. I’ve a passion for learning which sees me trying many new things. (I wrote a few years back about emptying my bucket-list.) Now I hear so many futurists and commentators advocate the need to constantly learn – sounds good to me. What are you learning now? What’s surprising you?

Partner with the Robots.

The rubber is hitting the road in discussions about robots and machines taking over jobs and it’s easy to feel a sense of separation or even fear. Next time you’re reading about or wondering what life will be like in the future with robots, think of partnering with computers/robots/machines that learn for the betterment of your life. As life is getting more complex, our new tech partners will aid our understanding, enhance our memory, reduce risk and help us progress. We’ll keep discovering things robots and machines are better at than us. Being open to how we best integrate will help.

LinkedIn Achievements.

This week I added specific achievements, more projects and refined my commercial offer on LinkedIn and created a new CV. The master I worked with for my CV is wise Peter Pick of Nine Lives Consulting. The process was fast and fun and he has loads of great tips for writing a CV including: 4 pages or less. Front large with summary. Make the start an amazing 8 second read – it may be all people read. Always stick to: What impact did I have? What was the context? Why was I successful? Be clear on your commercial offer: What will an organisation gain by having you on board? Get your online presence, LinkedInLinkedIn summary and commercial offer / CV really clear. The world is listening to you online. Craft it well.

Favourite reads & listens:

Great online presence:

Have a wonderful week,

~ Sam

P.S. I asked a friend what they’d like to read in this email. He suggested “surfing and other things” and included this link to Chantelle’s painful experience to remind us life is short. Go get it!

P.P.S. If you want to start surfing here are (Melbourne-biased) tips:

  • Get lessons – Go Ride a Wave at Torquay, Salty Surf School at Shoreham (great for kids too) and surf schools in Bali (warm water!) were all amazing.
  • get a wetsuit – I started with a 3″2 from Rip Curl which has been perfect in Victoria for December to March (maybe for next month or two) and I’m about to purchase a 4″3 from Need Essentials or Rip Curl.
  • get a board – I’ve started with a 8″6 foamy (I’m just shy of 5″9 tall) from Go Ride a Wave’s Queen’s Birthday sale – where they sell their old hired boards. They checked the longest board that’d fit inside my car. 8″6! I like their thinking: longer board = catch more waves = learn quicker.
  • you may need roofracks and tie downs (these are working well for me when the board isn’t in my car).
  • start to know what to look for on the forecasts (waves around 2m!). I use Swellnet and Surfstitch app. This post is amazing for learning about tide, wind and more.
  • to have new friends come with you, check out the Sneaky Surf app. Good fun.
  • shoot me a reply to this email if you’ve more questions for a beginner surfer 🙂 

Average is Dead 😎 😃 😍 #20

Average is Dead, Designing your 2017 & Employee Experiences 




Welcome to the 20th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?


The subject this time round is Average is Dead.


The Age of Average is Dead. Yippeee!


I’ve started listening to newly released “Thankyou for Being Late” which is “an essential and entertaining field guide to thriving in the 21st century” by the “Pulitzer Prize winner and number one international best-selling author of The World Is Flat”. A short way in, it’s already a great reflection on now and where we have the potential to head. Author Thomas L. Friedman mentions how Uber has removed layers of complexity for consumers – there’s no longer the need to call, schedule, trust a taxi will arrive,… Combined with others I’ve listened to recently concurring that the age of average is dead, it’s great to reflect on what Uber now provides and how it’s reduced effort, increased simplicity and even made the experience more enjoyable. What other complexities that we deal with day-to-day will be simplified to make life easier? So exciting.




Viktor & Rolf Exhibition


If you’re in Melbourne please head to the Viktor Rolf exhibition! It is a showcase of masterpieces of focus, determination, haute couture, craftsmanship, design, production, innovation and more. Absolutely exceptional. My photos are here. (Don’t peak if you’re going.)








Constant Learning is Here to Stay


We’re now in a fabulous time for humanity (move over negativity) and with it comes faster work environments and constant learning. Don’t freak out! Get an proactive, digitally-aware mindset. Get learning! Here’s your Digital Learning checklist (scroll down to where it says “Here is your Digital Learning Plan”). Use it to check you’re up to speed with current digital knowledge and send it to peers at work. Set time each week to fill each piece (it may take a lot less time than expected and give you great pride too).


2017 is Your Year!


Last year two of my legendary friends signed up for beginner ice hockey lessons. After the first few sessions they’d fallen in love with the sport and they’ve since fitted in practicing at the ice rink every day or two at lunch time or after work or… whenever! They run their own businesses and have full lives. They’ve made a new, exhilarating hobby fit in their lives. I’ve recently had a similar experience with surfing – I get so much done after a morning surf! What life priority / hobby is creating this sort of focus for you this year? Food for thought… Imagine altering your diary so you could be at [enter your equivalent to the ice hockey rink / surf break here] every day and that helped your productivity… Have fun!




Virtual Reality Excitement


An Australian VR start-up is creating accurate, virtual reconstructions of long-lost structures.






Long-Term Planning


Given the person who’ll live to be 1000 years old is quite possibly alive (is it you?)… 1,000 year planning may be realistic. What would your plans incorporate if they were 10 year plans or 50 or 100 or more?



iWatch Tip


Do you have an iwatch? What face works for you? Here’s mine. I’m loving clicking the workout icon on the bottom-right, choosing ‘Other’ then ‘Surfing’ 🙂 Here’s a simple introduction on how to use the workout mode.








Favourite reads & listens:




Have a great evening / day!


Fly high online,


~ Sam

Flying VR 🌏 💉 💎 #19

Flying in VR, Stem Cell Developments & LinkedIn 2017




Welcome to the 19th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?


The subject this time round is 2017 Success and I’ve included great links on Virtual Reality and stem cell developments.




Fantastic 2017


Getting annual health checks in January has me feel soooo organised and glowing with satisfaction for the rest of the year.


“I did that in January!”


Let’s create that feeling for you with your LinkedIn profile:


1. Book 30 minutes in your diary in the next fortnight to polish your LinkedIn so it’s ready for the rest of the year.


2. In that 30 minutes either use these free tips or download our new, 2017 version of The Standout Professional’s LinkedIn workbook (see discount details below).


The new, 2017 version just left the maintenance sheds. Thankfully I had less updates to do than expected and really enjoyed the process of refining last year’s work.


We’ve also updated the price to $19 so more people can learn and if you use this discount code mylinkedinrocks in the next week it’s $10 and remember the bonus tips at the end. Thanks for being a reader 🙂


If you’ve already bought a copy, you’ll receive an email with an updated link so you can use the latest version.


As always, reply to let me know how you’re going. I’m keen to help.



This week’s favourite reads & listens:


  • Always wanted to fly? This VR suit excites the mind with possibilities. Learn more about it and VR/AR news here and remember the Voices of VR podcast – choose the topic you’re interested in and learn about Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality through your preferred lens.
  • Quickly get updated on stem cells. This is an especially great read if stem cells have sounded too complicated to date. Includes the latest developments from banking your children’s stem cells to stem cell transfusions. Amazing. It’s by Peter Diamandis who’s gathering a wonderful selection of futuristic topics on his blog – flick through and read a couple of topics that attract your eyes.
  • Ross Hill’s uplifting, new post on space: one of humanity’s next frontiers.
  • Interesting to see what’s being discussed at Davos today.
  • Especially insightful for Aussie women, this Ita Buttrose podcast with Mia Freedman showcases Ita as a successful, strong, disciplined female as well as being a fun and engaging review of how far we’ve come in the media industry. Refreshing.
  • What are you enjoying at the moment?


I wish you all a wonderful week. Press reply let’s chat  ????


Fly high online,


~ Sam


P.S. Another New Year’s tip is to unsubscribe from newsletters that are no longer WOWing you or those that sit in your inbox that never get read. Be ruthless and feel lighter from it! If you’re on gmail unrollme lists all your subscriptions and unsubscribes at the click of a button (I’ve just used it).


Digital Leadership In Organisations

Your Digital Leadership Framework


This Digital Leadership Framework was developed from our experience in coaching 1,000+ leaders in digital since 2006.  It is a checklist for leaders to see their progress and to appreciate the many aspects learnt and developed over time. Below you’ll see more detail on each piece of the chart.

Leaders self-assess their understanding of specific segments relevant to their job then fill gaps and continue to deepen their experience, skills and understanding. Organisation- and team-wide assessments show learning progress over time.

Digital Leadership Model Runway Digital


A detailed look at the Digital Leadership Framework.


Try it out as your Digital Learning Plan.

Digital Leadership “DQ”: Mindset + Knowledge + Agility

Digital Strength

Mindset & Behaviours

  • Awareness of & openness to rapid change.
  • Online behaviours – Integrity, openness, respect, empathy, prudence. Participate, know the rules, timely responses, disclosure, engaging & sharing, being aware of the risks you create from posting certain content. Digital ethics – digital diligence, ethical product design, automation (AI) rules & ethics.
  • Listening, social & emotional awareness, respect of others’ ownership & empathy.
  • Autonomy – to get things done, to be responsible for your online representation, info systems and increasing productivity.
  • Experimentation mindset – experimenting, proactive, curious, review,…
  • Simplicity… it’s the new trend. Think: Uber reducing complexity of ordering a taxi and its simple app.
  • Seeking opportunities and find potential risks and smartly (fast) addressing who needs to be aware of them.
  • Sharing, collaborative culture – seeking to provide value and share – within an organisation and as an individual to engage relevant people & industry / market influencers.

Agility & Co-Creation

  • Agile and responsible decision making – speed, intuition & trust is of the essence. Encouraging this in your workplace for you and your peers.
  • Constantly being industry- and market-aware, finding risks & opportunities, creating innovation, encouraging innovation.

Personal Representation

  • Personal branding for future employment and to promote your organisation (e.g. entrepreneur tweeting “Another great meeting with the Bank”).
  • Being consistent across all sites.
  • Appropriate and engaging organisational representation.
  • Digital footprint, who sees you, what you put online.

Digital YOU


  • Clear target audience. Representing yourSELF online – your key attributes, experience and thought leadership. A true, long-term representation.
  • Seeing the consolidated online profiles across the company.


  • Engaging and clever content targeted at your audience.
  • Setup of content planning, creation and publishing systems – including engagement of ghost writers as required.
  • How to write professional online posts. What, when, where, who.

Tools & Sites

  • Website, social media sites, integration, email newsletters, scheduling tools,…

Digital Relationships

Audience & Promotion

  • Who do you want to reach, who will promote you and how.
  • How to broaden your audience & influence.
  • Audience Outreach Planning – Sharing your experience, thought leadership and findings (such as your latest project / initiative). How to reach people who are interested. How to get onto relevant podcasts and influential sites. How to promote you and your business / the organisation you work for.

Quality Connections

  • Connecting with colleagues, industry peers, previous colleagues and organisations.
  • Connecting with new contacts who get to know you / can send you relevant information & influencers knowing you.
  • Contact risks and your personal rules for sites such as LinkedIn.


  • Contributing in relevant forums and in places people see you as a thought leader / contributor.
  • Promoting you and your organisation.

Digital Literacy

Sites Awareness

  • Knowing social media sites & tools, using them, learning the languages and seeing how they work (beyond theory).

Personal Information Systems

  • apps, useful alerts, email unsubscribing, tailored inbound information on relevant sites such as Twitter and Reddit.

Continuous Learning

  • Keeping up to date with new sites & tools that are relevant for you and for your organisation. Finding apps and tools that will help, experimenting with and evaluating.

Digital Speed

Agility & Productivity

  • Internal communication & collaboration tools (e.g. Slack, Yammer).
  • Collaboration tools to connect you and your organisation with supporters, partners etc (e.g. use of relevant platforms – such as Facebook Messenger between organisations and people in Singapore).


  • Open innovation. As relevant, involving your colleagues, industry peers, customers and stakeholders in developing new processes, products and services. How can you extend your collaborations with partners and suppliers?
  • Crowdsourcing.

Automation & Systems

  • Being aware of and integrating into business and life: process automation, API Economy, AI, Machine Learning, Robots, IoT, and more.
  • Learning the latest, relevant business digital tools – such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Digital Wisdom

Business Intelligence

  • Relevant industry news.
  • Finding/seeking relevant innovations, new business models, new business & life trends (e.g. VR), and integrating this into relevant internal channels so you and other relevant people (in your organisation and beyond) act.

Customer Awareness

  • Customer awareness throughout your organisation. Being aware of your impact on the customer and engaged to enhance their experience. How can extra value be created for customers? Do customers experience a unique, engaging, seamless customer experience, independent of the channel used? What do customers engage in online? How do they move through your organisation’s & the market’s channels? What can you involve them in?
  • Making sure you and your organisation are relevant, purposeful & contributing to the global economy. Think: UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Empowerment & Place

  • Know where you do your best work and encouraging this in/for others. Working in different spaces for different activities.
  • Virtual meetings, VR meetings, location independence, remote operations. Job-sharing, global talent/workforce, fluid work, diversity.
  • Analytics and feedback.

Digital Security

Data Privacy

  • Data protection & privacy.
  • Apps (the sea-saw of trading privacy for ease of use / productivity).

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Data ownership (e.g. Facebook data ownership).
  • Using photos of others.
  • Copyright and credits.


  • Password protection.
  • VPNs, hardware security (mobile, desktop, tablet and other devices).

Digital Use

Digital Health

  • Screen time.
  • Wellbeing.
  • Blue light.
  • Emotional awareness/regulation.


  • Being pragmatic with plans and activities (e.g. Do you / your team have the time for a new tool or new site?)


  • Setting up experiments, use of metrics (choosing relevant ones) and tracking / reporting / analysis / reset.


Digital Leadership Framework Credits


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