Information Density ⌚️📚📊 #37

Information Density ⌚️📚📊 #37

Saving Time.

I originally bought an Apple watch to open myself to possibilities I couldn’t predict. Sometimes it’s best to say “yes” and explore rather than wonder.

Regularly I use the watch to quickly view messages and respond (often with a thumbs up or other emoticon), receive a phone call while I’m on the move / doing chores and it’s great to ask Siri to set timers for cooking (5 minutes works well for soft-boiled eggs).

I’m now happily wearing my new series 3 Apple watch and am impressed with the long battery life, being able to call people without the phone around and the faster speed. Well done Apple!

I’m looking forward to more accurate exercise (read: skiing) data and more time savings via Siri and the clever tech incorporated. I’ve found Siri improves the more I use/speak to her and the recent Apple event inspired me to explore more of the new functionality that’s increasingly like having an assistant… on your wrist!

I like these quotes from a couple of Apple watch reviews:

…more here.

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Roadtrip Meetings.

If autonomous cars change the interior layout of cars and you can eat, sleep, work, watch a movie, have a meeting… will you go on roadtrips with your colleagues? will the workforce be more ‘on the move’? Will people travel more? go to and stay in more remote places?

Happy travels…

A Quick Tip on Financial Diversification.

“I like a mix of cash (t-bills, money market funds, etc), blue chips stocks (Amazon, Google, etc), real estate (income producing with little to no leverage), and a risk bucket (venture capital, crypto, etc). I think 25% in each would be a good mix.” thanks Fred.

Overdue EDU disruption.

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Favourite reads & listens

  • Sharing the most expensive things. Wonderful!
  • Prior to her wedding this week, Maggie Doyne put out a call for advice.
  • Business is getting real.
  • Another wonderful introduction to Blockchain technology. This one is good too.
  • Fred Wilson’s tips on providing hope to others:“Of course, how you worry is critical. You can’t weigh down the leadership teams with your worries. You can’t fill up the board meetings with angst.You have to be supportive, optimistic, encouraging, and positive in your interactions with founder/leaders and their teams. But you must also flag areas where there could be trouble. Getting that balance right has been a work in progress for me for my entire career.So being a worrier is an important characteristic in an investor. But you have to mostly keep those worries to yourself and your partners/team (this is a place where partners are invaluable). And you have to decide when a worry is significant enough to share it with your portfolio companies and then you need to find the right moment and narrative to communicate it. When you do it right, the teams appreciate it immensely.”
  • Will Amazon offer Bitcoin payments!?

Where is Your Attention?

It’s Springtime here in Australia… so say the two out-of-hibernation echidnas we spotted last week. What a treat to see them!

Smile 🙂

~ Sam

Wearables & IoT 🏃 🏡 🔍 🎡 👂 #13

Wearables, IoT, Nanotechnology, OOH & Alexa




Welcome to the 13th edition of this email. Did you know you can read all past editions in our archive?


The subject this time round is Wearables, the Internet of Things, Nanotechnology & OOH.



Thank you! I received lots of comments, replies and thank yous after the last newsletter. It’s great to hear the LinkedIn tips worked well.  Check in here if you missed them.


If you liked that there are few more here (“How I’ve improved the number of people who viewed my LinkedIn profile by 700%” – updated this week).



Also check out this digital leadership tool to see topics you could learn.


Keep on learning more about digital, agility, data security, and more.


Go go go!





Imagine swiping the air around your sleeve to dismiss a phonecall while you’re riding your bike. Check out this Levis clip with Project Jacquard technology (Google). Includes nanotechnology history, 3D-printed clothes and shoes, as well as stripes that are solar panels. Incredible!


The Internet of Things and Alexa


I’d explain it, though this article by Tim O’Reilly is so worth reading. Take 5 mins to learn about the Internet of Things (IoT), how homes are transforming and what new home tech (Alexa) can do.


Next up: OOH


“Ultimately, new forms of OOH [out-of-home advertising] will help foster a more responsive city that allows for dynamic campaigns, meaningful messaging and the best user experiences across the board.”



Trends Bingo


Q: What year do you think you’ll be designing your own affordable clothing (complete with sensors)?



How are you going online?


What has your experience been like with improving your online profile (LinkedIn, personal or company website, other social media sites) and growing your audience or influence online? Have you run into any hurdles? If so, what do you think could be the reason it hasn’t worked for you yet? Reply to let me know, I’m keen to help.


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Fly high online,


~ Sam


PS. Have a great week!


PPS. Wisdom, inspiration and ideas ~


  • Newly funded, hot off the press wearables are here. Also includes the new Virtual Reality (VR) favourite “Gravity Sketch”.
  • Smart clothing. Excellent.
  • Never seen the breadth of wearables? Take 5 mins to scan this fascinating list of “50 wearable tech gamechangers for 2016” or 1 min to scan these impressive images here on Pinterest (collected a few years ago for a new venture).