Learn the latest life and work trends

Start with this trends playlist:

For your life and work, I suggest at least a basic understanding of these trends:

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), big data strategies and:

    • the inherent bias in data,
    • the trend for large organisations to focus on this through appointing a “Chief Trust Officer”, and
    • the moral and ethical aspects of creating new digital products, tools and systems

Climate change, environmental focus, new packaging & (aware and) purposeful business.

CRISPR, 3D organ printing, Genetech, (able-bodied) human longevity & “super” viruses & vaccines.

Drones, privacy and personal data.

Digital money, blockchain tech, cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets, tokens such as Bitcoin and the next iteration of the Internet.

Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes / devices, data privacy (a bonus is understanding the link to Blockchain tech as a potential solution).

Voice assistance, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and 3D avatars.


  • agile & experimentation mindsets (creating safe environments for small failures & protecting against big ones!),
  • employee well-being and diversity across all dimensions – including appreciating different ways of working,
  • remote working, global teams, and future “AR” meetings with experts around the world in the ‘same room’
  • co-creation with customers or suppliers, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, Open Source,
  • businesses being globally competitive and the tension with government and globalisation,
  • modern consumers increasingly receiving real-time, tailored solutions and great customer service (including solutions such as voice and ChatBots),
  • personalised marketing, and the proliferation of reviews and rating systems,
  • people seeking truth and trust online, and
  • personal high performance
    • professionals using ‘smart drugs’ (super human / integration w tech),
    • biohacking – being the best you can be.

I also encourage you to know at least the basics of tech specific to your industry. If you’re in Agriculture, this is AgTech, Health – HealthTech.

In other industries it may be knowing what’s coming in robotics and 3D printing.

    What’s of interest to you?

    As always, don’t let this list above overwhelm you.

    Note 3 topics that interest you and spend 15 minutes researching them to get a sense of each trend.

    Here are three posts that are useful:

    A must-watch is this one that can help explain the big deal about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the learning process:

    Imagine the future through these series and films:

    Black Mirror – dystopian, shocking, interesting tech, informative and more 😳🤪😬🤤

    Years and Years – again, dystopian and worth watching especially to go deeper into thinking about data privacy and morality.

    Try out a new podcast or audio book, here are a few suggestions:

    What interests you?

    What’s useful to know for your work and life?


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    It’s also great for organisations to have an internal expert or experts who are following Kickstarter and other relevant sites so they know about new market entrants.

    Imagine the opportunities found and risks reduced if everyone in an organisation is looking at what’s of interest to them digitally, and sharing what they hear and find.

      Keep up your searching and learning.

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